The word “Indo” is used for the Kratom strain that comes straight from Indonesia. If we look at the stats, around millions of users consume Indo variety, and the credit goes to its success in adding value to their dull lives.

We all know that South East Asia is the land where Kratom has its origin.

Have you ever thought about how various strains have different sources (within South East Asia), climatic conditions, growth patterns, and alkaloid profiles? Without a doubt, these factors exceedingly contribute to the uniqueness and miscellany of effects, Right?

Well, I know you must have already marked your go-to Kratom strain, that I am sure, but there is always a need to try out new varieties. What do you think?

So if you are one of those folks who like to experiment around, Naya Kratom’s Indo variety is going to be your next favorite strain!

All About Indo Kratom!

Have you ever seen South East Asia’s map? The sea separates most of the regions, and every island is blessed with distinctive agriculture-promoting environments. The unique set of nutrients and fertile soil contributes to the 100% pure Mitragyna Speciosa. Every island has a unique Kratom product, like Bali and Sumatra islands produce Bali Speciosa and Sumatra Speciosa, and have a clear difference in key alkaloids that bring about the maximum Kratom effects.

The Indo variety at Naya Kratom is not only pleasing to the tongue but is an excellent source for boosting energy. The strain has brilliant relaxing and discomfort-relieving properties coupled with euphoria and supercharged performance. What’s more? You get enhanced concentration, focus, and motivation, perfect for pulling wildly-exhausted day smartly! Moreover, you get quicker and potent results for a LONG LASTING period. FANTASTIC! No?

How is Indo Kratom different from other Korth strains?

The Indonesian land and unmatchable weather and soil conditions give root to this magical herb, and it is deliberately winning against the other recreational herbs. You must be wondering why this Korth strain is in high demand and craved by many? The answer is simple; it offers ALL the benefits that a typical Kratom enthusiast wishes to experience. Yes, I repeat, ALL THE BENEFITS!

The Exclusive Indo Kratom variety at Naya Kratom

Whether you want to experience a more potent extract, a milder Kratom powder, or a encapsulated powder to mask the bitterness, Naya displays Indo Kratom in different varieties and product forms.

White Indo

White-veined Indo is an attention-grabbing strain and successfully makes its space in the routine life of Kratom enthusiasts, but what makes this variety unique?

When the M.Speciosa tree is in its early stages of development, you see white veins kratom running through its leaves. These leaves have concentrated levels of Mitragynine alkaloid. The Mitragynine alkaloid is known to enhance your mood, motivation, focus, concentration, and energy. So for a quick morning pick-me-up, this strain wins against other available options quite effortlessly!

Red Indo

Have you ever experienced that ultimate relaxation where you are relaxed, stress-free, and calm, all ready to dive into peaceful moments? If your answer is no because you are too stressed and occupied with things, then this Red-vein Indo Kratom awaits you!

The powder is made by drying the matured M.Speciosa leaves with red veins inside. High in 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid, the strain is known for its relaxing properties. So grab this one if you need quick discomfort relief and a stress-free day.

Green Indo

There comes a time in M.Speciosa’s life when its leaves have green veins.

This period is critical to harvest these leaves if you want a green Indo Kratom. At this stage, the alkaloids have equal ratios of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine alkaloids. After careful drying and grinding processes, the final result is extremely potent and effective Green-vein Indo powder, a hybrid of both White and Red Indo Kratom. Imagine the benefits of both varieties under one strain. That’s what you get with Green Indo!

Super Indo

The super Indo variety is also notorious as Ultra Enhanced Indo Speciosa. The strain comes from highly humid and warm areas of Indonesia. The suffixes “super” and “Ultra-Enhanced” convey highly concentrated alkaloid profiles of more giant Kratom leaves containing more alkaloids per volume. Only a smaller dose is sufficient to experience the long-lasting effects. It can be a perfect variety for you if you want quick and speedy results.

Indo Kratom Capsules

Indo Kratom also comes in gelatin-based capsules that tightly pack the Indo powder inside it. The pills are perfect options for those who are more result-oriented and do not like Kratom’s bitterness.

Indo Kratom powder Vs. Capsules: What’s the best option?

If you love the organic taste of Kratom, then powder can be your go-to option. However, if you find the flavor a bit challenging, then kratom capsules can make things easier for you. Moreover, you can also skip the idea of measuring Kratom when you use the pill because they are already pre-measured.

Save the time you have wasted searching for the best Kratom products because Indo strain is what you have been waiting for!

Add the exclusive Indo strain of Naya kratom in your cart right away and pamper your Kratom needs the way they deserve to be pampered!


Is Indo Kratom different from other Kratom variants?

The Indo variety offers wholesome effects of kratom in just under one product. It saves the time and money of beginners that they waste trying other strains.

For how long does the Indo Kratom stay fresh and potent?

Although Naya products are entirely organic, you should use the powder for a month for the best experience.

How can I recognize that the Indo strain is of high quality?

The high-quality Indo powder comes in tightly packed containers and has a loose and smooth texture coupled with a refreshing fragrance. Moreover, the vendor should be highly reputable and GMP certified, with third-party lab testing reports available for every product.

Is it healthy to take Indo Kratom tea every day?

You should not take Indo Kratom tea every day to be at the safer end of developing tolerance. Rotate the strains and take the tea twice or thrice a week with some gaps in between.

What happens if I don’t like your Kratom products?

We offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like our products (and there’s a slim chance of that). So order without any second thoughts because you have got the hold!

What are the payment options available at Naya Kratom?

At Naya, you can make your payments using the following:

  • Crypto-currencies (Bitcoins and USDC)
  • Mobile Apps (Zelle, Square Cash App, Venmo)
  • E-Checks
  • Prepaid Loyalty Cards like green cards
  • Google Pay
  • Western Union and Money Gram

For International payments, you can use the following mediums:

  • Transfer Wise
  • PaySend
  • Skrills

How to place an order for Indo Kratom at your website?

Follow these simple steps to place your order at Naya Kratom:

  • When you land at, choose the option “kratom for sale” and select among tinctures, extracts, powders, and capsules.
  • Next, you have to choose your preferred vein color (Red, Green, White) and the Indo Kratom weight.
  • Now proceed by clicking the option “add to cart” and recheck your entire cart before placing the order.
  • After filling in the billing details, proceed by choosing the option “place order”. That’s all!