Are you looking for pure, unadulterated, premium quality, and most potent Kratom?

MIT 45 is the word!

MIT45 has been the go-to brand for all those kratom users who seek a perfect kratom product with high energy potential. MIT45, as the name suggests, contains 45% Mitragynine, which is the most potent of the kratom alkaloids.

MIT45 is not only known for its potent products but also for its work ethic and its affinity for respect, accountability, and honesty in all interactions. This includes transparency and honesty in its promise to its customers. This is the reason MIT45 stands by its slogan: “We don’t just create products, we change lives.”

MIT 45 offers a wide array of kratom products to its customers of legal age. These include potent kratom shots, capsules, and kratom powder. Above all, MIT45 takes pride in providing premium quality products produced by a certified CGMP facility.

What are Kratom Shots?

MIT 45 Kratom Extract Shots are kratom extract in liquid form. Users love the MIT45 Kratom shot for its unparallel energy and uncanny strength. MIT45 cherishes the title of producing the strongest kratom extract available in the Mitragyna world. With its high content of Mitragynine, i.e., 45% as opposed to 1-2% in other kratom extracts, it is nothing short of rocket fuel. The miraculous energizing effects kick in within minutes of consumption and are long-lasting. The best part is that wear-off is not accompanied by unwanted nausea!

The story behind MIT 45:

This is one of the most frequently asked questions as people in the Mitragyna world get rightly curious to know the story behind the name they trust blindly.

South Sea Ventures, a well-known Mitragyna brand, launched the most potent kratom extract with 45% Mitragynine content and named it ‘MIT 45.’ This was back in 2018. However, the popularity of this potent kratom extract spread like fire in the forest. Within months, Kratom users were drooling over the strength of the MIT 45 kratom shot, and the reorder rates shot up to 96%.

The story doesn’t end here because it was not incidental fame. The popularity had a firm reason behind it! The reputation of MIT 45 is attributable to its high mitragynine content, i.e., up to 45% as compared to the usual 1-2%. In other words, you are looking at a kratom extract that is the MOST potent extract available on the market.

Shortly after, naïve kratom users started to feel left out! So, to cater to all audiences, the same company also launched another product by diluting the same MIT 45 extract and encapsulating it! In other words, beginners had a diluted and a cheaper version of the most sought-after MIT 45 kratom extract.

Does MIT 45 contain Mitragynine only?

Although MIT 45 contains 45% of Mitragynine, it does not mean it contains one alkaloid only. MIT 45 products also contain other alkaloids, including hydroxymitragynine, speciogynine, and speciociliatine.

Who can purchase MIT45 products?

The answer is as simple as ABC! Anyone who is of legal age can purchase! Make sure to keep out of reach of pets and children. Also, be aware of the legal status in your state/region.