Divine Botanicals, as the name suggests, aspire to deliver divine herbals to their costumers. Divine Botanicals in their about us page claim that they want to provide real power of Mother Nature to the World. Dealing in pure nature CBD and Kratom, they claim that botanicals have divine healing and miraculous effects.

How did the Divine Botanicals start?

The copyright logo shows that they started their empire in 2021, which makes them a new one in the vast Kratom empire. Divine Botanicals define their journey began when getting natural pure kratom became a daydream.

The experts sat down and discussed the miraculous effects of mother nature and ended in starting this empire. Divine botanicals kratom and CBD received a significant amount of positive reviews and orders. They claim to have customers from all over the globe.


Divine Botanicals have shared with its customers the six steps of their preparation of the products. These are:

  • Cultivating and Harvesting
  • Extraction and Purification
  • Production
  • In house testing ( lab testing)
  • Packaging
  • Third-party lab testing

The products are tested twice. They are making a real effort for giving their customers the best quality they can, and that is what they claim for.


Divine Botanicals claim to have the most authentic and pure Kratom strains having complete magical effects of Kratom. Their goal is to provide the nature enthusiasts who believe in the healing power of natural herbs the best quality they could.


They have a wide range of kratom products having many different strains. These include:

1) Kratom Tinctures

They are a blend of all kratom strains that is an all in one package, a mixture having effects of all strains. At low doses, it causes natural and at high causes optimal sedation.

2) White Maeng Da Kratom And White Sunda Kratom

The white kratom strain is famous for its soothing properties. It helps maintain focus and keeping nerves calm. These are two different region strains.

3) White Vein Crushed And Bentuangie ( Red Vein)

White leaves are used in making ketum tea. Divine botanicals claim that it has the most soothing effect any kratom in the market has. It is rich in alkaloids.

Red vein kratom is unique as it is obtained from Indonesia; the best and productive strains are found in this region. Divine botanicals kratom claim that it’s the most luxurious with the best aroma and smoothest of all.

4) Green Kratom

Green kratom is used for energizing the body. It makes you active. Divine Kratom has a wide range of Green Kratom products.

Bestsellers And Price Ranges

No Kratom has enough rating to rank them as bestsellers. They have a wide range of products. Price ranges according to the ongoing market price of kratom. Divine price range is on average.

FDA Approval

Divine Botanicals have made it very clear in their disclaimer that FDA approves none of the products on sale. They are under research and don’t have any medical or therapeutic claims.

GMP Certification

Divine Botanicals page doesn’t show whether they are GMP certified or not. GMP has a bunch of standards for Kratom Vendors, and if they come to the mark, then they are accredited for selling Kratom. Unfortunately, Divine don’t show any GMP certificate.

Payment Methods

Payment methods are so much in number, they have topped up the notch here. They offer several ways to pay money that is secure as well as convenient.

  • Credit/Debit card
  • E-cheques
  • Zelle
  • Google pay
  • Pop money
  • Cash app
  • Money gram and Western Union
  • Direct bank or Wire transfer

Shipping And Delivery

Divine Botanicals offer fast, free delivery. They also provide same-day delivery in California. As they are US-based Vendors in California.

Use FedEx, USPS, Ups for deliveries. Shipping is free for orders above $50. You can track your order on their official website.

Privacy Policy

The Divine site asks you a bunch of personal information when signing out of your cart and placing your order. However, they explain why and how they use this information and its security.

Divine Botanicals use collected information:

  • To personalize your experience.
  • To improve our products and customer service.
  • To quickly process orders or transactions.
  • To improve the Website, including our advertising efforts.
  • To maintain an internal database.
  • To communicate periodically via email.
  • To administer contests, or promotions, other Site features.

If you’ve any questions about your personal information, they have provided their contact details on their website; you can contact them any time you want.

Social Availability

They are socially active and reply as soon as possible. However, they are available only on a working business day that is Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Divine Kratom doesn’t have many divine reviews to back up their claims that are somehow normal as they are a new company that just started in 2021. None of their products have a single review yet.

Reddit is an authentic site for vendor reviews, but unfortunately, even Reddit has nothing to make sure that Divine Botanicals are legit in their claims. All we can do is wait and see if there is an honest review of Divine Kratom from a consumer.


To conclude our discussion, Divine Botanicals is a new US based Kratom vendor with fewer reviews yet. However, the website is promising and has a wide range of Kratom strains.