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Kratom is gaining momentum day by day due to its unique effect. People are using different forms of it to get the therapeutic effects of this supplement. One such form is kratom vape. 

However, can you vape kratom, and is it ok to inhale kratom?  

Well, there is no specific answer as it can be vaped; however, it is advised to avoid vaping kratom. That is because, as of right now, there are no safe vaporizers that can safely vaporize the kratom. There are no kratom products that have been made to vaporize. 

Moreover, there are also no kratom vape juices or e-liquids available that have active components in them. Even if you find any vape, it is not guaranteed to be made of the right and most reliable strains. 

So, Want to understand more about how vaping kratom is dangerous or whether you should do it or not? Following is a detailed guide stating how kratom vape is dangerous. 

First: Understanding How Vaping Works?

What is vaping, actually? A vape is an electronic cigarette, also known as a vaporizer. These hand-held devices electronically heat the substances to give vapors. 

How does vaping work? A vape contains a battery that powers the heating elements. The heating element, in turn, heats up the E-juice that is added to the vape. The juice is vaporized and inhaled through a mouthpiece. 

Vapes are variable different types like the kratom pen, kratom bar vape, etc. Some advanced vapes even have temperature-controlling abilities. The more expensive the vape is, the better it is. 

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Second: Understanding How Vaping Kratom Works? 

Now that we know how vaping actually works, let’s talk about the science behind kratom vaping. 

There are two ways of vaping kratom: Dry or wet. You can either take a dry vape, or you can use an E-liquid of kratom. There are specialized vapes used for vaping plant matter that aerosolize the concentrated extract and add powder of kratom. 

When you inhale the kratom extract through the vape, the alkaloids of the vape reach the lungs. 

Through the lungs, the alkaloids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Vaping is considered to be the fastest way of taking kratom and increases its availability. 

Why Kratom Vape Is Gaining Popularity? 

That is because the appeal of vaping is increasing daily, especially in the young demographics. The increasing popularity of vaping and people’s curiosity about this device are the reasons it is gaining people’s attention. 

As for kratom vaping, the primary reason for its increasing emergence is convenience and faster onset. 

A lot of people prefer vaping over the traditional methods because it acts a lot faster. Compared to powders or teas, it does not require any preparation. 

Moreover, because it is inhaled, the alkaloids of the kratoms act faster as compared to digesting the kratom strains. 

Can You Vape Kratom and Is It Safe? 

Now, let’s discuss the main question: Can you vape kratom? Is vaping kratom safe? 

No vaping kratom is a bad idea, and it should be avoided. Now, what is the reason for this? 

That is because by heating the kratom powder or E-liquid, the alkaloids of the kratom are lost. The strains start to burn at around 120 degrees, meaning whatever you are inhaling does not have any kratom alkaloids in it. It only makes it more dangerous than beneficial. 

Moreover, kratom vapes have quite a bad reputation among the kratom community. Many of the kratom vape users wrote about their experiences in these communities. All of them mainly stated that vaping kratom is a bad idea. Moreover, they reported that they could not experience any therapeutic effects of the kratom. 

Besides that, many reported that traditional vaping pens can destroy the Mitragynine content of the kratom, rendering it useless. 

All these reports are mainly the user’s experience and are not backed by scientific analysis. However, these give significant insight on why vaping is a bad idea. 

Why Should Kratom Vape Be Avoided? 

Following are some of the reasons why you should avoid the kratom vapes: 

  • Destruction Of Alkaloids

The primary reason why you should avoid kratom vapes is the destruction of alkaloids. You see, the alkaloids of the kratom are the major precursors of the therapeutic effects. However, when the kratom is heated, the chemical substance present in it is destroyed. 

So, even if you vape kratom, you are not going to experience any results. 

  • Absorption Into Blood Stream

Normally, when you consume kratom, it is absorbed first through the digestive system and then into the bloodstream. However, when you inhale kratom through vape, it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Now, as we mentioned, the main content of the kratom is destroyed through heat. So basically, you are inhaling smoke, which is harmful to the lungs. Moreover, even if you take the E-liquid, you do not know if it is authentic kratom or not. We do not know what the active molecules of those liquids can do to the human body. 

  • Unreliable Vendors 

There are no reliable vendors that sell authentic kratom vapes right now. Reliable vendors that follow the GMP practices are scarce right now. Besides, whatever you get from your local shop does not guarantee that it has an authentic kratom strain in it. 

Pros And Cons of Vaping Kratom

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of vaping kratom: 

  • Pros Of Kratom Vape

Following are some of the benefits if  you decide to  vape kratom

  • Faster Consumption: It is known that when you inhale the substance, it acts faster than when you consume it. The same goes for the kratom vape. When you inhale it through the lungs, it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. That means you experience the effects faster. 
  • Portable And Discreet: The best part about vaping is that it is portable and convenient for consumption. Moreover, it does not need any prior preps. You can simply inhale it through your mouth. Moreover, if you want a discreet way of kratom consumption, this is a good choice. 
  • Mask The Taste: Another great thing about vaping is that it masks the taste of the kratom. Kratom is known to have a very earthy and bitter taste. However, you cannot feel it when you vape it, making it convenient. 
  • Cons Of Kratom Vape

Following are some of the disadvantages of kratom vape:

  • Harmful For Lungs: Inhalation of heated kratom particles can be detrimental to the lungs. So, it is advised not to vape kratom strains.
  • Alkaloid Destruction: Heat destroys the alkaloid of the kratom. Kratom cannot bear the heat, and all its effects are lost in the high heat. 
  • Deposition In Lungs: Too much vaping through a kratom bar vape or kratom pen can lead to the deposition of kratom by-products in the lungs. They can even deposit on teeth, damaging them. 

Can You DIY Kratom Vape Juice

Can I DIY my kratom vape juice? 

Well, this is a common question among the kratom community, as you might have noticed that, right now, there is no kratom vape juice available in the market. 

So, can you DIY it? 

No, you cannot. That is because to DIY the kratom vape juice requires a safe way to make sure that the chemical content of the kratom is not destroyed. Whenever you try to heat kratom, the heat will render it useless. 

Currently, no methods exist to ensure that the kratom alkaloids will not be destroyed during vape heating. So, no, you cannot DIY kratom vape. 

Final Thoughts

Kratom provides some fantastic therapeutic effects, so we should not waste those by vaping it. Vaping kratom is not an efficient way of consuming kratom as you will not be getting any kratom effects. Vaporizing the kratom renders it completely useless. 

That is why if you want to experience the full-blown kratom effects, our recommendation is to stick with powders, teas, or capsules instead of kratom vapes. Take your time to research all about the strains and the forms kratom is available in. However, also consult your doctor before adding the kratom into your daily routine to avoid any side effects. 


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