It’s said that alkaloids are the sole reason behind Kratom’s potency and strength then why you should consume the excess compounds of the kratom leaf?

This is what Hush Kratom thought and acted accordingly. At Hush Kratom, none of the excess compounds is delivered to the consumers. To the users, Hush kratom only gives the alkaloids of Kratom.

How can Hush Kratom pack alkaloids only?

That’s the beauty. Hush Kratom removes the unwanted material from the kratom leaf, extracts alkaloids and packs with food-grade solvents to provide the purest and best quality extract to its consumers.


The best thing about Hush kratom, unlike other brands, is that it offers the extract in several forms rather than liquid form only. By that, we mean the same extract is now made available for you in the form of gummies, liquid shits, capsules, soft gels, and powder. Not only that, but they have also prepared coffee-infused kratom extract, one of its kinds when it comes to flavour and potency.

Why buy from Naya Kratom?

Naya Kratom does not endorse a product until it deserves it. Hush Kratom meets the standard that Naya Kratom swears by. We believe in the highest quality at competitive prices for fresh, unadulterated kratom products that would not harm our Kratom family.