People who look for quality find OPMS as the last stop for fresh, potent, and energizing kratom products. Since 2010, OPMS is leading the industry by providing the best kratom and kava to customers all over the country. What sets OPMS apart? The cold water extraction process makes all products quick and effective. While maintaining a 100% natural product, the results for every user will be unique and exhilarating.

What is the OPMS hype all about?

When customers feel a difference with our shelves’ kratom products, they come back for more and bring their friends too! The hype is real as all items for sale are placed on display after thorough checks for adulteration and the delicate alkaloids in the herb are active and in abundance! Our products’ experience will convince any user that the botanical goodness of this substance can change your life for the better!

All items on display are made with 100% pure Mitragyna, from the Southeast Asian region where humid air and dense soil gives every variation of the plant a new quality! You can taste this uniqueness and smell the aromatic plant as you open our AKA GMP compliant packaging to use the most potent and energizing botanical!

Through regular audits and checks, OPMS ensures a safe and clean facility for kratom processing. You can now enjoy our Non-GMO products without any fear of contamination or subpar goods that you have bought from online vendors in the past! OPMS means safe, fresh, and effective herbal products.

A kaleidoscope of effects

OPMS kratom and kava products are available in a wide variety but there is something special for everyone. However, every user must choose a kratom strain according to the impact they desire. While OPMS makes no false claims, nor do we endorse products for medicinal purposes, there are many stimulating, soothing, and energizing variations that you can select for the kind of day ahead of you!

While the plant-based powder, pills, and extracts can motivate you, there are many other positive changes that you will witness with regular use! Select your favorite strain from our shelves and become a part of the OPMS experience!

The OPMS promise for nature

All plant-based supplements require rigorous processing to ensure clean, healthy, and safe to use products. Our teams ensure that the plants used in all products are all-natural, without any trace of pesticides or fertilizers.

You can enjoy every herbal product with satisfaction to yield results like never before!