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Kratom is a herb that has been able to produce sound impacts on treatment that relates to sleeping disorders. Kratom Lounge is a brand that has been rendering products to valued customers for many years in the USA.

Now let’s have a look towards that brand with review and assess as to whether it fulfils international standard or not. There are numerous factors that we shall consider for review of Kratom Lounge.

About Kratom Lounge

Kratom Lounge has worked and progressed with devotion to provide Kratom in many states of the USA and also Canada. The company started its operations in the botanical industry in 2009, and after going through the process of research and development, it was able to introduce various Kratom Products in 2010.

Is Kratom Lounge Lab Tested?

Kratom Lounge is tested for the lab in terms of purity, legality and relative strength. Results as per lab for Kratos manufactured products along with comparative data are available at the website. They can be detected owing to scrutinizing of QR code towards the label in addition to adding of LOT number at parcel top.

Is Kratom Lounge AKA GMP Certified?

Kratom Lounge is not AKA qualified, and for the said purpose American Kratom Association has been established that give programs for processing and manufacturing of quality Kratom and securing them from the ban. The participants will have to get clearance from the annual audit in an independent manner to ensure compliance with the program.

After checking the American Kratom Association site, it is clear that the company has not yet registered. It also has no relationship with pending cases since it did not agree to its manufacturing process scheme, but the same ensured the fact that batch can follow conditions and testing requirements of the American Herbal Product Association.

Is Kratom Lounge making Wrong Claims on their Product Descriptions?

So far on the scientific basis, there is no proof and evidence that Kratom Lounge products can give medical benefits as against human diseases. Company has claimed that it provides high quality, safe and reliable Kratom and related.

FDA doesn’t consider Kratom is safe for health since it can result in death if consumed in large amount and it also doesn’t permit to advertise.

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Is Kratom Lounge Selling Kratom under False Names?

Apparently, there appears no issue for names of products of Kratom Lounge and these are quite clear, correct, and medicine can come in different forms like kratom powder, kratom capsules and kratom tinctures. List of products of a company appears like gold reserve, full-spectrum blend, Red Maeng Da, Red Vein Sumatra, Nodzilla Kratom Tincture and Green Vein Borneo.

All their products came under testing for monitoring of Mitragynine presence before sending them to retail stores for sale.

Is Kratom Lounge present on Social Media?

For customer service, indeed online presence on 24/7 basis is available on the website of the company, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that customers can place the order as per time convenient for them. The customer service also ensures prompt and quick service, so the customers get a response from experts present online.

Is Kratom Lounge cheaper or expensive than other brands?

The company offers high-quality Kratom products in terms of fair prices as compared to competitors, and these also vary as per the specification of strain that customers are ordering. Price of $5 is for 25g strain of green and white vein Maeng da, and it increases with quantity like for 100g package cost is $20, and for 1000g it stands at $125.

  • For Mitragynine Kratom price is $5
  • The price of Hush Ultra Kratom Tincture is $15 for 10ml bottle.

Is Kratom Lounge offering a return guarantee?

Kratom Lounge offers 30 days money-back guarantee in case customers get the wrong product and if they are not opened. The customers will have to pay 10% re-shipment fee.

Shipment and Payment options of Kratom Lounge

For before and after 2 PM EST during holidays orders will be processed in coming days as COD orders can be delivered through UPS or FED Ex. The customers can track the orders with tracking ID.

Reviews of Customers

Most of the customer reviews are positive for Kratom Lounge, and some positive and negative reviews of customers are as follows: 

  • Kratom Lounge is effective and quite reasonable as compared to those of other Kratom brands.
  • The quality and output of Kratom are both amazing.
  • Red Maeng Da both in capsule and powder form is the best for relief from discomfort, euphoria, sleeping comfort, and it provides strength.
  • Taste of tincture is not good but appears very useful in the end.
  • Products are nice, but an additional dose must be there in each bottle in a comprehensive manner.

Key Products

Products of Kratom Lounge are tested properly in terms of quality, purity, and some of the leading products are:

Green Maeng Da

It can be categorized as one of the top, unique products of Kratom Lounge, its herbs are found in Thailand, and it proves helpful for chronic, acute discomfort, and also it makes an individual feel active all day.

Gold Reserve Extract                  

It has been made with the of 90% highly technical Kratom alkaloids with Sundanese Kratom powder. It is best for relaxing, and its price range varies from $15 to $100.


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