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Are you tired of looking here and there for reliable kratom vendors? Are you worried about the authenticity and quality of kratom purchased through online stores? Well worry not because not only are we here to recommend you about a potential kratom vendor by the name of Green Leaf Kratom but also to give an insight to how convenient their website is. Let’s dig in!


Green Leaf Kratom is an excellent kratom vendor that provides best of the best kratom products in many different forms. Their brand has managed to attract a lot of customer pool through their user-friendly website, top notch kratom products and easy accessibility and availability. Their website tends to be the kratom hub where each strain in different forms is available at all times via the fastest delivery service.

What Are The Products Offered By This Vendor?

Green Leaf Kratom aims to become one of the biggest sellers of kratom. As an emerging brand, they focus on making rare and infrequent strains available on their website under one roof so that customers do not have to look here and there for the strains that they require.

Their kratom strains are divided under the three colors which are red, green and white. Clicking on the heading ‘Colors’ mentioned on the website takes you to the strains of whichever colored kratom you want. One good thing about this vendor is that kratom is available in the form of capsules as well as powder to comply everyone’s suitability.

The strains offered by this vendor are:

All of the strains are carefully picked from the deep rooted forests of their origins which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

Under these names, red, white and green color is available. Consumers have the option to choose any strain they like in the form of capsules of powder. Unfortunately, this vendor does not deal in kratom tinctures.

Are Their Products Lab Tested? Are They Gmp Qualified?

Lab testing is probably one of the most essential pre-requisites before purchasing kratom. This is because your health is your most prized possession and a little research and inspection should be done before consuming ketum products.

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When it comes to kratom, tests should be done to make sure there is no sign of heavy metals, toxins, viruses and bacteria such as salmonella present. The complications caused by these contaminants can cause serious illnesses which is why lab reports are necessary.

Green Leaf Kratom does not mention any sign of lab reports on their website. They haven’t talked about them on their social websites as well which indicates that their products might not be lab tested at all. This raises a question about the quality of their products.

Since the products are not lab tested, it is evident that they also haven’t gone GMP certification.

Is The Brand Making Any False Medical Claims?

For the marketing of the brand, vendors sometimes make false medical claims to attract customers to buy more of their products. These claims are highly dangerous and can put one’s life at risk. Due to the warning given by FDA about the Mitragyna herb, vendors have been quite careful about their dealings and descriptions.

Green Leaf Kratom does not make any false medical claims and there is nothing written on their website that might look shady or weird. It is clearly mentioned on the website that their products are not for medical purposes.

Price Range

It is very natural that most of the customers are attracted to good prices and good pricing means more purchasing. It is important to understand that a good quality product bought with a few extra dollars is better than a cheap one with below average quality.

There are different weight options to choose from whereas the prices vary accordingly.

The price for 100g of kratom capsules is $49.99, $89.99 for 250g, $149.99 for 500g and $199.99 for 1kilo.

The price for 100g of kratom powder is $22.99, $52.99 for 250g, $95.99 for 500g and $169.99 for 1kilo.

Even though the prices are relatively high as compared to other vendors but are a fair deal if the quality of the products is promising.


Green Leaf Kratom is in full support for its customers to be happy which is why there is a coupon code ‘LeafyDiscount’ available at all time. By using this code, you can avail 8% discount on your order at checkout. This discount is applicable on all the products mentioned on their website.

Customers who use Bitcoin get a 25% off on their order.

Shipping And Payment

These two factors are significant while shopping online because a secure and trustworthy platform is required. It also helps to build a relationship of trust between the brand and the customer.

Efficient and safe delivery is all what is needed by the customer so that they don’t have to wait for weeks for their parcel. Green Leaf Kratom puts this factor in priority and ships the orders within 24 hours from Monday to Friday. Any order placed after 2:00 pm on Friday is shipped on Monday. All orders are delivered through USPS mail.

It is clearly mentioned on the website that this brand doesn’t ship to states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington DC or Wisconsin. Simultaneously, it does not ship to the countries including Oceanside, CA; San Diego, CA; Sarasota, FL; Jerseyville, IL; Union County, MS.

This brand accepts payments through multiple sources including credit cards.

What Are The People Saying About This Brand?

Customer reviews are an integral part knowing any brand inside out. This is because no matter what, hands on experience and talking about it has no comparison. Customer reviews help with the growth of the brand when customers give suggestions or indulge in constructive criticism. Positive comments motivate the brand to move forward.

Green Leaf kratom has amazing reviews where customers have rated it a 4.6 out of 5.

Mellisa Ann Miller says “they have great quality, prices and super-fast shipping. I have tried almost every strain they have and haven’t been disappointed.”

Social Media Presence

This factor helps in attracting new customers and making them stay. Answering queries and engaging in conversations helps in effective communication. The Facebook page of this brand has a lot of old customers giving their reviews. This brand also has its email option open for anyone who needs to contact them.

Pros And Cons Of This Vendor


Wide Range

Not a lot of vendors make an effort in making each and every strain available on their website. They only keep the popular ones which is why people are unaware of the many different strains that exist.

Information About Kratom

With each and every product, there is a picture attached with one or two paragraphs written about that specific strain. This helps the customers, especially newbies to make a decision on which type might work well for them.

Good Reputation

Customer reviews always help new people to make a decision since the reviews are based on experience. There are a lot of good reviews on their Facebook which shows that the customers are satisfied with their purchase and generally happy with the brand.


Absence Of Lab Reports

This is a major drawback of this vendor since it puts the customers into a dilemma if the quality of the products is up to the mark or not. It also raises a question to if the customers should put their trust in the brand or not.

No Information About The Type Of Kratom

Even though there is description available, there is nothing mentioned to if the strain is a mild, neutral or strong one. This can confuse amateurs in deciding their specific type of strain.

Final Verdict

Kratom is a very sensitive herb when it comes to its consumption. There are many vendors that scam people by selling fake powder under false names. Green Leaf Kratom on the other hand is true in its dealings and sells good quality kratom as mentioned by its customers.

Only if it provides lab reports for its product, it can top up its game in the kratom market. Other than that, it is a reliable vendor that promises to supply top quality kratom at your doorstep and is highly recommended.

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