Kratom Hangovers A Fact or Fiction

Have you ever spent a night partying hard with several Kratom shots and woke up with a torturing headache the next day? 

Did you ever felt unbearable nausea and vomiting after having a freshly brewed mug of Kratom Tea

That’s completely normal. 

It is common for recreational substances such as Kratom, alcohol, or CBD to cause sickness. And consumers are more likely to feel it when their use exceeds the mark of moderation. This is what we call a Kratom Hangovers (casually referred to as kratom sickness).

As Kratom products gain traction among the present generation, they are always looking for ways to fully tap on the therapeutic powers. But with great benefits comes greater risks. Hangover being just one of them!

The effects of a typical hangover might be mild and not as pronounced. It simply signals that one is taking more Kratom than the body can handle.

Mind you; Kratom hangover is a very rare consequence of overconsumption with several other dependable factors. For instance, the number of doses taken, the product’s strength, the type of strain, and your water and food intake.

Whether you have undergone a terrible hangover phase or wish to take control of the situation well beforehand, the article is meant for you. It has covered all the essential details of the Kratom hangover. We will also look at some tested and tried preventative remedies and go over some common symptoms and confusions associated with the topic.

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So, let’s get straight into the details without further pause.

What is Kratom Hangover?

Ever felt hangover from alcohol?

(Recall how its excessive intake leads to dehydration and inflammation of tissues bringing forth nausea, body aches, insomnia and other cognitive symptoms such as anxiety, depression, hallucinations, and short-term memory loss.)

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) defined hangover as the “set of symptoms that occur as a consequence of drinking too much.” 

Well, a kratom hangover is quite similar. These are reactions occurring due to excessive consumption of a substance and mostly occur from recreational drug abuse than the medicated ones. 

Symptoms of Kratom Hangover

Even though there is quite limited data on the subject, experts believe that Speciosa hangover is quite similar to an alcohol-induced one. As such, one can keep an eye on the following potential symptoms:  

  • Dehydration (mild to severe)
  • Insomnia or Sleep Disorders
  • Stomach Upset or Aches
  • Inflammation, Pain, or Muscle Cramps 
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth 
  • Digestive issues
  • General weakness 
  • Lack of motivation
  • Mood swings
  • Lethargy
  • Irritability 
  • Anxiousness
  • Perspiration
  • Appetite Loss
  • Weight Gain/Loss

Causes of a Kratom Hangover

So, you must have seen in movies or perhaps encountered a real-life example that hangovers can be outright nasty. But what causes them exactly?

Following, we have highlighted some of the reasons:

Higher Dosing 

Our bodies are insensitive to certain potent substances such as medications or drugs- with some individuals being more sensitive than others. This mostly occurs when the system is not readily accustomed to the changes. Likewise, if you have been taking a moderate dose of Kratom for a while, a rapid switch to a high dosage could result in a hangover.

Change of Strain or Brand

A kratom buyer must know that not all vendors sell 100% safe, pure and high-quality Kratom. Therefore, changing vendors or buying from a cheap one means risking your purchase and ending up with a low-quality one that can possibly mess up with your system and result in a hangover. Also, switching between brands or strains is not worth the experience. 

Using Potent strains

Latest research has exhibited that certain strains of Kratom tend to produce extreme hangover effects. For instance, users report that high doses of Red Bali brings next-level hangover while low dose promotes a calming sensation and energy. Therefore, avoiding high dosage of these strains will ultimately lessen health hazards by several folds. 

Taking Kratom on an empty stomach

Whether it’s a medicine, a drug, or a plant-based supplement like Kratom, one must always take it on a partially filled stomach. Numerous users report that taking Kratom on an empty stomach causes nausea and headaches. This ultimately prompts a hangover due to the severity of the impact. However, if you accidentally had Kratom prior to your meal, then eating something immediately after will greatly help wave off unpleasant feelings. 

Mixing two sedative strains

High doses of Kratom are a big NO, let alone mixing two sedative strains. They are notorious for triggering sickness and can prove lethal. Unless you are bent on experiencing a deadly adventure, never mix two sedative strains, as the condition can quickly escalate to a hangover state. 

Point to be noted: While mixing two sedative strains are harmful, the combination of two mild and energizing strains (like Red Bali and White Sumatra), or a sedative and an energizing one like (Red Horn and White Maeng Da) would indefinitely do you good. 

How To Avoid a Kratom Hangover?

None of us can afford a hangover. Right?

Damn! Abstaining from Kratom altogether is equally difficult. Perhaps impossible. 

Well, your prayers have been answered!

Below, we have listed some pro hacks to cope up. Let’s have a look! 

Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is the way to go! Water helps in eliminating waste from the system and regulates the body temperature. Therefore, Kratom users are particularly advised to drink a sufficient amount of water to mitigate their headaches, muscle cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and dry mouth.

So, technically you can reverse five of the major hangover symptoms by simply taking care of your water intake.

Stop Taking Large or Multiple Kratom Doses 

Just like any other substance, overindulgence triggers a host of side effects. Say you have been relying on a single dose in a day for quite a while, then jumping to two will naturally lead to a hangover, especially if practiced frequently. That’s primarily because even our body takes time to adjust and adapt to the new regimen. 

Never Mix Alcohol with Kratom

If you already have had your Kratom shot for the day or perhaps planning one, then be sure to not go near alcohol or any other intoxicating substance. Combining alcohol and Kratom is not a good idea. Apart from a hangover, users will have to stand a host of other side-effects such as seizures, vomiting, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and illusions. 

Always Buy Online High-Quality Kratom

Cheap products are most likely to land you in trouble with their adverse set of effects. Our two cents: try not to save money on unauthentic products. A low price ultimately equates to low quality or impure/fake product mixed with other artificial ingredients. Rather, always go for the finest quality of Kratom from the most reliable and top-selling vendor.

Avoid Taking Kratom Products Daily

Sustained hangovers are often a result of daily kratom use. If you utterly cannot resist the urge, it is advised to keep a gap of at least 6 to 8 hours between doses. 

Steps To Recover Quickly

So, you have had alcohol with Kratom? Or perhaps took all three doses at once. 

A lethal hangover definitely awaits you in this case!

Unfortunately, you just can’t go back in time and press the undo button. Neither cutting down the dose, nor changing strains is possible. What to do?

How to meet the impending deadlines, assignments, presentations, or an interview?

Relax! We have listed down some mind-blowing tips: 

Hydrate Well

Remember, the risk of hangover directly comorbid with dehydration. Experts are of the notion that hangover is the direct result of dehydration. Therefore, drinking water keeps your metabolism in check, replenishes the body with fluids and removes toxins from the system. 

Sleep Soundly

Another great way to eliminate the stress of hangovers is a sound, blissful sleep. It will restore your sense, revitalize the soul and freshen you up. 

Relax Deeply

Take a deep breath, and relax your muscles with a cool compress when nothing can be undone. Immerse yourself in a hot bubble bath or pamper yourself with a splendid massage. 

Eat Adequately

Increase your intake of proteins in your diet – and put up a determined fight. 

Exercise Regularly

Don’t freak out. We are not asking you to go for some heavy exercise. We understand it is impossible to exert too much force or energy while experiencing a hangover. Just calm yourself with a light stroll, a stretch, a pull, or any other gentle activity. 

Distract Yourself

Take a chill pill and distract yourself. Listen to your favorite beats. Turn up the volume. Dance till you drop. Grab some popcorns and watch your favorite movie. 

Don’t Panic

Last but not least: do not panic or feel helpless. As daunting as it may sound, trust us, the sickness will heal and fade out on its own. It’s just a test of your patience and resilience in the face of adversity. As we say, give time some time. And things will automatically come back to normal.

Note: Some medications can curb hangover. However, there are high chances you end up overburdening the system and elevating the negative symptoms due to amplified effect of medication and Kratom. Henceforth, the most reliable and safe remedies to deal with kratom hangover are the ones listed above.

Myth-buster: The ‘Hair of The Dog’ Approach

Now let us blow your mind for a second.

 Do you know many people actually believe that hair of the dog is an effective strategy to combat hangovers?

The so-called approach involves consuming the hangover-inducing substance once again to reduce the side effects greatly. How weird does that sound?

In any case, the practice is seriously condemned and must be avoided at all costs. Not to mention the psychological and physical addiction it can develop besides other havoc it wreaks. 

Kratom Hangovers vs. Kratom Overdose

There is no denying that there is quite an overlap between the effects of hangover and overdosing. Therefore, it is essential to differentiate between the two to receive proper medical aid.

Remember, Kratom is a tricky substance. Its consumption is only safe or rather beneficial when taken within the desired limits or doses. A little above and the health risk can significantly take a toll on you. However, every individual has a different ideal dose, given the numerous factors at play.

Hangover involves the overconsumption of a drug for a single time. On the flip side, overdose means persistently taking high levels of the substance. This could lead to medical conditions worse than a hangover. So, figure out the appropriate dose suiting your needs and stay within limits. 

Symptoms of Overdosing 

One must also watch for the following symptoms of overdosing to take timely action:

  • Fast Heart Beat
  • Hypertension
  • Confusion 
  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration 
  • Stomach Ache and Cramps 
  • Agitation
  • Irritability
  • Drowsiness
  • Seizures
  • Liver Damage 

Kratom Hangover Vs Kratom Withdrawal

A lot of people tend to confuse or mistake hangover with withdrawal. So, let us clear this out. 

As a matter of fact, the two are entirely different reactions. A hangover is a state following overindulgence, whereas withdrawal is the effects of abandoning a substance after developing prolonged dependence on it. Although the symptoms and effects of the two can overlap (such as nausea and vomiting), the truth is withdrawal is far more severe. 

In short, withdrawal reflects a body’s reaction to chronic substance abuse disorder, whereas hangover indicates acute overdosing on a singular occasion.  

Final Thoughts 

Modern-day teenagers and adults love to take risks for the sake of knowing how exactly it feels like. So, how to fight that little demon inside, forcing you to take adventures? What to do with the exploding curiosity enticing you to experiment with different things?

Folks it is seriously not recommended to risk your precious health. In fact, it is the last thing anyone would do on earth. 

Kratom hangover is one rare but dangerous consequence of excess consumption. While there is no scientific evidence claiming its existence, there is ample of user experiences hinting otherwise. However, whether the state is caused by Kratom itself or other external factors is still debatable. 

The good part is in the case of Kratom, the effect is applied only loosely and isn’t that severe like other substances such as alcohol. Besides, it will not upset your stomach or its lining, or blood sugar levels. Plus, we have shared some awesome tips to avert such risks; using it in moderation, staying hydrated, sleeping well and paying attention to your dosage. We also can’t stress enough on the significance of shopping online only the highest quality Kratom from the best vendors with a stellar reputation like SNB.

If you encounter a consistent hangover and find it impossible to work, perhaps it’s time you rethink whether your use of Kratom problematic? If yes, then you should consider seeking professional help and rectifying the reasons behind-instead of jumping off the ship.

In any case, the only “real” cure for a hangover is time. Give yourself and your body enough time to adjust and the substance to metabolize and leave the system.

Rest assured, Kratom is one of nature’s most prized treasures promising a host of impressive therapeutic powers. All you need to do is religiously follow a safe kratom regimen. For more interesting information, tips and tricks, follow our blog!


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