Kratom Serving Tips

Kratom has many amazing therapeutic effects; however, you can only achieve them with the right kratom serving size.

When adding kratom to your daily regimen, knowing the right kratom serving size is important. This step can be quite overwhelming for many people, especially beginners who just stepped into the kratom world. 

Serving size can vary widely, especially among new and experienced users. Various dosage recommendations are available online, and it can be a hassle to find the right information.

 However, knowing the right serving size is essential to achieving those blissful effects and avoiding any side effects. 

This blog aims to help you understand the kratom serving size, what to do when the dose is not working, and how to find the right serving size for continued wellness. 

What Is the Normal Recommended Kratom Serving Size? 

Normally, the recommended serving size for kratom is somewhere between 2-8 grams. However, it is not the same for everybody. 

How much kratom you will need also depends upon your body’s metabolism. 

Moreover, a lot of users recommend experimenting with different doses, strains, and forms of kratom to find the one that hits the sweet spot for you. 

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First: Understand The Micro, Moderate, and Macro Kratom Serving Size

Micro Serving: This means taking a very small amount of the kratom. This serving is usually taken for wellness and each of the body’s goals. People who are not looking for some big effects can take this dose.

Moderate Serving: This serving is the recommended dose for people who want to help with moderate health issues, such as tiredness and energy boost. 

Macro Serving: This serving exceeds the moderate dose and is recommended for people who want to treat severe body ailments. 

Kratom Serving Size for Beginners

When it comes to using kratom for the first time, it can be really overwhelming to decide the right dose. Keep in mind when your body is not used to any supplement, you should always start with a low amount.

  • Recommended Serving Size of Kratom for Beginners

For the new users, the recommended kratom serving size is one gram. You should never start with a high or even moderate dose. One gram is the right serving size for beginners. 

Stick with the one-gram size for about a week and then add a small increment of 0.5 grams.  

If everything goes right, then upgrade it to 2 grams. The key here is to gradually increase your dose. 

Kratom Serving Size for Experienced Users

Once your body gets accustomed to the kratom effects, you can increase from 2-3 grams. Now, don’t be too ambitious. Even though your body is slowly getting accustomed to kratom, it does not mean you can jump straight to a higher dose. 

  • Recommended Serving Size of Kratom for Pros

The recommended serving size for the experienced user is somewhere between 5-8 grams. If you can tolerate it, you can even go higher. Some people even take somewhere between 11-15 grams of kratom serving. 

However, be careful. It can cause kratom tolerance. 

How Do You Know That Your Kratom Serving Is Not Working Anymore? 

 You stop experiencing those blissful effects that kratom provides when you grow tolerant. 

 Kratom is a psychoactive compound, and it can cause dependability, also known as kratom tolerance.

When you are taking a specific dose of kratom continuously, your body gets adapted to it. After some time, your body becomes immune to that serving size. That means your kratom serving has stopped working. 

What To Do If Your Kratom Dose Is Not Working?

When you take something for a long time, something like kratom, your body gets used to the effects. After some time, the body does not react to the dose you are taking. 

When it comes to this, it is time to start taking the following measures: 

  • Rotate The Strain 

Rotating strains means ditching your present vein color and using something new. It does not mean you cannot take your favorite strain. Divide the days and then rotate the strain.

  • Stop Taking Kratom

You can also stop taking kratom for some time. When you stop taking the supplement, your body will slowly forget the effects of kratom. 

After some time, start taking kratom again, and you will feel the same effects as before. 

  • Upgrade The Serving Size

If you have been using the same serving size for a long time, then upgrade it to a higher dose. Upgrading the dose is a great way of getting the kratom therapeutic effects back. Make slow incremental increases to avoid the side effects. 

Beginners Vs Experienced: How Often to Take Kratom? 

After deciding on the kratom serving size, you should set up your kratom schedule. So, how often do you take kratom? 

It is different for both beginners and experienced users. It also depends upon your body’s metabolism.  

  • Kratom Schedule For Beginners

For beginners, it is advised to start with one serving per day. Once you get accustomed to it, you can increase it to two doses a day. 

  • Kratom Schedule For Pro Users

Experienced users can go for 2-3 servings per day. However, it is advised to take a day off here and there to avoid kratom tolerance. 

Note: However, keep in mind that every human body is different. Maybe one serving can last you all day, while others may need three servings per day.

Factors To Consider Before Deciding Your Kratom Serving Size

  • Consider Your Weight

Considering your weight is very important when deciding on a kratom serving size. Your weight is crucial as it will affect the working of kratom. Consider your weight and body size, as more weight means you might have to raise your dose. 

  • What Effect Do You Want

The type of effects you want is also important in determining the serving size. For example, the low dose of most strains works to stimulate the body, while the moderate dose works to provide balanced effects.

 Higher doses are generally for getting rid of body aches and discomfort. So, decide what type of effects you want and then create a kratom serving size. 

  • Your Physiology 

You will also have to consider your physiology. Every body type is different, and each has a different type of metabolism. The speeds of digestion also vary from body to body. That is why some strains will work faster for you while others may be slow for you. 

Moreover, there is no guarantee that what works for others will work for you. That is why it is recommended to experiment with serving sizes to find the right one for you. 

Beginners Vs Experienced: What Form of Kratom to Use? 

  • For Beginners

Kratom Powder: Powder is a great way to start consuming kratom. Precisely measure your dose of kratom powder. How many grams of kratom do you take for a beginner? You can measure it on a scale, but about 2 grams or one teaspoon of serving is more than enough. 

Kratom Tea: Brewing kratom tea is also good for first-time users. Simply take some leaves, or you can even take your normal powder dose and brew it into tea. 

  • For Pro Users

Kratom Extract: For experienced people, kratom extracts are good to get some raw form of kratom alkaloids. These have high concentrations of alkaloids in them and are a good way to counter tolerance. 

Kratom Gummies: For flavor lovers, gummies are a great way to get a potent alkaloid taste. They are made from a pure, concentrated form of kratom, which is why they are advised to pro users. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all type of policy when it comes to kratom serving size. However, if you want to add kratom to your routine, be cautious and start slow and small. 

Try testing every strain and serving size slowly. Try some serving sizes for a few days to find out what suits you. Believe us, the wait will be worth it in the end.


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