DIY Kratom Soap Making & Using Guide

The recent swing from synthetic products to human-made herbal products has changed the mindset of many people. Most of us have realized how essential it is to treat our bodies with entirely organic and pure products. When we consider kratom as a critical ingredient for skincare products, we may not find many products on board! But why?
Because kratom has recently been used in skincare products, some products are worth investing money in and using for a well-maintained skin routine. The most worthy one is kratom soap! Yes, folks, KRATOM SOAP!

Kratom Soap – A Famous Herbal Soap

Kratom soap is a herbal soap consisting of the famous medicinal herb kratom. It is a completely safe product, and one can easily let the skin benefit from its exclusive properties.

Now, you must be wondering about your favorite kratom strain and infusing it into the other ingredients of kratom soap. But many newbies have this concern is kratom soap worth a try? And does it provide the expected results?

I must tell you that many users have experienced positive effects so far, but few didn’t experience any change. So the results entirely vary from person to person.

But the fact remains there; kratom soap is stealing the show!

Making your kratom soap

Kratom soaps are available online, but if you are the sort of person who likes to play around with art and experimenting with new things, then I have an exciting yet creative activity for you! Any guesses?
Oh yes, that’s making your very own kratom soap, folks!

The recipe is quite simple, and you can also customize it as per your preferences. We will follow the soap making procedure with standard glycerin.

Head over to the step-by-step guide given below to make your experience worth remembering! 

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The step-by-step guide to making lavishly appealing kratom soap

Step#1 Ingredients

first of all, make sure you have the following ingredients in the mentioned amount:

  • Glycerin: You will need 2lbs of molten glycerin. Make sure it is equal to your soap’s volume.
  • Essential oils: Take one cup of palm oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. Don’t forget that the oils that seem to be thick when it comes to their room temperature state will create a hard soap bar compared to the thinner oils.
  • Kratom powder: You must have 6oz of high-quality kratom powder of your choice.
  • Other botanicals: If you like the jasmine and lavender scent, go forward and add it to your soap solution. Moreover, you can also add other essential oils (if they are not already present in soap base formulation, must read the ingredient list) and dry flower petals.

Step#2 Precautionary measures

Although the method is relatively safe to perform, it is always wise to take precautions. So must get done with the measures mentioned below before kicking a start.

  • It would be best to use a newspaper or some other porous material to avoid the spilling of any ingredient.
  • It is essential to protect your hands, so a rubber glove is a must-have.
  • When you pour hot liquid, you must pour it at a distance to keep your eyes safe. You can also use your preferred eye protection like glasses.
  • Keep your children and furry friends away when you prepare the soap. They might get hurt with a hot boiling solution.

Step#3 Kick a start by melting glycerin

  • Now, cut the glycerin bar into smaller chunks. If you have a double boiler, then you are good to go. Melt glycerin in it, you will notice the complete molten form of glycerin at 115℉.
  • Just in case you don’t have a double boiler, work out with this alternative method!
  • Take a large container and one smaller container. Fill the larger container with some water and place the smaller one inside it. Now put it over a medium flame and melt the glycerin chunks in the smaller container. The glycerin is completely dissolved once the consistency and texture are smooth and even. Easy, No?

Step#4 Let us arrange the soap molds

Although people widely use silicone soap molds to make soaps at home. You can easily opt for these alternative options if you don’t have a silicone soap mold.

Once you have decided what mold you will use, cover it with a thin layer of alcohol so that the soap solution does not bubble when you cure it.

Step#5 Adding the essential oils

Once the glycerin melts completely, add your go-to essential oils and keep stirring while you add them. So here comes your evenly-balanced soap solution. It’s time to turn off your double boiler or a stove flame.

Step#6 adding kratom and dried flowers

Now add your favorite kratom strain and meanwhile stir slowly. In the end, add your preferred dried flower petals like lavender or jasmine.

Step#7 Filling the molds

So here comes the much-awaited step, filling your molds. Be very careful while you shift your soap solution into the molds as it is scorching hot. By the end, spray a bit of alcohol at the top. It will help avoid the formulation of air bubbles, and that’s how you can save your kratom soap solution from ruining.

Step#8 Curing process

Lastly, you have to cure your kratom soap by putting it in a dry and cool place. The kratom soap may take a few days to become rigid.

Cut the cured kratom soap into bars and store it for future use!

A perfect way to use kratom soap in the shower

Most people recommend starting using a bar soap during bath from the top (your face) and covering all your body till the toes. The primary reason behind starting from the top is you can make sure about the entire rinse of soap from your body.

Starting with the face

First of all, you have to make leather in your hands (make sure your hands were clean before taking a bath), and apply it over your wet face. Now move your fingers in the circular motion all over your face. Keep the finger touch gentle and soft. 30second are pretty enough for your face cleansing!

Scrubbing till the toes

Now it’s time to scrub the rest of your body. Apply the kratom soap on the whole of your body first. Make sure to apply the soap directly over your skin so that your whole skin gets all the essential ingredients of the soap. Once you have applied, then use a loofah to scrub. Start with scrubbing your shoulders first, then move towards your arms and chest.

Once done, start scrubbing your waist and work on till your toes. Now scrub your back, buttocks, back thighs, and calves. Spend time cleansing your body, and feel the relaxation!

Note: Many people ignore to scrub the lower body, don’t do that. Your skin deserves all your time!

The Top Eight Effects of Using kratom soap

Now you know how to DIY kratom soap and how you have to use it under the shower. Let’s head over to the ultimate benefits of the whole-leaf kratom soap bar. The benefits are entirely attributed to the unique alkaloid profile of kratom. Although there is hardly any research available on the benefits of the kratom soap, the user reviews provide an appealing picture too!

Kratom soap vs. other synthetic creams

Synthetic creams are targeted to treat a single problem like acne, uneven skin tone, itching, etc. But Mitragyna Speciosa soap covers the majority of the skin issues under one single product.

Kratom soap is an Anti-bacterial agent

As we know, kratom has anti-bacterial properties. Hence, it can help fight germs, specifically those present on your skin.

Treating Red Skin Syndrome, Eczema, and Psoriasis with kratom soap

The skin conditions like Red Skin Syndrome, Eczema, and Psoriasis are nicely handled by kratom soap. Hence, if you ever experience the skin conditions mentioned above, you must try the kratom soap.

No more dry skin, itchy skin patches, and an uneven skin tone!

 Do you have dry skin patches on your skin that cause exceedingly unbearable itching? Does your skin have an uneven appearance? If such conditions make you feel bad, kratom soap is here to the rescue! Just DIY the kratom soap, as I have mentioned above, and follow the bathing process. You will see a noticeable change! The kratom powder has this sugar content called Rhamnose. Rhamnose sugar is known to fight itchy, uneven, and dry skin. Moreover, it is also essential to fight the initial signs of aging skin.

Get rid of your muscle and joint aches with kratom soap

Although it is not clear yet, according to some user reviews, kratom soap helped eliminate the frequency of nervousness and discomfort. Must give it a try if you have any muscle aches! You never know it might change the whole perspective of nervousness for you.

Kratom soap as a skin exfoliator

The grainy texture of the kratom soap is due to the kratom powder present in it. When we apply it on our skin, it removes all the dead skin and provides the user with fresh and shiny skin. If you exfoliate your skin with kratom soap regularly, you will notice a considerable change in your skin like removing clogged pores and pimples.

Moisturizing properties of kratom soap

When we use commercial soaps, we have to use a quality moisturizer right after we dry our face. But with kratom soap, we do not have to use a moisturizer. The whole-leaf kratom soap has some legit moisturizing essential oils like coconut oil and olive oil.

Experience overall relaxation with whole-leaf kratom soap

The red-vein kratom strains are well known for their sedative and relaxing properties. The alkaloids of kratom bar soap are activated as they interact with the heat of a hot shower and make you feel more relaxed and stress-free.

These top eight benefits of kratom soaps are not easy to have in other botanical soaps. Moreover, the soap does not contain any toxic chemicals that are usually a key ingredient of other synthetic soaps and shower gels.

What if I want to order kratom soap online? Are there any authentic online vendors?

According to a Reddit user review, kratom soaps at Herbal Salvation are worth a try. They recommend to cut the soap in half and then use it. The suggested bathing session is around 15-30 minutes. The user experienced nervousness-relief and a relaxed mental state right after the bath. According to the user reviews at Reddit, kratom soap helped to feel ultimate relaxation. One user reported having a highlighted face after using kratom soap and could feel relaxation running through her body.

Final Thoughts

Making your kratom soap is like dealing with your skincare needs on your own! You tailor the care your skin needs. All you have to do is get your hands on supreme quality kratom powder that infuses the rich alkaloids into the soap solution.

It is still unknown how kratom delivers these effects. Future studies will likely prove the entire process. As far as we know that kratom has a rich alkaloid profile, specifically, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine are the potent ones. These alkaloids will definitely have positive effects on the skin, but the research is still not available. Let us know how was your experience of making kratom soap and why you went for it in the first place!

Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of kratom soap?

According to the user reviews, kratom soap provides with extensive benefits that include:
– Uneven skin tone
– Itchy patches
– Dry skin
– Clogged pores and pimples
– Stressful mind
– Moisturizes the skin
– Removes the dead skin
– Removes all the germs present on your skin

What strains are best to make kratom soap?

You can go for any kratom strain, provided it is high-quality and from an authentic vendor. Green Maeng Da Kratom and Red Bali Kratom strains are majorly preferred.

Can I make kratom soap at home?

Yes, you can make kratom soap at home. It follows melting glycerin in a double boiler. As it gets boiled, add essential oils, kratom powder in it. And let is the cure. Don’t forget to apply the alcohol at the top when you mold it and cure it.

What are the other kratom skincare products?

Kratom is widely used in skincare now. Except for kratom soap, you can enjoy kratom infused scrubs, face washes, lotions, toners, and lip balms. More skincare products are likely to come with time.


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