The Horned Leaf Kratom has quite a deceiving name because it certainly does not have any horns! Perhaps, the most exceptional feature of Horned Leaf Kratom is its enormous height. Each leaf can grow up to 6-inches and above. Hence, making Horned Kratom the largest Kratom strains.

Have you been searching for that Kratom that everyone keeps talking about? That magical one? The one that heals and energizes at the same time?

Well then, without a doubt, what you’ve been looking for so long is in actuality called Horned Leaf Kratom. It is perhaps the only variant that promises maximum relief along with a boost at once, which makes it a two-in-one power pack.

We’re glad you have finally discovered this popular variety of Kratom. Now, let us show you around and lead you directly to the best possible purchase options for this heavenly herb.

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Horned Leaf Kratom – An Overview

These plants develop this morphological trait during the maturation stage. It continues to grow until the maximum potential gets unlocked. Usually, the procedure takes approximately a year.

When examining its composition, one is likely to confuse the Horned Leaf Kratom with Maeng Da. Both of them have similar alkaloid levels and potency. Truly, the consequences of Horned Leaf are remarkable.

Although the origins of this strain are blurry, a majority of experts claim it to get cultivated in Indonesia and Thailand first. However, details of the claim are still not available.

Nevertheless, this amazingly big Kratom consumes a lot of time to reach full potential. Hence, these are rare in the market. And, cultivators and vendors agree to pre-harvest deals that make the Kratom strain even rarer. Unlock more below!

Types of Horned Leaf Kratom

Similar to any other herb, Kratom has numerous types/strains. However, the mystery doesn’t end on these types. There is a further sub-division. With so many variants, an individual can get easily confused.

But, worry not friend, we have articulated all the types of Horned Leaf Kratom as comprehensively as possible below:

1) Red Horned Leaf Kratom

Native to South Asia, one can find the Red Horned Leaf Kratom in Thailand, Borneo, and Indonesia. It is a hybrid between the Red-veined Kratom and Maeng da strains. Hence, it is extremely rare, even in South Asian countries.

The Red Horned Kratom Powder is efficient in augmenting mood. It has several medicinal advantages too.

2) White Horned Leaf Kratom

Unlike the other types, the White Horned Leaf Kratom is a newer variant that has bright white veins kratom instead of green veins. It is an efficient energy booster that helps overcome weakness and lethargy.

3) Green Horned Leaf Kratom

The Green Horned Leaf Kratom is also a young type, discovered in the modern era. Usually, it got consumed by Kalimantan individuals. It has numerous bioactive alkaloids that have an overpowering effect on both mind and body.

Don’t know what alkaloids are? Well, read ahead to unravel!

Alkaloid Content in Each Type

Before we dive into details, let’s first classify the fundamentals. Alkaloids refer to the active components in Kratom that attributes to its impact on the consumer. The existence of alkaloids is a natural procedure. And these are present in every plant.

In Kratom, two major alkaloids include Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The Mitragynine accounts for the discomfort-relevant effects, whereas 7-hydroxy mitragynine brings energy and concentration associated benefits.

Comparatively, the content is more in percentage than 7-hydroxy mitragynine. However, it can vary with the variant. Let’s evaluate the alkaloid content in each Horned Leaf Kratom type!

  • White Horned Leaf Kratom: High levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, low levels of Mitragynine
  • Red Horned Leaf Kratom: High levels of Mitragynine, low levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine
  • Green Horned Leaf Kratom: Balanced Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine

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While it got condemned in the past, the Horned Leaf Kratom Powder has proven to be quite advantageous in the present times. Note, we recommend medicinal expert consultation before purchase or consumption of any Kratom product. Hopefully, the data above was insightful to this not-so horn-shaped Kratom leaf!