How Much Kratom Is There In A Capsule

We are all hyped about jumping on the Kratom bandwagon, and Kratom’s popularity is growing by leaps and bounds all across the US. Regardless of that, dosage plays a significant role when it comes down to ensuring overall satisfaction. If you’re confused, don’t worry; we have your back! 

The answer to your questions and a pivotal trick to regularly get the exact dose of Kratom per intake lies in ‘Kratom Capsules.’ We will extensively discuss all that is important regarding Kratom capsules in the article below. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the read!

What Are Kratom Capsules? 

Mitragyna Speciosa, aka Kratom, is a tree that originates from Southeast Asia and is available worldwide, including in the US. The leaves are the primary source of extraction. They are dried and finely crushed into powder, which can later be converted in many forms, including capsules. Capsules are a top-rated Kratom product as they are much easier and convenient to use, especially for those who have issues with utilizing Kratom powder or its taste.     

*Are you tired of Kratom powder? Do you want an alternative option? Switch to capsules.*

If you wish to avoid creating a mess or struggle to evaluate your daily dose, then capsules are the best option to avail. They are an ideal option to conveniently consume your desired quantity by masking the solid earthy taste of Kratom. All capsules will measure the same amount of Kratom powder (grams), making your dosage journey precise and much easier. You can either buy pre-made Kratom capsules from various brands or even grab empty capsules and fill in your powder! 

[Note: Kratom isn’t native to the US and nor is cultivated here; however, it is imported from many Southeast Asian countries.]

Is Kratom Legal?

Unfortunately, Kratom still lies in the grey area; each state (US) regulates its laws, i.e., it is illegal in many states and even some cities within states that have legalized Kratom. kratom interacts with the body’s receptors in the same way as other drugs, and for this reason, the DAE has classified it as a controlled substance.

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If you want more information regarding Kratom being legal in your state, check out the Kratom Legality.

Types Of Kratom Capsules For Sale

Kratom can be divided into different types and strains, each with unique benefits. Kratom strains can be classified according to the place of origin and colour of the veins. Based on origin, examples include: Sumatra, Borneo, Malay, Maeng Da, Bali, etc. Based on vein colours, Kratom powder has four main varieties, mainly red veins, green veins , white veins and gold/yellow veins

How Much Kratom Does Each Capsule Have?

The measurements will vary according to the size of the capsules, the quantity of powder used and the type of strain used. On average, a capsule has around 0.5 grams of Kratom powder. You can measure powder per teaspoon or tablespoons and use online conversion charts to quantify everything, especially making your capsules. For reference, check the measurements mentioned below:

  • 1 Teaspoon of Kratom (2.0-2.3 grams) = 4 Capsules 
  • 1 Tablespoon of Kratom (6.0-7.0 grams) = 12 Capsules                                                         

The table below compares measurements of loose Kratom powder and per capsule varying according to different strains used.

Kratom Strain Teaspoon (grams)Tablespoon (grams)Capsules(grams)
Red Dragon2.46.00.5
Green Malay2.46.20.5
Maeng Da2.67.00.5

                        *The spoons measure a leveled amount of Kratom and not heaped ones.                         

[Note: Always consult with your general physician/practitioner on how much powder should be added to your capsules.]

The Pros And Cons Of Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are a perfect and simple solution to take your daily Kratom dose. However, there are both pros and cons to taking capsules over other forms of Kratom. To help understand things better. Let’s briefly explore each side:


  • Simple and easy to consume.
  • Convenient to carry anywhere on the go; discreetly swallow it anywhere and anytime. 
  • Mask the rich earthy taste and aroma of Kratom powder. 
  • Precise dosing, especially when buying pre-made capsules. 
  • Avoid the struggle of scooping out too much or too little and creating any mess. 
  • No alteration to potency; get the perfect dose for your health regime in each capsule. 


  • More expensive than Kratom powder.
  • Limited dose Kratom powder; you might have to take several capsules to equal one tea/tablespoon of Kratom powder to experience the desired effect.
  • Packaging has a limited number of capsules, i.e. some have only three capsules, etc.

Where Can You Buy Pre-Made Kratom Capsules?

There are countless holistic shops, online vendors and brands selling Kratom capsules to help your life become more manageable and hassle-free. Some even offer variety packs to help you get the best of all types of capsules available in the market. We strongly advise you to shop from online stores as they are trustworthy, have a good range of products, and offer cheaper rates.

DIY Kratom Capsule Guide

If you’re short on cash or have a good stock of Kratom powder but hate the taste, then homemade Kratom capsules should be your thing! Numerous online guides help you perfectly measure out and easily make your capsules right in your home. 

Will Kratom Capsules Actually Suit You?

Kratom is undoubtedly breaking waves all across the US, and Kratom capsules are winning significant votes these days! Capsules are indeed an easy and ideal option to get the perfect dose without any struggle or fuss. While capsules, especially pre-made ones, are much more expensive than Kratom powder, try making your capsules at home and save huge bucks! The world is full of countless options to choose from; however, we advise you to do extensive research before making any purchase. We are always here to happily cater for your needs! Good Luck!


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