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List of 7 Best Kratom Vendors in The USA

buy kratom in usa

As the number of consumers is rising, there is an increase in the number of vendors too! Like matcha tea, Kratom has gotten people’s attention, and it is here to stay! But before using this substance, one must ensure that they turn to a reliable and quality seller.

There are hundreds of online shops selling Kratom in different products such as pills, powder, crushed leaves, extracts, and tinctures. Before you start to think about the product, narrow down Kratom vendors in the USA so that you find the one that suits your needs.

In the past decade, kratom sales spread like wildfire as more and more users got on the bandwagon of stimulation and energy! However, as many brands entered the market, users became overwhelmed with the sudden abundance of choice.

To help you out, we have tried brands upon brands to understand what makes Kratom from a particular shop or vendor the best option for you.

You can turn to some of the most reliable online vendors that sell retail/wholesale and ensure freshness and efficacy. Some of the best places for retail buying Kratom are highlighted below:

Table of Contents

supernatural botanicals logo

1. Super Natural Botanicals

This manufacturer has crafted products with the intent of delivering quality and energy instead of increasing digits to sales figures. SNB is a reliable vendor that imports kratom leaves from collaborative farmers in the Southeast Asian region.

After rigorous production steps, the product you hold in your hand is the result of expert supervision and laboratory tests.

Super Natural Botanicals is a refreshing experience for kratom users, emanating the same energy and motivation as kratom offers. AKA GMP packaging maintains freshness so that you enjoy robust, potent, and fresh Kratom till it lasts.

The wide variety will keep you enticed for a long time to come, and you will keep returning for Maeng Da, Bali, Hulu Kapuas, White Elephant, and many other exotic strains available. Bulk purchase and discounts highlight the experience you will love with this online store that listens to customers and caters to individuals!

divine botanicals brand review

2. Divine Botanicals

It’s a simple and straightforward white bag of goodness, and the experience of buying it is comfortable! At reasonable rates, you can find the reliable quality of Kratom, packaged. Following the prescribed standards for health supplements, a wide variety, to uphold the invigorating and stimulating impact, Divine chants the slogan of freshness, customer service, and quality.

The ketum products at Divie Botanicals are laboratory tested and made with the finest Mitragyna leaves coming directly from the place of origin, Southeast Asian countries. The shop ensures excellent packaging to restore the contents till they reach you. A wide range of Kratom boasts of its commitment to provide the best ketum experience for all customers.

Divine Botanicals offers unique and exotic strains, in AKA GMP compliant packs to retain freshness. Moreover, the laboratory tests ensure that the products are safe to use. The shipping services are fast and efficient. Customer Service from this online shop is also excellent as you can reach out to the shop through email and telephone. Exchanges and returns are possible, while cooperative customer representatives help you choose the next strain you want to try!


3. Canopy Botanicals

This store is for you if you love quality at a reasonable price! Canopy is famous for its competitive prices, and wholesale kratum comes down at an even better cost! When you log onto the website, the layout is simple, and without much time, you can order your favorite strains in bulk. The online shop sells wholesale kratom to retail customers and personal users.

Apart from a reasonable price, you will be free from stress and save yourself the trouble of ordering periodically. Canopy Botanicals has AKA GMP compliant packaging, which will keep your kratom feed free from contaminants, fresh and safe to use until the last dose!

On the website, you can fill up a form requiring necessary information. The customer care representatives at Canopy will ensure a smooth and trustworthy purchase for you! And the discounts are phenomenal too! If you thought this is enough, discounts and special offers apply to wholesale kratom purchase, and you will feel lucky.

kraken kratom

4. Kraken Kratom

Kraken has been around since the time we heard about ketum and its effects. In the United States, you can rely on the quality and products of all online shops that have the approval of AKA. Kraken Kratom is one of the early set-ups for users to find fresh and invigorating korth. For wholesale, Kraken Kratom is an excellent choice as you can get economical deals and GMP compliant packaging that will ensure freshness and safety till your bulk stock lasts!

At Kraken Kratom, you can find affordable prices as the discounts and deals on bulk orders are significant. For bulk sellers and those who are trying to establish their business to sell quality ketum, the website facilitates making an account and buy the desired strains of quality.


5. Kratora

When looking for quality, a few names always come to mind for ketum purchase! Kratora sells quality and freshness with a promise that all products will stimulate you like never before! Kratora ensures excellent quality and packaging so that your stock remains fresh till the end.

The affordable shipping ensures that you receive your order intact, following GMP rules and following the AKA regulations for quality, packaging and laboratory testing. You can rest assure that good quality and packaging will be delivered without any doubt!

Kats Botanicals Review 300x227 2

6. Kats Botanicals

Another milestone in kratom online shops is Kats Botanicals, where quality and satisfaction are guaranteed. Kats Botanicals has been in business for years, and the customer base is enough to vouch for the shop's continuous quality standards.

Kats Botanicals is headquartered in Florida and sells premium quality ketum products at reasonable prices. The laboratory tested products include pills, powders, and crushed leaves for tea and edibles. The online shop also has other organic substances such as CBD, turmeric, and shilajit.

Full transparency of all procedures, along with the laboratory test results, provide a secure and safe experience for consumers. Kats Botanicals follows the AKA GMP packaging, which further enhances the purity and freshness factor. Yellow, white, red, and green strains are available in various types.

This variety gives consumers a wide range to choose from and return for more! One of the first online shops to operate in the United States, Kats Botanicals has a broad customer base, which testifies its quality and commitment to all users.

This website accepts MasterCard and Visa bank cards, giving consumers the convenience to pay safely and quickly. Many of us look for a website that provides a smooth shopping experience and easy access.

Kats Botanicals not only has a simple layout but also has excellent customer service. Apart from the reasonable price tags, there are promotional deals and discounts that all of you can avail of. Kratom has always been a 'suspicious' natural supplement as there is limited scientific research, which offers very little information to users.

The only source of information that people have is the reviews of regular kratom users, who share their experiences and enlighten others about the effects, side effects, benefits, and advantages of using this organic substance. Online shops, smoke shops, weed shops, and head shops are some of the best places to try Kratom. The online shops that show importing leaves till the packaging are the most authentic source of Kratom.

happy hippo herbals

7. Happy Hippo Herbals

It is pink, vibrant, and full of life! The Happy Hippo Herbals website is a refreshing place, offering a wide range of interesting names and even more exciting impacts. Apart from the cool names, packaging, and potency of all ketum products is on point. What makes Happy Hippo Herbals unique and ethical is the laboratory tested korth that comes in excellent packaging along with expiration dates and batch numbers. Users can benefit from the various ketum strains and their potent effects.

The wide variety of strains has attracted a large consumer base, which speaks volumes of the online shop's quality and product standards. Customer service, product queries, and delivery status for your orders are readily available for everyone from the website. The shopping experience will make you want to become a regular, and the products will ensure you remain one forever!

Prices Comparison of Leading Online Stores

The most significant advantage of online buying is that you get discounted kratom with good quality. Here is a brief chart to show you the prices at leading online shops for retail/bulk buying.

Store Strain Weight Price$$

Super Natural Botanicals

Divine Botanicals

Canopy Botanicals

Kraken Kratom


Kats Botanicals

Happy Hippo Herbals








1 Ounce/50 capsules

1 Ounce/50 capsules

25 grams

1 Ounce/50 capsules

1 Ounce/50 capsules

20 grams

1 Ounce/60 capsules








Online shops: Why are they the best source of Kratom?

Many online shops in the United States have partner farmers in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. These farmers expertly select the healthiest, juicy, and mature leaves from trees that ripe in the sun and are irrigated by rain and river water.

There are no fertilizers or pesticides used in the growth of ketum trees. The leaves are hand-picked by expert farmers and then are dried in the shade with thin cotton sheets to keep them free from dust and over-drying. The right amount of time, supervised by cultivators, ensures that all the components of Mitragyna remain active. These leaves are then exported to manufacturers in the United States. In the best state-of-the-art facilities, the dried kratom leaves are processed to produce various forms such as powder, pills, tinctures, and extracts.

The online shops are the shelves of these manufacturers, where fresh and quality products are available for sale! The transparency of Korth’s manufacturing and import makes the online shops more reliable than weed shops, smoke shops, and head shops.

You can buy a large variety of kratom types from online stores, but if you need to turn to a physical kratom shop near you, it will be a weed shop that cannot locate the true origin of the Speciosa products! This is because these shops buy from online shops in bulk and create their mixtures and blends. These products remain on the shelves in shops until they don’t sell out. Unlike online shops, smoke shops and weed shops do not throw away old stock. The old products may develop some growth, such as fungi, or there may also be some contamination. These products are not quality-checked. Therefore, buying from smoke shops is not recommended.

American kratom vendors Vs. International brands

Against the hundreds of online shops in the United States, there are fewer online shops in Europe and other regions. While the reason for this may be many, the standards of quality are also far apart. In the United States, all vendors follow the rules and quality parameters defined by the American Kratom Association.

According to these rules, the date of production, quality, packaging, and several product details are followed to the last letter. There are not many checks and balances in Europe and other regions, which leaves online products in a grey area of mistrust. Consumers rely on American online shops to deliver internationally rather than buying from shops in their area.

Similarly, the expert farmers in Southeast Asia work in partnership with American manufacturers. Due to the emergence of kratom users in Portugal, Spain, France, and other European countries, some people have invested in setting up manufacturing units after collaborating with Southeast Asia suppliers.

However, this arrangement has not resulted in significant growth in online shops in these countries. There are fewer vendors, which makes many users turn to the American brands that deliver worldwide, according to the legality status and laws relating to kratom consumption. One can say that American kratom vendors, even the ones not mentioned in the list above, have a broad customer base in Europe, Asia, and Northern African countries.

Things to consider for retail/wholesale kratom purchase

When the leaves come to the United States, it is usually for a manufacturer directly. However, bulk buying and wholesale of kratom are possible! Here are a few points to consider beforehand if you are interested in buying kratom in large quantities.

1) Source of Mitragyna

Whatever your source of Mitragyna is, the seller must provide information about the dried leaves’ origin. Every location has its distinct Mitragyna plantation, which has unique properties and effects. If you are buying the Indonesian Mitragyna variant, then it will be different from a Malay variation. The seller must be aware of the type of kratom, as wholesalers in the United States have partner farmers in Southeast Asia. These expert farmers are aware of the korth type as well as the impact of each strain.

2) Freshness and efficacy clearance

When you buy kratom in bulk, remember to check the dried leaves’ freshness. Several indicators give away the age of ketum leaves. Aroma, taste, the color of leaves, and the presence of dust or mold can explain whether that particular batch of korth is fresh and worth buying.

3) Laboratory testing

While some importers do not have laboratory tests done on dried kratom leaves, several online shops import leaves and process them on their own state-of-the-art facilities. You can find several manufacturers that sell wholesale and offer laboratory-tested kratom. What is even better is that you can buy processed products such as pills, extracts, and kratom powder in large quantities!

4) Beware of quacks

At every nook and cranny, you will find a person selling something that is subpar and not fit for consumption! This includes vendors who buy kratom from unknown sources, mix fillers, and preservatives to increase the weightage of their merchandise. However, the quality of kratom is low. You must choose a seller that can provide details of the source. Moreover, there has to be a check on the freshness and quality.


In the United States, numerous online shops sell Kratom. However, a few brands stand out as reliable, quality-conscious, and efficient in customer service. While many users can also buy from head shops, weed shops, and smoke shops, online shops and branded kratom products are recommended. We have listed three top online shops in the United States. You can check out the interactive and straightforward websites, and benefit from the goodness of nature, delivered fresh and potent to your doorstep!

Compared with other countries of the world, American brands are more widespread and have regular consumers in Europe, Asia, and North African countries. When you order online, the shop might be in the USA, but the American vendor of Kratom becomes accessible for you if your country laws allow!

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