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Left Coast Kratom Review – Buy Kratom Botanicals, Teas, & Extracts

Over the last couple of years, the Kratom market has expanded drastically. This expansion is because of the legalization of Kratom in most states, but it’s also because of Kratom’s growing popularity. As more and more people find out the potential benefits of Kratom, the demand for Kratom increases. To meet this growing demand, more and more Kratom vendors spring up.

While some vendors choose to establish brick and mortar shops, others prefer doing their business online. Left Coast Kratom is a vendor that decided to do the latter when it was established in 2017. Being a relatively new company Left Coast Kratom has gained popularity at an impressive rate.

Left Coast Kratom is a family-owned business set in Portland, Oregon. One of the reasons for the popularity of Left Coast Kratom is their constant focus on the quality of their products, which is more comfortable since they are a smaller enterprise. This fact does not, however, mean they’ll always be a small enterprise as they are extremely dedicated to growing into the most renowned Kratom vendor around.

What Products Does Left Coast Kratom Offer?

A good vendor would ideally boast a large selection of Kratom products without compromising on the quality of the products. Left Coast Kratom is not far from being a good vendor as they have a considerable amount of strains available. Simultaneously these strains are available in various types as Left Coast Kratom sells powders and leaves, extracts, and tablets and capsules.

As far as the strains are concerned, their Kratom powders and leaves are available in multiple strains, including Maeng Da, Bali, Sumatra, and other popular strains. Most of the strains are available in all the veins, including the yellow vein. They also stock some of the rarest strains out there, including the Red Dragon Kratom strain and the Horn Kratom strain.

Like the selection of powders, their capsules and extracts don’t come slow when it comes to variety. The tablets and capsules are available in basic strains like Borneo and Maeng Da, as well as custom tea strains such as Platinum Tea tablets and Ultra Enhanced Indo Tea capsules.

The extracts, on the other hand, are available in powder and liquid form. From custom extracts like Enhanced Maeng Da and Platinum Liquid Extract to basic extracts like the Full Spectrum Kratom extract, they have it all.

Other than the botanical side of the Left Coast, the brand also has an impressive assortment of botanical accessories on sale. They have Kratom capsule making machines along with beam balances and measuring spoons. These accessories make the entire Kratom consuming process easier because you can measure the Kratom dosage with accuracy.

Are The Products At Left Coast Kratom Reasonable?

The affordability of products will always be a factor when it comes to their popularity. This feature is especially true in the case of Kratom products as their utility comes from long term use, and affordability is essential for long term use.

Left Coast Kratom products are fairly reasonable when compared to other vendors in the market. The Kratom powder is available in 4 quantities, 28g, 56g, 112g, and 225g. The lowest price is $8.49 for 28g worth of Kratom powder, while the highest price is $9.99 for 28g of Kratom for the more exclusive strains like the Red Dragon.

On the other hand, their Kratom extracts price starts at 24.95$ for the cheapest Full Spectrum liquid extract. The price goes up to 44.99$ for 5g of the Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom extract in powder form. Similarly, the tablets and capsules’ prices start from 14.99$ for 28g of capsules and increase to 26.99$ for the more exclusive Kratom strains.

Does The Brand Lab Test Its Products?

This factor is the most important when purchasing any herbal or botanical substance. As Kratom is a plant product, it is liable to contamination and spoilage.

For this reason, a brand must test its products against bacteria, salmonella, toxic metals or pesticides, etc. Getting the products tested from an independent third-party lab is even more attractive to a customer. This testing stands as justification that the vendor has not tampered with the results in any way.

Moreover, brands should have the lab results displayed on the website as it serves to increase the user’s trust in the vendor. Left Coast Kratom does not have any of their lab test results displayed on their websites, nor do they mention it in the product descriptions.

However, Left Coast Kratom is a brand with an AKA GMP certificate, which automatically means that a lab has tested the products they are selling before being put on the website.

Is The Brand Active On Social Media?

In today’s day and age – perhaps the most important and useful business tool is social media. Social media platforms have been used widely by emerging businesses so that they can reach a wider audience.

Moreover, these platforms can be properly marketed to ensure that the business reaches a global audience. The same is the case with Mitragyna. Although Left Coast Kratom has a presence on social media – they are not that active. The brand has a few followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and they hardly post about various updates.

Vouchers And Deals

When making online purchases – vouchers and deals can be important tools. There is nothing that attracts customers than the idea of saving money and reaping benefits.

Left Coast Kratom has several deals and coupons that make appearances regularly. The brand also has a loyalty program, which encourages customers to become permanent buyers for the brand.


  • Many buyers of the website have complained that the return policy of Left Coast Kratom is unattractive and not accessible.
  • The brand does not have the lab results displayed on the website. This factor serves to decrease the trust new users would have.


Left Coast Kratom is an amazing brand that offers same-day shipping and even ships free on orders above $99. The brand has a well-portrayed image all over social media and makes sure that they prioritize customer satisfaction above anything else.


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