Our Kratom Tablets are made with pure natural Kratom leaf – 1 gram/tablet, 30-100 vegan tablets – made in the USA. Available in all 4 colors (red, green, white, yellow).

Kratom tablets have become a lot more popular among consumers recently. These tablets, which combine the pure leaf experience with incredible ease, are among the most famous ways of intake. They have a specific amount of plant powder in them, which is pre-measured. 

The herb is ground into powder, and tablets are made with it. It is also available in the form of different strains at Nayakratom.com. Another related choice is capsules and tea, and even though these tablets and capsules have several similarities, they are very distinct when examined closely. But, before we dive into the differences between tablets and capsules, let’s first explore what Mitragyna tablets are.

Kratom can be taken in various forms, e.g., tablets, capsules, or just by boiling it into a tea. It works inside the body by causing intoxication even at very low doses. At higher doses, it acts as a stimulant and causes exhilarating effects on the body. The phytochemicals that are extracted from the herb constitute numerous alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, and sugar derivatives.

How Kratom tablets are made?

Kratom tablets are small pills consisting of raw powder and a binding agent that is squeezed together at extremely high pressures. The powder does not stay in its form on its own after being pressed together. It becomes very compact when subjected to adequate pressure but will instantly dissolve when exposed to even a small amount of liquid, like the saliva in a consumer’s mouth. A special binding agent is added to the tablet so that it can hold it together. Its purpose is to make the tablet more stable, and this majorly helps it maintain its shape until it is digested. 

Difference Between Kratom Tablets And Capsules

Even though tablets and capsules are both used for ingestion, yet there are a lot of differences in them. The most major ones are in their binding methods and taste. The capsules are bound in a gelatin shell, which encloses the kratom powder inside, while tablets are the powder itself pressed together under high pressure. Also, tablets have a distinct taste to them which goes away after some time, while kratom capsules have no prominent taste because of their gel coating.

Benefits of Kratom Tablets Over Capsules & Speciosa Tea

There are many ways to have your regular dose of Speciosa in the wide world of this magical herb. Herbal tea, as we all know, has been a common way of consuming Mitragyna for a long time for different purposes. However, the tablets have now taken over because of their numerous advantages over other methods. 

Better Taste

Usually, people who have Mitragyna tea for the first time say it’s a distinctly unforgettable experience. For others, the experience is like that of a very strong coffee, which tastes bitter at first but eventually becomes soothing. However, despite all of its health advantages, the experience is not so soothing for every consumer, especially for beginners. 

This is where our tablets come to the rescue! If a consumer struggles with the taste of Mitragyna powder, tablets are the best alternatives for it. As taking a tablet is much less of a struggle than making Kratom tea or mixing the powder in a smoothie, a lot of our customers at Nayakratom prefer to buy them over other types, primarily because of the unpleasant taste of the plant that most people dread, which fades away instantly with tablets.

Digestion and Ontime Set With Kratom Tablets

The process of digestion is much quicker with our tablets than with capsules or tea. You start feeling the effects of this herb almost immediately after ingesting a tablet. This process is much slower with capsules as the body takes some time to break down the gelatin shell of the capsule, which delays its onset time. Hence, to feel the immediate effects of the plant and for higher potency, we recommend choosing tablets over any other form of consumption of the plant.

Save Time 

As we all know, making herbal tea requires time, and if you lead a busy schedule, life somehow gets in the way. It is interesting to learn that the tablets encourage you to take your regular Speciosa without disrupting your day’s schedule or making your already busy schedule even busier. Let’s be honest, who wants to come home after a long day, only to get up and make a cup of kratom tea? Tablets reduce this need as all you have to do is wash down a good one and relax back in your bed to feel its full effects.

The effects of stress reduction delivered by the tablet on the human body include a stronger immune system, increased attention and focus, healthier sleeping patterns, and a restored sense of well-being. However, It is important to keep in mind that in order to feel the full effects of it, more fitness and physical pleasure in life will help further promote the potent effects and restore your well-being.

Easier to carrying

The best part about buying a Speciosa tablet is perhaps its easy portability and accessibility. Unlike powder, tablets can be carried easily without you having to blend up a drink every time you want a dose or carry around a flask for tea with you as you travel. 

It is also interesting to learn that tablets aid in waste prevention, as there is no product left behind as waste. This is not the case with tea leaves, however, because while the essence of the leaves gets absorbed in the water, all the tea leaves are thrown away after use, resulting in product waste.

The tablets, as we discussed earlier, have been pre-measured, so there would be no leftover powder to wipe up. Everything Kratom goes right into your alimentary canal and is digested by your body. The tablets make it easier to incorporate speciosa into your adventurous traveling journey, whether you are moving across the world, taking a road trip, or backpacking. Furthermore, these tablets are also an efficient way to enhance your daily Speciosa schedule as it is much quicker to consume and doesn’t require you to go through the trouble of fixing a dose.

Tablets Are Discreet

Kratom tablets allow you to take them sneakily. While it is legal, it is still a contentious herb. Since it has qualities like an opioid, many people compare it to the standard opioids, which is quite unfair. Even though the key ingredient in it attaches to opioid receptors, several consumers are discovering that it offers substantial relaxation without the adverse effects related to conventional drugs.

Which Strains Can be Bought From us?

We, at Naya, have a wide range of top-quality and pure Speciosa tablets for you to choose from. Starting from Bali tablets, Borneo tablets, and Horned Leaf tablets to Hulu Kapuas tablets, Maeng Da tablets, and Sulawesi tablets, we only offer the best of the best. All of these tablets can be ordered in three different colors, which are red, green, and white. 

Our best seller is the Hulu Kapuas Kratom tablet which is famous among the customers because it is processed straight from the farms that harvest the finest quality leaves. Its strong and long-lasting positive effect rules out all other strains, leaving this as the best choice amongst all other strains.

Are Kratom Tablets Safe to Take?

The quality of speciosa, like that of any other plant, herb, or medication, is dependent on a number of aspects. Some people do not use these tablets due to their medical conditions. Many people who usually are absolutely satisfied with high-quality, clean Kratom have been affected by taking low-quality, impure herbs sold by untrustworthy vendors who distribute fake products in the name of originality.

It is up to each person, just like with any drug that alters the body, mind, or nervous system, to consult with their medical professional to ensure if it is healthy for their system or not. It is also the responsibility of each consumer to conduct research and obtain their tablets from a trustworthy and credible source that only sells genuine Mitragyna products of the highest possible quality. 

Naya Kratom is one such vending site that even provides lab results confirming the top quality of its items so that you can rest assured of our supreme quality. Your trust matters the most to us, and we’re down to achieve it through meticulous methods that help us stand out as one of the best in the industry!

Why Should You Buy Kratom Tablets From Nayakratom?

We know how confusing and difficult it can get for customers to choose kratom from so many options online. However, we are confident about the fact that you will definitely become our regular customer once you shop from us. Wondering why? Allow us to explain.

We, at Nayakratom, only provide the products that are made out of the whole leaf, which includes stem and veins. It is made sure that we deliver the products that are made from the highest quality ingredients made under strict hygienic conditions. The tablets are made by professionals who follow strict GMP measures. The best part is that our products are completely natural and pure and they contain no artificial fillers.

No Compromise on Hygiene

We have not compromised on our quality standards even during the tough times of COVID-19, which is why it is made sure that every worker follows the SOPs and produces premium quality tablets for our customers. Other than that, the factors that we consider during the production of our items at Nayakratom are:

Quality Ingredients in Kratom Tablets

We only offer high-quality tablets made with high-quality leaves, stems, and veins. You should be certain that the tablets mentioned here are made of the best and pure ingredients and are without any impurities. We import only the finest quality leaves from the native region of the plant. For example, the Indo Kratom comes only from the rich lands of Indonesia, ensuring that the leaves contain all the rich alkaloid content and nutrients that the soils of the country have to offer.


Since these tablets are not FDA controlled, we only supply items that have been specifically labeled and include all the information about the amounts of the ingredients present in them. This way, quantities that are comfortable and convenient for our customers can be used, eliminating any possible issues that may occur as a result of incorrect dosage and consumption.

Potency Options

You can require a higher or lower dose depending on your tolerance to tablets and your height and weight. However, if you are uncertain of what kratom dose you need, you should always start with less. For this specific reason and to provide ease to our customers, we at Naya Kratom have no maximum limit on the number of tablets being ordered. The minimum limit of a speciosa tablet that can be ordered, however, is 30CT.

Value For The Price of The Kratom Tablets

To be worthwhile, our customers want to purchase a high-quality item at a reasonable price. Keeping that in our mind, we have priced our tablets very reasonably, which range just from $16 to $45. You can enjoy the highest quality tablets at competitive market prices at Naya Kratom. We also offer discounts to regular customers because customer satisfaction is our utmost priority!

Carefully Packed Kratom Tablets

We, at Nayakratom, ensure that our products are packed perfectly to avoid any kind of spilling or damage while shipping. It is understandable that it can be hectic and time-consuming for our customers to exchange their damaged products which is why every product is packed carefully with all our attention and concentration. However, we still provide a very user-friendly exchange policy to cater to all of our customers’ needs in the unlikely event of a damaged product delivered to your place.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident about our products that we even provide a 100% money-back guarantee! Although we have been pretty clear about our high customer service, we make sure that we show that through actions, and not just mere words. We go out of our way to offer you a full refund in case of a discrepancy caused at our end. However, we are so certain of our quality service that we know such a situation will hardly ever arise! We are chosen and trusted by millions around the US!

Buy Quality Kratom Tablets Online Now!

The tablets that we provide have a much stronger and longer-lasting effect on the consumer due to their purity. They are made from 100% natural products and are very popular among speciosa consumers because they are carefully hand-picked by the people who harvest the herb with utmost care. This means that if the standards set by our company are not met, the leaves are simply rejected.

Overall, we believe that your experience with us will definitely be worth it! So what are you waiting for? Hit the “add to cart” button now and make the best decision of your life that you’ve ever made!