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Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder



Do you ever feel the urge to take a break from the regular and try out something refreshingly new?

Naya Kratom’s premium Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom powder will fill the void!

When you shop online for the best Green Hulu leaf powder at Naya Kratom, we assure to offer you the following:

  • The purest form of Ketum
  • The most affordably-priced Green Hulu powder
  • Finely ground for convenient consumption
  • cGMP-compliant Manufacturing and independently lab-tested
  • Packed and available in varying quantities to suit your preferences and needs

Don’t think too much!
Order yours now and see your life magically transform!


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If you are a die-hard Kratom lover, you most definitely have tried out the usual range of strains out there.

Green Hulu Kapuas is a recently discovered, rare strain of kratom that checks all the boxes of a perfectly relaxing and energizing herb.

Never heard of it before?

Let us take you through its brief introduction and some of its exceptional properties and benefits that will make you want to buy online and try it out RIGHT today.

What is Green Hulu Kapuas?

Green Hulu Kapuas is a strain of Mitragyna Speciosa. Like all other Kratom trees, Hulu is an evergreen tropical tree belonging to the coffee family from Southeast Asia. However, the Hulu breed stands out for the vast array of phenomenally beneficial properties it boasts.

The following break-down will give you a better understanding of the strain’s name:

  • “Green: It is derived from the deep color (which is of the Greenish cast) that runs through the veins of its leaves.
  • ‘Hulu’: Refers to the Hulu forest where the plant is found.
  • ‘Kapuas’: The name of the river flowing beside the forest.

The Green Hulu Kapuas is considered a very rare strain of Kratom due to the difficulty involved in its extraction process. This is because the Hulu forest is nestled in a far-fetched, isolated land, with no inhabitants whatsoever- making it very hard to access.

Errr. Still not sure whether to buy it online? Okay, allow us to convince you a bit more:

How does Green Hulu make your life drastically better?

Packed with multiple, highly beneficial alkaloids, the Green Hulu Kapuas is nothing short of a magical plant (the kind of magic that everyone could use on a typical draining day and turn it around).

Here are some of the numerous ways in which this extra-ordinary Speciosa strain can positively transform your life:

1) It instantly uplifts your Mood

We all go through the ordeal of a dull day once every while, during which everything seems to bring us down and break our spirit.

So, who doesn’t wish to possess the power to beat the blues?

Green Hulu is one way to empower yourself with the ability and stamina of turning your mood from gloomy to gleeful right away!

2) It instills your lost Motivation back

It is also quite common to get overwhelmed with lethargy and procrastination. The episode when you have so much work lined up but too drained to get anything done.

Green Hulu will be your savior during such encounters when you have zero motivation even to move an inch and carry on.

3) It boosts your Confidence

Have an important interview, meeting, or presentation to deliver? Don’t forget to take your daily dose of Green Hulu and get filled with the confidence to nail it all. It is the quickest and most straightforward solution to stave off the jitters and butterflies in the stomach!

4) It elevates your Energy Levels

If low energy levels hold you back from giving your best, then it’s time to get blown away with our exotic Green Hulu Powder. It will instantly revitalize your senses and beat the crushing fatigue.

Yup, all these qualities in a single plant (hence, the label of “magical”)!

Where to Shop Online the best Green Hulu Kratom Powder?

After knowing all the remarkable changes it can pull, who would not want to purchase and get their hands on the wonderful powder immediately?

And, no, you obviously do not have to worry about crossing the Kapuas River and getting through the Hulu forest when you have got our back.

Naya Kratom makes it available at your doorsteps with a simple click at the “buy now” and “order online” option!

Now, the Mesmerizing Magic of Green Hulu Can Be Tapped At Your Fingertips!

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