Pure Powdered, Resinous and Liquid Kratom Extracts Online

What makes Kratom an entirely different medicinal herb? Probably the fact that you can enjoy it in diverse forms! But do you know what the exact game-changer is? KRATOM EXTRACTS!

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The Hidden Secret Behind Naya Kratom’s Kratom Extracts

Our kratom extracts are synthetic products and an enhanced version of “normal” kratom powder.
At Naya kratom, the Kratom extracts follow a “secret” procedure for its preparation. Let’s reveal it!

How do we prepare it?

Drying and grinding Kratom leaves

Firstly, the cautiously picked Kratom leaves are sun-dried in natural sunlight. Upon completion of the drying process, these leaves are ground to form a fine powder.

Brewing the powder

The next step is to “extract” all the essential alkaloids of Kratom.
The powder is brewed for extended periods. During the boiling process, the alkaloids are actively concentrated by removing the excess solution.


This concentrated tea-like mixture is carefully strained to make sure that there are no contaminants or residues left.

Simmering the liquid

When all the water content is evaporated, a highly viscous and thick dark green paste is produced.

Drying the paste

The dark-green paste is dried to remove the moisture that is left. This hard club is further ground to form a more intense Kratom powder.

Potency and concentration

Unlike other Kratom products, extracts stand out when you have concerns for potency and concentrations. They are more powerful, rich in Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids, and produce more perceptible effects.

What does 10X, 20X, and 40X Kratom extract mean?

Many people find the grading of “x” and “:” with the product name a bit confusing. More commonly, a numerical figure is followed with an X, or a ratio is mentioned. Now what many users believe is that “X” depicts the strength of Kratom extract. For instance, if an extract is 50X, they assume that the extract has fifty times stronger alkaloid content as compared to a regular Kratom powder. Well, that’s not the situation!
The “X” represents the concentration of extract by volume.

For instance, the 5x extract means 5grams of Kratom powder was used to produce 1 gram of extract. Similarly, an 8x extract has 8grams of Kratom powder, which was reduced to form a Kratom extract.

Some products have ratios mentioned with product names. You must have come across a 2:1 Kratom extract. The 2 indicates that the extract has twice more active ingredients when compared with the same amount of Kratom powder.

Are Kratom extracts with higher X-values more potent?

That’s not necessarily true! Many people have this misconception that the extract will be more potent and stronger if it has a greater value of X. A 20X extract can be less concentrated if you compare it with a 4X extract. What matters is the concentration of alkaloids and what strain the extract is made of.

Every Kratom strain has different alkaloid profiles, and for that reason, their extracts may also differ for alkaloid concentrations. A slow strain with a higher “X” value may have less concentration of alkaloids when you compare it with a more potent strain having a smaller “X” value.

How would you identify a Kratom extract?

Kratom extracts and Kratom powders often look similar to a new user. To spot the exact difference, you have to observe the powder keenly.

Kratom extracts have a darker and richer color.
Kratom extracts have a strong aroma as compared to a standard Kratom powder.
Just drop the idea of taking higher doses to enjoy the Kratom’s effects because Naya Kratom’s Mitragyna Speciosa extracts are carefully refined to let you relish the Kratom’s effects even in minor and more controlled doses.

Isn’t it a much appealing way to fulfill your never-ending desire for Kratom?

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Are Kratom extracts legal where I live?

Kratom is a controlled herb in a few states. Make sure to check kratom legality status before purchasing kratom online. If you are living in a state where kratom is legal, you are good to go with kratom extracts

Does kratom extracts work better than plain kratom tea, powder, or capsules?

As extracts are more concentrated with alkaloids, even a minor dose will let you cherish the relishing effects.

Does the Kratom extract taste good?

Kratom extracts are not unpleasant to the tongue and have a captivating aromatic fragrance. You can have Kratom extract without any hesitation!

What is the strongest kratom extract at Naya Kratom?

Although our entire range of extracts has distinctive strengths, our highly featured extract is 20x horned leaf. It is known for its high potency and endurance.