Botanical Remedies Review

Finding the right fit for shoes or clothes cannot be a big problem, while a few customized items might need some care. Similarly, if you are looking for a product meant for all, you can buy it anywhere but customized, and special items need specialty.

So what about natural botanicals and alternate supplements? Can you buy them from any shop or will you go hunting for the right one? Of course, you will look for the best shop for quality and efficacy!

Botanical Remedies is the answer to your quest if you have been searching for the right online shop for organic, fresh, and botanical products that can refresh you like no other!

About Botanical Remedies

The Botanical Remedies takes its name seriously and provides botanicals that have remedial properties. These remedial properties come from several steps that ensure full-efficiency and freshness.

The Speciosa or kratom leaves are brought in from Indonesia, giving ultimate benefits like energy, stimulation, and motivation.

Mature and juicy leaves are hand-picked from all-natural trees in Indonesia and then processed at the American facilities, providing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the preservation of alkaloids and other components that can invigorate users in numerous ways.

Since 2015, Botanical Remedies is working to provide excellent quality without any fear of subpar or old ketum products!

Botanical Remedies is not just another online shop!

What sets Botanical Remedies apart from the others? What makes it an ideal pick for all of you? This online shop has been in business for five years only, but during this time the quality and delivery was outstanding!

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We shall discuss service later, but all of you who want to know more about the products will find this an assuring review.

  • Laboratory-tested products,
  • American Kratom Association GMP packaging for freshness,
  • Quick shipping,
  • Importing raw materials from the mecca of kratom, Indonesia.
  • Processing products under the supervision of experts,
  • Fertilizer and pesticide-free kratom leaves,
  • All processes rigorously followed to ensure alkaloid preservation,

All these features make Botanical Remedies stand out from the crowd. The hundreds of online shops that operate in the United States may have catchy names and colorful websites, but as the name suggests, Botanical Remedies promises effects that can only be through active and fresh alkaloids in potent Korth products!

What can I find at Botanical Remedies?

Every other Kratom shop sells powder, and capsules of various kratum strains, and 90% of consumers buy them without complaining! However, Botanical Remedies delivers relaxation, good moods, energy, and balance in the forms of powder, pills, and extracts! Kratom powder can be consumed in many ways.

If the quality is as sound as Botanical Remedies Kratom, then you are on the way to find great stimulation through innovative recipes and styles of consumption!

The variety of strains at Botanical Remedies is vast, and you will need some time to decide which one you want to buy!

Gold Vein KratomBali KratomWhite Vein Kratom, and exotic Red Dragon, Horned Leaf, and many other stimulating strains are available on the shelves of Botanical Remedies.

The products and quality of this online vendor are guaranteed for results, and if you have any questions or doubts, there is an excellent support system that backs all your needs and is available for help!

Speciosa powder is one of the best-selling product types as it can be used for milkshakes, smoothies, edibles, tea, wash and toss and even for adding to foods and coffee! The variety at Botanical Remedies is phenomenal as you can find the powder, liquid, extract, or pill of all the strains!

Premium Quality and Service

While products occupy the front of the shop, there are efficient and helpful teams working at the back to support customers in all ways. If you wanted to order another strain, no problem! A call on the helpline will clear things out for you!

Similarly, if you wish to ask about a certain strain, there are knowledgeable people ready to reply to your emails! Customer service and support is a crucial part of shopping experiences. If you have any concerns, Botanical Remedies understands and offers to help. You can rely on this vendor for:

Easy exchange and return

Customers can request the return of any order within 30 days of purchase. In case you want to try a different strain, exchanges are possible unconditionally! If you have not used more than 40% of the product, you can return, albeit shipping charges will be yours!

Money-back guarantees

Looking for some assurance that if you don’t like a product you can return? Oh yes! Botanical Remedies aims to give customers an experience to remember. In case you want to return the order and not opt for another trial, the shop refunds your purchase!

Laboratory testing

The priority of any ethical vendor is to provide laboratory-tested Korth products so that consumers can use their purchased items with safety and satisfaction. Botanical Remedies’ prerogative of keeping happy customers begins with delivering the best after confirmation of efficacy and potential.

Save Bucks And Enjoy Reasonable Prices!

Another significant advantage of Botanical Remedies is that you can enjoy premium quality at a great price. The various quantities available are 28g, 56g, 112g, 224g, 500g, and 1000grams.

The price for 28grams of Kratom powder is only $6.99. The brand also offers a sample pack containing 28grams of five various strains at a minimal price of $30.99. This amazing offer must not be missed!

The prices of the higher weight bags of powder are $13.99 for 56 grams, $23.99 for 112 grams, $41.99 for 224 grams, $69.99 for 500 grams, and $103.99 for a full kilogram of potent, energizing, and fresh kratom powder.

As for capsules, the packaging comes in counts of 50, 80, 150, 240, and 320 pills. The prices are $14.99 for the smallest pack and $76.99 for the largest. Users will feel that this price range is not only economical but an excellent bargain for all the benefits!

What’s more is that if you belong to the military, there is a special discount that you can avail of with pleasure! Military employees receive a whopping 15% on all products. The free delivery starts on all orders for more than $50.

Payment Options And Shipping

Like most online vendors nowadays, Botanical Remedies accepts payments through Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, money order, or cash on delivery.

The shipping charges vary with location, but the USPS speed and safety are a guarantee every time. If you order for more than $50, the charges are lesser, but a flat rate of $4.95 applies to all shipped items.

Similarly, if you opt for USPS Priority or Express mail, then additional charges also apply. Cash on delivery will include these charges, so when you check out from the website, keep in mind that the total includes shipping. The USPS requires three to five working days for deliveries, which is reasonable compared to other services.


The Botanical Remedies shopping experience will leave you wanting to order again as you can enjoy the best premium quality strains at reasonable prices with the liberty to exchange or return. The shipping charges are the only downside as you will have to include the shipping cost to your shopping total.

However, Botanical Remedies is a class apart, and if you order today, you will agree to this within three to five working days as you receive your dose on time!


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