Kratom Masters brand review

With the growing variety and popularity of the Kratom herb, new venders are coming into this diverse market every day that makes authenticity rare and I original product and experiencing its real effects is a daydream.

Claiming to be the master of something is a huge thing. Kratom Masters don’t look like they’ve been here for much time, which makes them a new vendor with high claims, but that doesn’t mean that they are not what they say they are.

Don’t worry about what is right and what is wrong after all; we all are humans. To save you from the pain of finding the authenticity and good Kratom and prevent you from making a mistake, we are here. A US-based vendor making medical and physiological claims? Can we trust them?

For those who want to visit the site Here’s your link:

What is Kratom Herb?

Before talking about the brand, we have to give an overview of what is that makes them come into this competitive and apathetic community.

Kratom herb is an evergreen tree, and it belongs to the coffee family. Biological is called Mitragyna speciosa and is used as a tea, powder, and supplements for various purposes for decades. Read more about kratom.


Kratom Herb, a therapeutic agent, is used for discomfort and stimulating the brain. It is usually grown in the Southeast Asia region, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more.

People use it all over the world for unhappiness to get energized to relax their minds and to soothe their nerves. However, the FDA hasn’t approved this as a treatment for any medical condition and is under observation.

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So, What is that Kratom Masters claim?

To my surprise, the About us section of Kratom masters site that usually involves a description of how they stand out from other competitors, but here they say that ” their goal is to provide with the best information on kratom, from reviews to guides, to helpful scientific information.”

On the contrary, in their blog post, they say that Kratom Masters are the best sellers of Kratom in the market today, and they offer the best prices.


What are the claims? Claims are something they say their product can do, but here they don’t make any claims. The whole of the introduction is about general information on Kratom and it’s different strains.

They tell you about how Kratom was banned due to the Cartel system and how it is difficult to get your hands on Kratom these days. The origin of not their product but of the whole of kratom, it’s more like a history post on Mitragyna Speciosa.

You can find a complete range of uses that kratom tea, powder, leaves, or supplements can be used, but some of the claims like ”Anti-addicting Herb” are something I disagree with. FDA has not approved Kratom as an anti-addiction drug. That is a hell big of a claim.

But in the end, again, they don’t claim their product will give you these benefits, but that’s a general overview of Kratom Herb.

Kratom Masters products

On the official site, you can see three products only. Maeng DaBorneo Kratom and Red vein Bali Kratom. The third one is a Beginners pack that is a pack of both products.

Readers can learn that it is in powder form that they claim is best for making tea. Elderly as well as the Young can use kratom tea as stated by the Kratom Masters page for discomfort relief.

Bali based Kratom is most suitable for ache according to them. Claimed to be distinguished due to their quality and unique collection from different regions of the world.

Well, three products are a bit less of a collection in this growing industry of unique strains every day.

Lab testing and Packaging

Lab testing is not mentioned in any article and on their introduction page. They are packaged as capsules and powder form as you want to buy it. They’ve to be stored in an airtight container afterward. Keep out of reach of children.

Are they Affiliates?

All looks good. The product looks good, the packaging is excellent, and the claims are heaven, but when you click on the product to buy, the site redirects you to the” Coastline Kratom.” page.

Coastline Kratom is one of the most prestigious names in the world of Kratom Herb. It’s a leading brand. But the question arises, Are kratom Masters affiliated with CoastlineKratom and not a brand of their own?


Kratom powder is a little heavy on the price tag as it’s hard to find original quality. Price ranges from $12-$70 according to the quantity you want. The price varies with strain, but the overall market prices range from $8 to up to $50. So the price Kratom Masters are offering is in range.


Found something good online and ordered it paid for it, and now starts the hardest part, waiting for the shipping. It’s the toughest waiting all day for your goods, and nothing is more disappointing than the long waiting for your shipment to arrive.

The thing that attracted me the most about Kratom Masters is that they offer even same day shipping at your doorstep. This is a big turn on. They offer free shipping that takes up to 2 days. The shipping time is excellent and faster than expected.

They work with FedEx and two days UPS free delivery.

Privacy policy

One of another attention-seeking thing was the Kratom Masters privacy policy. They have a strict and immobile privacy policy. European and California laws allow the costumers to opt-out of ”sales.” That is, they have the right to stop the brand from sharing personal information with a 3rd party.

There is a link provided for opt-out at the footer of their privacy policy page. Customers can also request the categories of personal information the Brand has shared with 3rd party.

Contact details are given on at privacy policy site.

Social availability

As far as the activity status, the site is always posting blogs, and the delivery status is fast, so it shows that Kratom Masters are available online and give timely responses.

Customer Reviews

Soon as you click on the product, you’re redirected to the Coastline Kratom page. There are no customer reviews on their official site, and as far as Reddit is concerned, there are no reviews about Kratom Masters.

That is because the Masters don’t have their products but sell Coastline kratom’s products, posing them as their own or they are affiliated with them.

Kratom Masters exhibit a Copyright logo, but that doesn’t show date, so we cannot be sure about how long Kratom Masters has been in the industry. The lack of reviews, maybe because they are new here.

Payment Methods

They take payments by Credit card, Debit card, Pay Pal, and Bitcoins as well.


To conclude our discussion, Kratom Masters is a vendor that sells Coastline kratom’s products. They as a website, are new and don’t have many reviews to back up their claims.

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