Borneo Kratom Capsules (Red, Green, White)


The Red Borneo Kratom comes from the massive yet mightiest Mitragyna trees native to the dense and deep forests of Borneo Island. With a prominent Red vein inside the leaves, these capsules has a loaded content of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid that helps keep you light-headed, relaxed, and composed throughout the day.

  • Easy-to-carry high strength capsules
  • Contains much higher boosting key alkaloids
  • Made from the whole leaf (stem + veins)
  • Each capsule contains pure natural kratom
  • Processed straight from harvesting farms
  • Encapsulated by experts by following strict GMP standards
  • No Artificial fillers, 100% GMO Free – 100% USA made
  • Comes with 100% money back guarantee
  • Mega-fast shipping for online orders

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Let’s have a deep dive into the lush-green, enchanting, and ever-beautiful island in the world – Borneo Island. Do you know the nutrient-rich soil and classic temperate climate of Borneo has been a matchless factor for growing the superior-quality, all-natural, and 100% organic Mitragyna Speciosa in Borneo? For sure, the rainfalls along with the right level of humidity have fostered the growth of numerous kratom strains. But, there is this one strain that has been a fan-favorite of millions out there – Red Borneo Kratom capsules! A whole treat itself for Mitragyna Speciosa Enthusiasts.

What’s inside the Naya Kratom’s Red Borneo Kratom Capsules?

Since the organic taste of Red Vein Borneo might not be a perfect-fit for Kratom enthusiasts (Oh, yes, it is a little bit at the bitter end), Naya Kratom brings you an impeccable yet easy-to-use option – the capsule form. Our Red Borneo Capsules tightly pack the all-natural dried leaf powder and come with a pre-measured dosage. So if you want to kick-in all the relaxation, you need to get your hands on this premium Red Borneo pills that are directly sourced from our private farm in Borneo, and further lab-tested in the state-of-art laboratories for quality control.

How much Borneo Red Vein Capsules would cost?

Think of a minimal price you would expect for these premium caps? I bet we must have made it wrong at your end! Yes, our lab-tested and all-natural Red Borneo pills are just for $17.49 for 60 caps. A whole loaded value for money for Kratom lovers.

What would be the best way to store Borneo Red Kratom Capsules?

Our Red Vein Borneo capsules are super easy to store, all you have to do is find a darker and dry area, can be a kitchen cabinet away from your furry friends and beloved children. The freshness remains there until the lost dose – that is 100% guaranteed.

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Red, Green, White


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