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Green Indo Kratom falls somewhere between red and white strains, making it an excellent choice for amateurs. Belonging to a coffee plant, Mitragyna Speciosa thrives in the humid atmosphere with fertile and mineral-rich soil. 

Cultivation And Processing

The plantation process of Mitrgyna Speciosa takes place in Indonesia’s satisfactory environment that gives fresh, potent leaves when the tree matures. Mature leaves are picked up according to the central vein color, yielding green, red, white, and yellow colored strains. Further processing occurs in the large halls where leaves dry in the absence of dust and contaminants in the adequate light. 

Dry leaves are further crushed for people who love to eat crushed leaves and then packed. Leaves are sent to the manufacturing companies, where they are transformed into fine smooth powder with the aid of a grinder. These are then sealed and packed tightly to prevent contamination. Leading ketum companies import this pure powder to sell to their clients. 

What Are Available Forms Of Green Indo Kratom?

Before discussing its forms, let’s talk about its wonders. An essential energy boost is the unique benefit of green indo and improved alertness, without any lethargy and sleepiness. It makes you work more efficiently whether you are a student or a professional. It also improves focus and helps to maintain productivity towards aims and work. The available forms are:

  • Crushed dry leaves
  • Dry powder
  • Capsules
  • Gummies
  • Tinctures and extracts
  • Paste

How To Use?

It is better to take kratum on an empty stomach because the effects will be more pronounced. 

Toss And Wash

If you want to engulf the powder, take the prescribed amount and put it down your throat, and drink water, that’s it. 

Make A Tea

Brewing tea is an effortless task if you are a tea lover. All you have to do is blend an accurate dose of powder into the boiling water and stir until it gets thoroughly mixed. Pour this mixture into a cup, and you are ready to take refreshing tea. 

One or two drops of Extract can give the desired outcomes. 

Capsules and gummies are swallowed with water according to the prescribed dose.

What Is The Recommended Dosage?

One should use Green Indo within required and recommended limits. You should start with 2 grams and gently increase 2 grams more after 45 minutes until you obtain results. Exceeding the dose above 10 grams can be bothersome, so always use the precise quantity. 

Why Should You Choose Naya Kratom?

The popularity and reliability of Naya Kratom are not new to ketum fanatics. Before buying any store, you should always check old and new lab reports to check the purity of preferred products. You can order any Kratom strain online from this site after verifying their loyalty. 

Choosing Naya Kratom has many privileges in so many ways as:

  • Third-party lab testing (no pathogens and contaminants)
  • 100% organic ketum
  • Fast delivery service
  • Follow AKA principles
  • Return policy 
  • Complete labeling of every ingredient 


Green Indo belongs to the variant that always hits and gives outcomes regardless of the dosage. If you want to experience stimulating and relaxing effects simultaneously, the Green Indonesian Kratom strain from Naya Kratom will always suit you the best. 


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