Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Mitragyna Speciosa is a wonder herb as most of you must know about it. If you have used it, you may have bought somewhere or from some vendor? You might have come across the Term Kratom Consumer protection act, also known as KCPA.

You might want to know about it if you are a Kratom enthusiast and use Kratom loyally.

What Is Kratom Consumer Act?

KCPA is a piece of legalization that allows the sale of authorized Kratom and makes a vendor or store authorized just for the safety of the consumers. With the growing popularity and Kratom sales reaching the sky, many new vendors online and in stores are rising and selling compromised kratom products that cause nothing but damage.

The act consists of the essential and necessary information about the new herb as it is significantly less studied and researched.

The information includes uses, research, laws, and safe doses, and finally, the information about prohibited sales.

Vendor requirements and the standards needed to provide the consumers with the best quality Kratom are also a part of this act.

All of these acts and requirements make the Kratom that comes to the standard of FDA. In short, KCPA ensures the production and sale of quality Kratom.

What Points Does Kratom Consumer Protection Act Involve?

The primary and highlight-worthy points and constituents of the act include the following things:

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  • It defines Kratom.
  • The Kratom Vendors and Sellers must put a label on their products with specific requirements and information.
  • Some Kratom Products are prohibited.
  • Needs registration for Kratom Production.
  • Have set some penalties for breaking the act and not following the regulations.
  • Enforces the department of Food and Agriculture to set up regulations for Kratom production.

These are some of the main goals of the act.

Synthetic Restrictions

As the main component of Kratom leaves is the Alkaloids that do all the wonders, KCPA has some rules for the alkaloid content in the synthetic product. It is considering to limit the 7-OH mitragynine content and other 7-OH alkaloid content.

Why Do We Need The Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

Everything needs a law to stop improper use. Keaton is a new psychoactive herb that is less studied and researched but has become very popular due to its medicinal and nonmedicinal use over the years. People have started to abuse the herb as they don’t have the right information, and this has led to the spread of false information and had caused much damage to the reputation of the divine herbal product.

Kratom Consumers Protection Act is trying to save people and Kratom from the false information and misuse by providing the correct information and dosage information.

KCPA makes sure that the product used by the consumer comes from the best source and does no harm to the person using it. It also ensures that the Kratom remains legal and under the laws of the FDA as it has benefited many people in their medical and nonmedical conditions.

If the Act gets banned, the streets will be flooded by dangerous and poor quality Kratom that may lead to the ban of Kratom that the majority of us do not want to happen.

States That Have Passed The KCPA

Kratom is legal in The USA up till now except six states.

KCPA, an act helping the Kratom industry altogether, is also up for acceptance by the states. Many states have given the green light to the Act; these include:

  1. Utah
  2. Arizona
  3. Oregon
  4. Georgia

The rest of the states are looking into the Act and will soon approve of it as long as the Kratom stays legal.


Most of us are aware of the fact that The FDA and Kratom industry, represented by the American Kratom Association, AKA, are debating and fighting over the legalization of the Kratom.

The FDA has a history of spreading false information and news about Kratom; some of these include the false news spread about deaths of people using Kratom with no evidence.

The Big Pharma is behind all of this as Kratom provides a herbal alternative to many analgesics and psychoactive medicine drugs; the FDA and the Big Pharma are head over heels to make Kratom a controlled drug and stop it from reaching people.

AKA and Kratom Consumer Protection Act, on the other hand, are striving to make Kratom safe for consumption by people by providing laws and acts to bring safe Kratom into the market only and prevent the sales of dangerous and contaminated herb that causes false news and calamities.

However, this makes it difficult for the FDA to ban Kratom, and hence FDA is making it difficult for the states and Kratom Consumer Protection act to be accepted. By utilizing the Covid-19 pandemic and delaying the court dates and acceptance by governments and spreading of new false news and information, they have made it very difficult for The States to accept the Act as they are under pressure by the FDA and the Big Pharma been behind this.

How Can You Support KCPA?

Nothing can be more powerful than people coming together for a single cause. If you are or have been using Kratom, If Kratom has ever helped you in any way? Join the force and make a change. As you cannot take any legal action, you can at least support the cause.

  • Register yourself with AKA.
  • AKA has a platform that allows you to showcase your experiences with Kratom. If Kratom has benefited you in any way ever, go to the forum and share your views.
  • In 2016 the DEA lost making Kratom a controlled drug because the people who love Kratom came together and stopped the case through their movement.
  • Spread the voice as far as you can. Contact other Kratom enthusiasts and educate them properly about the concerns related to Kratom and how they can help with making Kratom safe.
  • Last but not least, keep yourself updated on the latest news and information about Kratom. Signup for newsletters regularly checks articles. A little goes a long way.

These are some of the ways you can contribute to help prevent Kratom from being wrongfully banned. Kratom had and is continuously helping many people with severe issues by it’s herbal and magical effects.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act And Various Forums

Many Kratom Forums such as Reddit and I love Kratom have many campaigns and pages that provide the latest news and information about KCPA and raise the voice needed.

Some people even called it A Leaf of Faith, which it most certainly is as KCPA ensures the selling of quality Kratom only protecting people and Kratom both.

You can get all the discussions and information through these platforms, which can help you in many ways. Do go and signup before it’s too late.


Kratom, a new and highly effective herbal drug, has swept the government and people right off the ground due to its strong magical powers, and everyone knows the power can be scary.

KCPA eliminates the scary in Kratom by ensuring the Kratom sold to the general public is safe and utterly harmless that in return, prevents The FDA from banning the herb.

By supporting Kratom Consumer Protection Act, we can help many people who are in actual need of it and are making their lives better through it.


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