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Kratom has slowly but surely become the next trend. Numerous vendors are available, which are selling this magical herb in various forms. It is not easy to select which vendor to buy from.

However, we’re reviewing the leading Cali Botanicals in this article which is a massive name in the industry of Kratom. We have covered mostly everything you need to know regarding this vendor. Let’s check it out.

Story of the Brand

Cali Botanicals is a trustworthy and dependable brand with a wide customer base. This brand was established more than six years ago, and from then on, they have offered premium Kratom in a wide variety.

Cali Botanicals is proud of providing organic, safe, and pure products. The company sticks to its words and only gives the best to the customers.

The two procedures of manufacturing their Kratom products are extraction and cultivation, which makes them stand out.

Features of Cali Botanicals


Cali Botanicals takes the payment via COD and e-checks. However, the COD method can be difficult for some because the customer needs to have either a check from the cashier or a money order to show at the delivery time. E-checks are to-the-point. You have to give your account and tracking number to book an order.

Ethics of the brand

As a Cali Botanicals customer, you will feel the utmost comfort. All their products are legal and follow the guidelines given by the FDA. Even though their products are not to be used for medicinal purposes, customers have shared positive reviews regarding the relief they had from the brand’s products.

Laboratory reports

All the best brands carry out lab tests for all their products. It is important for the Kratom you are purchasing to have properly lab-tested; otherwise, it can prove to be harmful.

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Cali Botanicals makes sure that their products are safe and pure by testing them. They are also screened for impurities, chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals. Pathogens are also removed, such as E.coli and salmonella. This shows that the brand puts hygiene and customer’s health as the top priority.  

Products available at Cali Botanicals

Kratom Powder

The powder is made by taking the premium quality Kratom imported from West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Cali Botanicals is a partner of a big Indonesian farm which boasts the purest and cleanest Kratom having high alkaloid content. It is free of all impurities and metal.

Kratom Capsules

Cali Botanicals has top-notch capsules which you can find online. You can get original and high-quality capsules at incredibly low prices. Their best selling is White Vein Borneo Kratom, Superior Red Dragon, Premium Bali Kratom, and Private Reserve Maeng Da.

Kratom Extracts

The brand offers high-spectrum kratom extracts which are rare to find. The hottest items in this range are Super Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom, Super Enhanced Bali Kratom, and Ultra Enhanced White Vein Kratom Powder.


Cannabidiol is found to have more than 80 Phytocannabinoids. Some of these are CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBC-A. Useful nutrients and molecules are also found in these products. Examples of CBD offered by Cali Botanicals are CBD Gummies and CBD bath bombs 100 mg.


One of the major reasons why people prefer this brand over others is because of low prices. For instance, the five strain sample costs only $32.99, which has all the premium strains in it. Cali Botanicals offers even lower prices for the new customers to build a trust bond with them.

Shipping and Return Policy

Various shipping options are available. Generally the brand ships all orders by Express Mail. The other choice depending on the urgency and needs of the customers is Priority Mail which delivers earlier. By noon, all orders of the day are dispatched. Shipping is free on orders $50+.

Coupons and Discounts

As the prices are already affordable for everyone, the only better thing would be a discount. The bulk orders and military veterans get a special discount, whereas a coupon offers benefits too. This shows the dedication of Cali Botanicals to the customers. Their huge discounts, gift cards, and coupons codes are a symbol of their value to the customers.

Why buy from Cali Botanicals?

Cali Botanicals satisfies the major demands of quality, originality, and affordability. The team gathers the best leaves from Thailand and Malaysia. Tests are conducted to check the benefits and potency as well.

Final Words

It is clear that Cali Botanicals is the only place you need to buy all types of Kratom. Their team is professional and has expertise. The website is simple and easy to understand. Their products are not detrimental or damaging. You can also benefit from the medicinal advantages of their Kratom. Visit their site to order now.

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