20+ best kratom strains of all time

Kratom is not just a herb; it has a world of its own. This Southeast Asian plant has many different strains that are available in different forms. If you are that beginner trying to explore the world of Mitragyna Speciosa but is confused and lost in the maze of variety, strains, and forms, you are not the only one here. There are many in the same boat, and for all of you and other confused souls, we have penned down this short read so that you can explore the different types of Kratom, which will help you choose the right strain.

kratom is classified in many ways. Primarily, it is classified according to the color of the veins of the leaves and according to the place of origin. Since the leaves’ veins and the country of origin of Kratom determine the effects of kratom, therefore, these are the two most important aspects to talk about. 

Different types of Kratom

Before getting into the details of types/strains of kratom, you must be thinking, why bother knowing all these details?

Well, it is not just for general knowledge; it is beyond that. Knowing the basics will help you choose the right strain for yourself. Different kratom strains have different strengths and effects. These characteristics are determined by the strain and the growing, drying, and harvesting procedure. But the least you should know is the different types of kratom.

Let us reflect upon the types of kratom according to the color of the veins.

Strains of Kratom According to Vein Color

Red Vein Kratom

Red-veined Kratom leaves are known to produce the strongest and the most potent Kratom. Red kratom strains are famous for their discomfort-alleviating and sedative effects, acting as a substitute for pharmaceutical analgesics. Red-veined kratom leaves are a result of drying the kratom leaves under a lot of sunlight or UV light.

Bentuangie is a variant of red-veined kratom which is produced by fermenting the red-veined leaves. This variant is most popular for its sedative effects and is known to have the most potent role in alleviating intense nervousness.


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Red-veined type relaxes the muscles, relieves nervousness, alleviates uneasiness, and gives soothing effects. Consumers choose red kratom when they want to forget uneasiness and tensions; instead, they want to go deep into a peaceful sleep.

White Vein Kratom

Leaves with white veins and stems are younger leaves of Kratom, which are harvested before maturing. These leaves are then dried without any light. White-veined Kratom is best taken in the morning as it has stimulating effects. Users complain of insomnia if taken later in the day. This is the strain of kratom if you are looking for getting rid of tiredness and fatigue. Its taste may be the only limiting factor for beginners, as it has an intense taste, which may not be approved by the new tastebuds.


White veined kratom is known for its euphoric, stimulating, and energizing properties. It is the choice for all those who want the morning boost but do not want caffeine. White kratom helps in enhancing stamina, improving mood, alertness, and motivation.

Green Vein Kratom

Green-veined Kratom is a perfect blend of the effects of red and white Kratom. Green kratom has moderate strength, a balance of both red and white kratom. It is known for its uneasiness-alleviating effects without making you much drowsy.


The best characteristic of green kratom is that it is more like a neutral kratom. None of its effects are very strong. It is partially euphoric and mildly stimulating. It relaxes the muscles and relieves stress and tension in a non-sedating fashion. It is the choice for those who have mild stress and want to get rid of it without falling sleep or for those who want to relieve stress and tension at the end of the day without insomnia.

These three strains of Kratom are the basic ones you should know if you are a fan or want to try one. There is more to it! Although green, white, and red are the three main vein colors, we will also briefly discuss the other color strains which are gradually gaining popularity.

Yellow Kratom

Yellow kratom is not a leaf color per se; it is a blend of two of the above. You get yellow Kratom by either blending green and white veined Kratom or mixing red and green Kratom. In comparison, some claim that yellow strain is derived from the red strain after a unique drying process. Nonetheless, yellow kratom is similar to green or red Kratom in effect. It is known to enhance concentration, focus, and alertness, along with relieving discomfort and uneasiness. None of its effects are as potent as the corresponding effects of white, green, or red Kratom. 

Gold Kratom

Gold kratom enjoys the label of being one of the premium blends. It is, in fact, red-veined Kratom from Bali. The entire leaf is similar to red kratom leaf, except for the central vein, which has a golden hue, hence the name.

It is gaining popularity due to its effects. Gold kratom has a unique ability to relieve stress, and uneasiness without sedation, and enables the consumer to maintain an appetite enough to eat but not overeat. Also, it increases focus and concentration. So all in all, it is a one solution kratom.

Strains of Kratom According to Place of Origin:

Kratom strains are also recognized by their place of origin. Kratom predominantly grows in Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Each place has its own influence on the Kratom; hence, the Kratom strains vary according to the region of growth. The place of origin, along with the vein color, determines the characteristics.

Let us shed some light on the strains of kratom according to the place of origin.

Super Green Malay Kratom

Super green Malay kratom comes from the tall trees in the mountainous regions of Malaysia. This strain is unique as the tree grows in the uniquely fertile and rich soil of the Malaysian forests. The best characteristic feature of super green Malay kratom is the perfectly balanced amount of as 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine it contains. Neither of the two alkaloids nor the other kratom alkaloids is in abundance, making it one of the balanced kratoms for everyday use.


This strain is quite effective in giving a feeling of relaxation and in enhancing the mood. It helps fight uneasiness and also stimulates, making you more energetic and relaxed at the same time. The most striking feature is that green Malay kratom is the natural herbal supplement for cancer patients.

Adverse Effects:

Although rare, but at high doses, it may cause blurry vision and slurred speech. The common side effects include nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom comes from Thailand. It has spectacular enlivening properties. Maeng Da is popular for containing a strong blend of alkaloids that recharge you!

Different strains of Maeng Da are available according to the vein color, but the most talked-about strains are Gold Maeng Da Kratom and White Maeng Da. These two have unparalleled effects on mood and cognition.


One of the most acknowledged properties of Maeng Da is its rapid and strong effects. If you are feeling lazy and sad, you need the magic of Maeng Da. It helps you energize and induces euphoria. It fights the stress and nervousness; instead boosts your morale to prepare you for upcoming challenges.

Adverse Effects:

Some users have reported feeling uncomfortable after taking Maeng Da. Restlessness, insomnia, and discomfort are among the commonly reported adverse effects. Maeng Da is considered one of the potent strains, so it may not be the first choice for beginners.

Hulu Kapuas Kratom

Hulu Kapuas is an atypical kratom! What does that mean?

It means that it is less popular and a rare find. If you are fed up with the same vicious cycle of consuming the typical kratom strains repeatedly, Hulu Kapuas should be your choice.

Growing in the vicinity of the Borneo Island of Indonesia, it contains abundant 7-hydroxymitragynine. This kratom plant takes longer to mature, hence the limited availability.


Owing to its high 7-hydroxymitragynine content, it acts as a potent analgesic. Along with strong relieving effects, it can effectively fight discomfort and nervousness. It is the kratom of choice in the evening after a long stressful day, as it helps fade the tension and the stress and elevates mood and energy so you can enjoy your family or friends’ time.

Borneo Kratom

As evident by the name, this strain can be found growing on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Borneo kratom plant has leaves with all the three types of veins so you can easily find Red, White, and Green. Borneo kratom is well-known among backpackers, hikers, students, and those who want to recharge their energy during a long strenuous day.


The effects of Borneo also depend upon the vein color; for instance, red Borneo is best known for its relieving effects. It is a popular choice of hiker and campers. The white and green Borneo improve focus, motivation, mood, and eliminate stress and sadness.

Sumatra Kratom

Sumatra is one of the most ancient strains of Kratom growing in the fertile regions of Indonesia. Recently, the hype of Sumatra crossed the borders of Indonesia and has become a popular choice for many living on the western side of the world. Sumatra Kratom helps you enter the blissful world and maintains the relaxing effects for a prolonged duration. For example, Red Sumatra is known to impart effects for 10 long hours.


Sumatra is known for its stress-relieving effects. It enhances the mood, boosts energy, and improves focus. Green Sumatra is known to help relieve migraine and vertigo. It also helps regulate the sleep cycle and normalizes high blood pressure.

Adverse Effects:

Although quite rare, some users report a slight addiction to the Sumatra strain. Other common side effects include itching, drowsiness, nausea, and rarely vomiting.

Sulawesi Kratom

Sulawesi is an Indonesian island. The kratom plants growing on rainforests of this island yield Sulawesi kratom. Although less heard of, it is one of the best kratom available. Sulawesi Kratom leaves, growing on the trees at a higher altitude, are for those who have already tried the typical and popular strains of Kratom and are now looking forward to a change. The most characteristic feature of Sulawesi kratom is its aroma. Experts here might know what we are talking about!


Depending upon which strain of Sulawesi you are taking, red, green, white, or yellow, the effects may vary from stimulating to relaxing. Green has intermediate stimulating, and relaxing effects, whereas yellow strains are more relaxing with slower onset of action. Yellow Sulawesi is known for its euphoric effects, which gives you a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Yellow Sulawesi is the go-to Kratom when you are feeling low!

Adverse effects:

Red Sulawesi may make you drowsy, so avoid driving after you take red Sulawesi. Even Sulawesi overall has sedative potential due to its unique blend of alkaloids. Some users have reported early tolerance and slight addiction potential. popular types by vendors

Other popular strains of kratom growing in Indonesia include BaliKalimantanSunda, etc. Each has its own unique beauty and mesmerizing effects. It is a matter of trial and error before you can know the perfect strain for yourself.

Kratom StrainSignificance And Effects
Red BaliOriginated from the exotic plantation of Bali, Indonesia. It is fusion of Sumatra and Borneo strains. It elevates the mind into a relaxed euphoria and lessens mild stress. Used widely for maintaining a light mood.
Red VietnamOriginated from the primal villages located along the Mekong River in Vietnam. A natural strain that grows on massive trees along the Mekong river. Red Vietnam Kratom is a natural stress killer which has the most speedy effect thus elevating the mood as well.
Red Maeng DaOriginated from the Thailand plantations, but it is now being grown in Indonesia as well. Red Maeng Da is a powerful fusion of Indo and Thai kratom. It is an aggressively strong reliever, regulates the body fluids and relaxes the mind.
Red BorneoOriginated from the spectacular island of Borneo in Indonesia. Red Borneo is a natural strain that grows on massive big leaf trees. It lightens up the mind and mood, very therapeutic for treating nervousness and unhappiness state. Red Borneo works in the inner core and stimulates the brain to produce relaxing agents that relax and help the mind.
Red MalayRed Malay has multiple origins primarily in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. It is a naturally occurring strain. It is the most effective and long-lasting strain which helps to relieve, strain and discomfort.
Green BaliOriginated in Bali, Indonesia. Green Bali is an ancient natural herb. It enhances the body energy that helps in fighting discomfort. The body is fully energized and ready to fight off any nervousness.
Green Maeng DaGreen maeng da is found in both kratom rich countries of Thailand and Indonesia. It is a natural strain. It elevates the mood and enhances body energy level.
Green SumatraGreen Sumatra is originated from the bizarre island of Sumatra in Indonesia. It is a natural and pure strain direct from medieval trees. Green Sumatra lets the mind descend into a relax state and the body feels energized. So, one can have the energy to work and at the same time have light mood and relaxed state.
Green MalayGreen Malay kratom originated in Malaysia. It is a natural strain This strain is famous for elevating the mood and mind, it does not have an analgesic effect. It just maintains a light mood and provides one with a lot of energy. Mild discomfort can also be treated by using this.
Green VietnamIt grows along the Mekong River in Vietnam. Green Vietnam kratom occurs naturally. it is the strongest reliever. Patients having chronic illness and nervousness can use this. It lessens the nervousness having a quick effect and elevates the mood. Mind relaxation and high energy levels are also experienced by using this strain.
White BaliWhite Bali comes from the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. White Bali is a naturally grown on medieval trees. This strain is majorly used in relaxing the mind. White Bali has a soothing effect that wears off the strain and stress of mind. It thus helps in sleep and keeps the body in desirable level of energy and performance.
White KapuasOriginated from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. White Kapuas is a blend of different strains. It has different strains thus has multiple effects on the brain and body it is used in relieving discomfort. White Kapuas keeps the body energy level maximum and the mood light. It wears down any restlessness and negativity in the body and drains it down. It energizes the body to give the best performance and the mind relaxed and calm.
White BorneoOriginated in Borneo, Indonesia. White Borneo is a naturally occurring strain. It is a speedy effecting dose of daily energy requirement of the body. It gives maximum energy for a person to feels elevated and perform excellent. At the end of the day after all the work, a person still feels energized if they consume this.
White IndoWhite indo was originated in Indonesia. It is s tropical natural strain. White indo is very effective in regulating the mind. It helps in daily communication and exchanging skills. It makes the head feel light and increases the confidence of a person which thus helps in maintaining a heathy state of mind throughout the day.
Yellow BorneoOriginated in the suburbs of tropical Borneo land. Yellow borneo is made from red and white vein leaves. Yellow Borneo is not a strong mind reliever but relaxes the mood to significant level and helps get through the whole day feeling energized.
Yellow KapuasOriginated in Borneo in the tropical Hullu region. Yellow Kapuas is a natural pigmented strain. it takes time to affect the body, slowly it helps fight irritation and instability. Bad mood can easily be turned good and elevated b using it.
Yellow Maeng daYellow maeng da is Originated from Indonesia. Yellow maeng da is fusion of white and red strains. No other strain effects the mind directly for better mood and energy than this strain. It directly enhances the brain improving memory, performing abilities, and mood enhancing.
Red Horn Maeng DaRed Horn maeng da is found in kratom rich countries of Thailand and Indonesia. It is an amalgam of strains red vein and maengda. It is a mix of two strains thus have both abilities of being relaxed and feeling energized at the same time it sometimes lets the person be relaxed and calmed down and when it’s time to work on something, it boosts the energy level.
Green Horn Maeng DaGreen Horn maeng da was originated in Bunut, Indonesia. It is an original strain. It acts on the physiological aspects of the body. Relieves nervousness and also helps to deal with cognitive issues.
Dark Green BorneoDark green Borneo comes from Indonesia and Thailand. This strain comes from a natural kratom tree. It Is widely used to ease the mind and take away nervousness and discomfort.

It doesn’t end here, after you have decided a strain for yourself according to the origin and the veins of the leaves, now you need to know where to buy from and in what form.

Kratom is available in multiple forms:

Kratom leaves

The most commonly used traditional form of Kratom is brewing the leaves to prepare a cup of hot kratom tea. The effects of the kratom tea will be determined by the strain you have selected. If you are a beginner, this method may be the most suitable for you, as when you brew the tea, you can adjust the concentration and the taste by adding flavors.

Crushed leaves

Some people prefer crushing the leaves and adding to the hot water to brew tea or add to juices and smoothies. Crushing the leaves activates the alkaloids, so taking crushed leaves may have a rapid effect compared with whole leaves. It is up to you to decide the form of Kratom you want. Kratom crushed leaves are good for both beginners and experts.

Powdered leaves

When kratom leaves are made into powder, the leaves’ true essence may get altered during the process, but the experts most seek the powdered form. Those who prefer the ‘toss and wash’ method cannot think of any other form of kratom. This method of consuming kratom has the strongest effects and is not suitable for beginners.


Powdered Kratom or extracts of kratom can be encapsulated into capsules or tablets for ease. This is the most convenient way of consuming kratom, but definitely not the fastest or the strongest. The capsules need to dissolve in the digestive system before the powder can be released to impart its effect. It is, for sure, the most modern and convenient way of taking kratom.

Extracts, tincture, etc

When specific alkaloids are extracted from the leaves of kratom and packed, it is called the kratom extracts. This method is potent but doesn’t have all the benefits of kratom as it doesn’t contain all the alkaloids. Extracts may not be suitable for beginners.

After knowing the basic information about the various types of kratom, you are ready to step into the world. Once you are into the world of Kratom, the sky is the limit. You can try red, white, green, yellow, or even golden strains from different regions to see which is the best strain. Everybody reacts differently; a little trial and error will land you on your desired kratom strain.


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