Mitragynae speciosa, with all of its wonders, is a sensation among herbal enthusiasts. With increasing use, people are inventing new ways of effective consumption. Brewing Kratom tea is one of the most common methods, and kratom tea bags are also heard about in the market. Who doesn’t love a warm cup of Tea? Let’s discover some about Kratom Tea and teabags.

The wonder herb is relatively new, but its wonders have assisted in boosting Kratom’s reputation among herbal enthusiasts. Although the old ingesting methods and kratom capsules remain the number one way of consumption, many like to have fun with their herbs.

Brewing tea has always been fun, may it be coffee or tea or now herbs like Kratom.

What are Kratom Tea Bags?

Just like your regular tea bags, kratom tea bags are Mitragyna Speciosa herb packed in filter-like paper. Some vendors like to add kratom powder, and some add the leaves. As you know, there are many strains of Kratom having different effects and uses. These tea bags also come in different products depending on the strains available.

How to Use Kratom Tea Bags?

There are many ways of brewing tea and making a steamy cup of herbal enchantment. Kratom is a bitter-tasting herb with a strong earthy flavor; masking this bitterness is one of the prime goals of making Mitragyna speciosa tea.

There are two most common ways of brewing tea with Kratom tea bags:

1.   Using Infuser

Infusers help by masking the bitterness and slowly infusing the flavors and aromas with all the effects.

Boil water in a pot, and after boiling, let it sit for some minutes and then put the diffuser in the pot.

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Open the lid of the infuser and place the Kratom tea bag and tea bags in it. You can also add direct leaves or powder according to your liking.

Let the infuser sit in water for some minutes until all the richness has completely enriched the water.

Remove the infuser, and you have your cup full of Kratom richness.

2.   Tea Bags Inside Hot Water

You can put the kratom tea bags directly into a cup full of hot water.

Boil a cup of water and add the water to a mug. There are two kinds of tea bags. One kind comes with powder and tea bags with seals; add the needed amount by opening the seal and putting the bag in hot water till you get the desired taste and aroma.

The other kind is like normal tea bags having a standard amount of kratom leaves or powder in them.

Types of Kratom Tea Bags

Kratom tea bags are differentiated based on the strain that is used in them.

The strains are Green, White, and Red strains. Their origin is Indo Kratom, Bali, Maeng Da. Each of these has very different effects and helps people in their ways.

Some strains work better in tea and brewing than the others; these include:

  • Red Maeng Da: has a cooling, relaxing effect.
  • Green Maeng Da: has a moderate energizing effect.
  • White Maeng Da: has a very uplifting effect.

Benefits of Using Kratom Tea Bags

Although many consumers debate that taking raw powder form is the most potent way of getting the best results however many don’t find it easy to ingest the powder or leaves just like that.

Using direct leaves to make the tea can make Kratom lose most of its alkaloid content and alter it on heat.

So at this moment, we get to know the importance of tea bags and insurers. Here are some valuable facts about kratom tea bags that may help you decide how to enjoy your morning or evening, or mid-day Mitragynae speciosa.

  • They are easily available.
  • They are travel friendly.
  • It can be taken anywhere with you.
  • They can be used anywhere like normal tea bags; all you need is a hot cup of water.
  • They are easy to use.
  • You can have it on the go.
  • They are convenient and make the taste less bitter.
  • You can reuse the sealed ones with different quantities and strains.

These are some of the pros of making kratom tea and tea bags a sensation among Kratom enthusiasts.

Where to Buy Kratom Tea Bags?

Getting Kratom tea bags is the same as getting leaves from vendors. Make sure to check a few things before even thinking of placing an order.

  • Check if the product is lab tested.
  • Check their online presence and customer service.
  • If they are AKA verified.
  • Do they follow the rules set by the American Kratom association?

After ensuring that the vendor is authentic, look for reviews about their products on various discussion platforms.

After this, you are good to go with any vendor with the product of your choice.

Consumer Review

Many discussion platforms like Reddit and some others like these provide actual consumers, both old ones and the newbies, to ask and answer any queries related to various stuff, and that includes Kratom too.

Here is a query related to the usage of Kratom tea bags and how to make tea with many people helping the person out by their different methods and recipes.

These are some examples of the hundreds of questions and their answers that can be searched on Reddit or Google to lead you to your desired answers.


Mitragynae Speciosa, a SouthEast Asian native herb, has become very popular all over the globe due to its miraculous achievements in providing relief to humanity. With increasing use, people have started to find effective ways of consumption that are easy and efficient. Kratom tea bags are one of them. Take sealed tea bags and add desired product or take the regular tea bags. That is up to you.

Teabags are time-efficient, easy, and make a tea rich and less bitter.


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