Can You Buy Kratom Using Credit Cards

The botanical wonder we all know as kratom is not available at every local shop like any other medicine. In many states, it is even impossible to order it from online stores. This is under the circumstance of the products being banned here. But, luckily if you live in a state where Kratom is not banned, you can buy it from online sources.

Local shops are not promoted when it comes to selling Kratom because of the inflation in price and the decrease in the quality of their products. Like any other product, people usually shop online using credit cards. But in the case of shopping for this herb, things get a little tricky.

This article will provide you with complete information about whether you can buy Kratom products using a credit card or not.

Legal Aspects Related to Kratom

When a herb is sold and used for medicinal purposes, it automatically comes under the spotlight of the legal authorities. They decide whether the product is safe to consume or should be banned.

The same is the case with this herb. But this battle is still ongoing. There is no final verdict yet by any of the legal authorities, namely, The National Institute of Drug Abuse, The Drug Enforcement Administration, or even The Food and Drug Administration.

All of these companies hold a significant value in deciding Kratom’s future. Any bank-related corporation will work on the verdict of these federal bodies. They will do what these national agencies decide. And since this decision is still hanging in the balance, the companies do not want to risk their business by making any sales related to this plant.

Kratom Is a High-risk Product

There are many products that credit card processing companies or banking companies rate as high-risk. These include products from the adult industry or gambling and many other doubtful categories. Kratom is also included in this category.

The reason why this herb stands in the line is because of the unpredictable nature of its outcomes. This herb also has a relation to the drugs that are associated with narcotics. This jeopardizes any position it holds in the herbal industry.

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This affiliation can also possibly mean that the product has some kind of dependency factor in it. This makes the product and the industry as a whole very doubtful. No credit card company would allow doing business that is related to any such industry that seems shady as there are many chances of them turning out to be frauds.

Controversial Substance

Ever since Kratom’s use has started, it has been carrying a lot of bad press and negative reviews. The main reason for this, as stated above, is its relation with the drugs that have a certain dependency factor in them.

These relations make Kratom a controversial substance among the people. And this is the reason it is still not approved by any of the national authorities. Since it became popular, it is being used as a tool for self-medication only. There are no medical prescriptions available for it.

This gives leverage to the banking companies to turn down any buyer and vendor from doing business that is related to the Mitragyna Speciosa products. They simply do not allow merchants to make its sale as the product can be misused too.

The Anonymity Of The Buyer

When you pay online for a product via a credit card, your information is transferred to the card processor and the vendor as well. This can be disturbing for some people when they are purchasing risky products such as Kratom.

Many buyers want to keep their information discreet when it comes to buying organic products such as these. Since Kratom holds a doubtful position, many buyers do not want any history related to its transactions on their banking charts for the fear that any legal action can be taken against them.

Kratom still lies in the gray area of herbal products. This uncertainty is what makes a customer fear that he or she might end up paying a fine or face a penalty for purchasing such products.

Instability For Vendors

Vendors who even accept credit cards are at a high risk of getting bankrupt. The reason behind this issue is that the card processing companies charge an inflated amount of fees to the vendors.

Some card processing companies that offer low fees are often very insatiable or turn out to be a fraud. Thus, it can be risky for the vendor to do business with such companies as it can end up paying much more than what it is earning from the buyer.

What About The Companies That Offer Card Payment Options?

You will come across a few companies that do offer credit card payment options. Some of these are reliable since they are running under an entirely different parent name. Often these companies sell some other product as their main item.

For example, if you come across a website that sells tea and has Kratom tea listed as one of its selling items, you are likely to find other Kratom products listed under this category. You can easily purchase your Kratom products along with the tea items from any such vendor without the hassle of legalities.

Top Kratom Credit Card Processing Alternatives For 2021

To save themselves from these credit card hassles, companies offer alternate methods for you to buy your Kratom stock. This includes cash payments, money orders, E-checks, and cryptocurrency.

Money orders

For people who are concerned about their anonymity, this method is relatively the safest. You just have to mail your money order via post service. There is no chance of any information getting revealed from your side, and you will be saved from any credit card hassle.


Yet another anonymous way to pay for your Kratom order is through E-checks. This method is safe as you are protected by Regulation E. Hence you can officially cancel your payment in under 60 days in case of any fraud and even report it.

It requires no use of documentation or any bank details, so your information is kept private and confidential.


Cryptocurrency is the new alternative method to pay for your Kratom products online. You get a lot of discount offers on various sites when you use this means of purchasing your products.

There are a lot of cryptocurrency options available, the most popular one being Bitcoin. Since this method is new to the market, not a lot of vendors have this option available yet. If you are someone who has a sharp mind when it comes to this, you can search for websites that offer this alternative method.

Online Money Apps

Online money apps are pretty convenient options when you want to transact money without making any contact with the vendor. Many banks are compatible with these apps so it makes it easier for you to transfer money. You can choose to pay from online money apps like Zelle, Pop Money Transfers, and GooglePay.


You can transfer money directly from one account to another using this app. The process only takes a couple of minutes and you are good to go. You just need the recipient’s email address or phone number to do the transaction.

The app will send the vendor a message or an e-mail along with a link to accept your money transfer. Zelle is compatible with a lot of the major banking systems. 

PopMoney Transfers

The Popmoney transfer app uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. You need to sign up online or register yourself on the Popmoney transfer app to transfer your money.

You can send the vendor the designated amount of his payment and he will receive a notification to accept it, same as how Zelle works. You can set up your account online on the Popmoney website or even download the app.

Google Pay:

Google pay is a great way of doing contactless payments. You need to sign your google account on your phone or laptop and fill in the banking details like the credit or debit card numbers and your billing address.

The app will issue you a token on your registered card. This means that your card will have its own unique identity on the google pay app. This will make your card encrypted and thus safe to use.

Your encryption code works as your one-time password (OTP) and this will allow the banks to use your information and complete the transaction.


This is an online website that is the best solution to pay online for your drugs and other herbs. It uses a unique technology that lets you pay for your products using your credit cards in the same old manner. You can pay with Visa or MasterCard – (No AMEX or Discover) (Texas & NY states unsupported).

MESH Payments

MESH is a convenient and safe method of online payment. It lets you pay for products that are not processable using credit or debit cards. You just need to register yourself to get the payment going. It is a cardless solution for your online purchases.

To Pay or Not to Pay… Via Credit Cards?

This article has provided you with a piece of in-depth information about the legal aspects concerned with buying Kratom online using a credit card.

Now you have to decide on your option as there are online vendors that do offer card payments. If you think cash or money order is the right way for you, then go for it. If money orders are more to your liking, you can choose that option for you.

You know that when there is uncertainty about a payment method for a certain product, there are some hidden legalities to it which you might not know about. Choose the right way, instead of paying extra money for the same product that you can buy at a much lower price.

How Can I Safely Purchase Kratom Online Without Credit Cards?

Buying Kratom products online is not much of a hassle. Start by selecting an online store that meets your demands. Like any other product, fill in your cart with your desired products. The next part where you add in your credit card information is certainly different.

Consider an e-transfer as it is safer than sharing your billing details with any random third party. E-transfers are easy and reliable and you can do one by following these easy steps:

  • Click the send money option after signing in to your online mobile banking 
  • Select your preferred account which will be used to withdraw the money
  • Identify and fill out only the relevant details needed by the online vendor
  • Add in your amount in the option provided and submit it
  • You will receive a message regarding your payment confirmation, so wait for a couple of minutes. If you do not receive any message then only contact the online vendor.

You can use e-transfer only if you are getting your kroth shipped to an address where the products are legal.

The Risks of Online Purchasing Using Credit Cards

You can face some issues in purchasing your kroth or its products online using credit cards mainly because these card companies are regulated by state and federal laws.

A second risk is account closure. Card companies might close a vendor’s account without any warning because they share a pretty strained relationship. This is when mobile banking apps come in handy.

Accepting Credit Cards for Kratom Could Destroy Your Company

If the merchant’s bank which is also known as the acquiring bank gets tangled up in a mess of processing prohibited products like Kratom, the card scheme or the boss of these banking companies can fine them with a hefty amount of money.

These organizational heads can also take away their entire ability to accept card purchases from any other vendor too. These acquired banks can use any software to track down companies that might be doing sales of prohibited items.


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