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Selecting a reliable Sulawesi Kratom seller can be a daunting task. There are many factors that you need to consider before placing an order. Even then, there is always the risk of shipping mishandling, wrong order, faulty Kratom strains, etc. when ordering online. Because of this reason, we have prepared a list factors to consider before buying Sulawesi Kratom. The best places to buy Sulawesi Kratom have been critically and thoroughly reviewed to ensure only the best information reaches you. If you are searching for the quality lab tested Sulawesi Kratom, this article has everything you need to know.

There are several different strains of Mitragyna. Not only is it confusing to choose a strain that perfectly suits you and is balanced – the tolerance of your body also causes certain problems. If you keep taking a strain repeatedly for a certain amount of time, its effect on the body decreases to the point that it becomes negligible. If you are tired of rotating between the same traditional Kratom strains and are looking to try something new, Sulawesi is the strain you need.

The strain is different from the traditional strains of Mitragyna because it originates in a place where Kratom has not been industrially cultivated yet. The strain is rich in alkaloids and is present in all the major three veins i.e., Green, Red, and White. It is also being sold in a yellow vein among different vendors.

What differs Sulawesi from other strains?

The Sulawesi strain of Mitragyna has been hailed as an unconventional, rare, and potent strain that has grasped the attention of vendors and users online. It is one of the most potent strains of Kratom and has effects similar to those of Malay Kratom and Maeng Da. However, it does not have the side effects associated with regular Mitragyna strains.

The strain is also different from the traditional ones on the basis of alkaloid content. The alkaloids present in this strain are balanced to give you a perfect stimulating effect that lasts for a long time. The strain has attracted a number of users that rave about it online. A customer has called Sulawesi Kratom as the “Best strain to date.”

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Quick Comparison of Best Sulawesi Kratom Vendors

Some of the top vendors when it comes to purchase Sulawesi Kratom online include:

Brand NameOverviewGrade
Super Natural BotanicalsThe brand, like its name suggests, has some of the super quality Sulawesi Kratom present on their product range. They are selling all the three veins of Sulawesi at great prices.10/10
KratoraThe brand is selling the best quality White Sulawesi Kratom in a number of serving sizes. If you are looking for a Mitragyna strain to help you focus, Kratora Kratom’s White Sulawesi is for you.9/10
Ketum SuperiorThe vendor has all three veins of Sulawesi on its product range and is one of the most trusted vendors in the market.8/10
PurKratomThe brand has White and Yellow Sulawesi in both powdered and encapsulated form. Their products are also 100% organic and trustworthy.8/10

Full Review of the Top Four Vendors to Shop Sulawesi Kratom Online

A short comparison of the top seven vendors has been given above. A more detailed review of the brands with the best overall grade has been given below. Make sure that you consider all the factors before making a certain purchase.

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1) Super Natural Botanicals Premium Grade Sulawesi Kratom

Overview: The brand has been named as Kratom Sulawesi and has some of the best Sulawesi Kratom present in the Mitragyna market. The brand has been operational since 2015 and has been importing the best quality Kratom from Indonesia for its clientele. They ship worldwide and use some of the best harvestings, drying, and manufacturing procedures currently present in the market.

Key Features: The brand is extremely approachable and believes in the value of every new customer. They treat their loyal clientele like family. The brand has an email, their location, a phone number, and even a WhatsApp number for the people trying to contact them. They have safe products with a balanced alkaloid concentration guaranteeing satisfaction and comfort.

Key Strain: The key strains of the brand include all the Sulawesi veins i.e., Red, Green, White, and Yellow Sulawesi Kratom. In addition to these, the vendor is selling Maeng Da Sulawesi and Red Horn Sulawesi in a number of serving sizes.

Pricing: All the strains of Sulawesi Kratom retail at 35$ per Kilogram at the website. This price tag is extremely nominal as compared to other brands in the market.

Packaging: The packaging is airtight and discrete to avoid any discomfort on the customer’s part.

Lab Testing: The brand believes in complete transparency, and this can be shown by the fact that they have their lab results displayed on their site. The vendor ensures complete trust and satisfaction by making their Mitragyna undergo the rigorous testing that ensures the quality as well as the purity of the Kratom being sold on the site. If you are looking to buy Sulawesi Kratom from this vendor, you do not need to worry about contamination.

Discounts: The brand offers regular sales and discounts on their website that further lower their nominal prices, making the vendor more attractive.

Shipping and Payment: The brand believes in quick shipping and ships worldwide using the methods of DHL, UPS, EMS, Pos Indonesia & Air Cargo. As far as payments are concerned, all major credit cards, bank wire, bitcoin, Moneygram, and western union are accepted. There are other payment methods also available, but the vendor has to be contacted for them.

Any Negative: The brand is the best where Sulawesi Kratom is concerned and hardly has any cons to it. It has a full green signal from us when it comes to Mitragyna.

2) Kratora Sulawesi Kratom Variety Pack For Sale

Overview: The vendor has been leading the market in the U.S., with 100% traditionally grown Kratom. They have been operational since 2013 and are serving customers worldwide. The seller has attracted a large number of loyal customers who swear by the vendor’s products.

Key Features: The brand has some of the best offers when it comes to purchase Sulawesi Kratom online. It prioritizes customer comfort and offers free shipping on all of its orders with no minimum order threshold in place.

Key Strain: White vein Sulawesi Kratom in the powdered form is available on the website of this brand.

Pricing: 14$ for 1 oz. of White Sulawesi Kratom without any discount in place.

Lab Testing: Yes available on the website.

Discounts: They do not offer first-time discounts but have constant referrals and coupons available that refresh regularly. If you combine all of their beginner offers at once, the brand claims that you can save up to 70$. They also have regular sales on their entire catalogs and free giveaways of Mitragyna too.

Shipping and Payment: The brand is shipping via USPS and UPS First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail. They have same-day shipping to ensure the quickest possible route to their customers.

Any negative: They lack a wide product range and therefore are only selling a single vein of Sulawesi. It is a drawback for people who tend to rotate the strains that they are using in order to avoid developing tolerance.

3) The Ketum Superior Sulawesi Sample Packs

Overview: The brand is one of the best-known brands in the Kratom world. They have been operational for quite a while now and have even appeared in news articles because of their efforts in the Mitragyna industry. The brand ensures that only the best quality kratom reaches your doorstep, and they have no qualms going the extra mile where that is concerned.

Key Features: The Kratom Syndicate has amazing reviews all over the internet and has been praised by users everywhere. It is an AKA GMP certified brand that ensures the health and safety of its customers. The brand also has a satisfaction and a quality guarantee in place.

Key Strain: The brand is selling Red, Green, and White Sulawesi Kratom of the best quality.

Pricing: The prices of the Ketum Superior are slightly higher as compared to the other brands in the market. They are selling 250 grams of their Sulawesi strains for 32$ without any discounts.

Lab Testing: The brand has GMP certification. This means that all of its products have been tested thoroughly by an independent third-party lab, and the brand has their lab results ready to be shown to customers.

Discounts: The brand has regular sales and coupon codes available online.

Shipping and Payment: The vendor accepts payment in the forms of E-check, Mail a money order or cashier’s check, Cash in the mail. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are options that are only available for customers that are part of the loyalty program.

Any negative: Even though the brand has an amazing quality of Mitragyna, they lose customers because of their somewhat high prices.

4) PurKratom Variety Capsule Pack

Overview: The brand operates from the Kalimantan Islands and is selling some of the best Kali Kratom along with a number of other strains. It ships to customers worldwide and has the best Mitragyna currently available in the Kalimantan region.

Key Features: The brand has amazing offers and discounts. It also has a wide product range in case you want to buy Kratom Sulawesi and other herbal products. The vendor is also famous among customers and has gathered a number of positive reviews.

Key Strain: White, Green, and Red Sulawesi is being sold by the brand.

Pricing: The pricing of the products being sold by this vendor is also very nominal. Five hundred grams of their Sulawesi Kratom retails at a mere 18$.

Packaging: Their kratom powders are sold in airtight packets and jars based on the serving size. The packages that are shipped are always packed in discreet packets.

Lab Testing: The brand tests all of its products, and the lab tests of every strain are available displayed on the website of the vendor. This ensures the best quality at amazing pricing. You can always trust this brand to shop Sulawesi Kratom online.

Discounts: The vendor has regular sales and coupon codes available online.


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