It’s said that alkaloids are the sole reason behind kratom’s potency and strength. Then why should you consume the excess compounds of the kratom leaf?

This is what Hush Kratom thought and acted accordingly. Hush Kratom is already making waves in the kratom market by selling the highest quality, premium kratom blends. Unlike others, Hush Kratom has been in the spotlight because of its distinctive product range and unbeatable customer service. At Hush Kratom, none of the excess compounds is delivered to the consumers. To the users, Hush Kratom only gives the alkaloids of kratom – ALL LAB TESTED FOR PURITY. 

What Is Hush Kratom – A Brief Overview:

With the intention of bringing innovation and uniqueness to the kratom industry, a corporate entity based in Boise, Idaho, launched Hush Kratom in 2018. With its extensive experience in trading, the brand has gained a reputation for selling the most original and pure kratom extracts – this is what sets it apart from other kratom vendors!

Backed by positive customer reviews, Hush Kratom manufactures enhanced kratom powder, which is made naturally utilizing an incredible alkaloid extraction process. The brand has put all its efforts into producing GMP-Compliant (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices) kratom products with a seal of approval from the American Kratom Association (AKA).

Hush Kratom only specializes in only “enriched” versions of the speciosa herb (no kratom leaves in its catalog). It sells and stocks high-powered kratom extracts in the form of liquid, capsules, and powder – based on certificates of analysis. As the innovative Pacific Northwest brand, Hush Kratom can be conveniently purchased from trusted online retailers like Naya Kratom

Hush Kratom’s Unique Extraction Process:

The proprietary extraction process of Hush Kratom is what gives it a competitive advantage. Hush Kratom only uses food-grade solvents to extract maximum alkaloid content from the Mitragynine speciosa plant material. The company ensures that the extract is clean and chemical-free. You might be wondering, “How Can Hush Kratom Pack Alkaloids Only?”

That’s the beauty! The Hush Kratom team eliminates all the undesired stuff, such as lipids, waxes, leaf material, oils, tannins, and phyto material from kratom extracts. All of this is done only to achieve the immaculate, highly-pure alkaloid extract. 

The potency and purity of Hush Kratom blends are second to none. Its users enjoy a potent kratom experience because of its highest alkaloid concentration – thanks to the 15 mg of Mitragynine alkaloids. 

Hush Kratom Product Line:

The best thing about Hush kratom, unlike other brands, is that it offers the extract in several forms rather than liquid form only. By that, we mean the same extract is now made available for you in the form of Hush Kratom gummies, liquid shots, capsules, soft gels, and powder. Not only that, but they have also prepared coffee-infused kratom extract, one of its kind when it comes to flavor and potency.

Right now, Naya Kratom is offering the following Hush Kratom products:

Hush Kratom Caramels:

Hush Kratom Caramels are preferred by those who are not fans of liquid extracts. These incredible kratom chews are infused with full spectrum kratom extract that allows its users to take their kratom dose easily. Each caramel gummy, having a premeasured amount of kratom extract, contains 20 mg of Mitragynine. 

You can enjoy the irresistibly delicious flavor of these caramels for just $24.99.

Hush Kratom Gummies:

Hush Kratom Gummies are tropical-flavored chews containing the most accurate dose of the Mitragynine alkaloid in each bit. Each bite-sized gummy contains 10-11 mg of Mitragynine to achieve the desired results. Due to the authenticity of the Hush Kratom brand, the gummies are formulated as high-potency kratom extracts, which are comparable to one gram of natural kratom leaf powder. 

You can avail of each 10-gummy bag at Naya Kratom for just $24.99.

Hush Kratom Review: What Makes It Better Than Other Brands?

Since its launch, Hush Kratom has been in the spotlight for selling premium-quality kratom blends. The following are some features that set it apart from other kratom brands:

Supreme Quality of Products:

In their supremacy of quality, the Hush Kratom products, unlike other brands, win the race. All products are formulated from hand-picked mature kratom leaves. Each herbal product offered by Hush Kratom contains a higher concentration of alkaloid content, which can produce profound effects when consumed.


In Hush Kratom, only food-grade solvents are used to extract alkaloids. All procedures taking place at Hush Kratom are GMP-approved, making sure that the final product is highly-pure and free of all chemicals, heavy metals, lipids, waxes, and phyto materials.

Wide Range of Products:

The best thing about Hush Kratom, which makes it better than other kratom brands, is its wide range of 100% authentic kratom products. All of the Hush Kratom products are made using the best kratom extract containing high alkaloid content. 

Naya Kratom: A One-Stop Solution For Your Kratom Needs!

Naya Kratom does not endorse a product until it deserves it. Hush Kratom meets the standard that Naya Kratom swears by. We believe in the highest quality at competitive prices for fresh, unadulterated kratom products that would not harm our Kratom family. Head on to our website for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Hush Kratom so popular and unique?

Its proprietary extraction process and high alkaloid content in products. Hush Kratom makes sure that all its products are formulated with 100% natural kratom extracts so that the final product is pure and high in Mitragynine content. 

How much Mitragynine is present in Hush Kratom extracts?

Hush Kratom extract contains a very high concentration of alkaloids. These extracts contain more than 15 mg of Mitragynine alkaloids along with other natural alkaloids.

Where can you buy authentic Hush Kratom products?

Naya Kratom is a trustworthy and trusted online store for supplying high-quality Hush Kratom products with great customer service. We offer 100% pure and legitimate kratom products so that our customers can reap greater benefits at affordable prices.