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Green Kalimantan Kratom



Our Green Kalimantan Kratom powder is:

  • Finely ground into a granule-free powder
  • All-natural powders known for their pure nature
  • Thoroughly lab-tested by the third party
  • N toxins, harmful chemicals, and additives
  • Packed in an air-tight bag for freshness and potency

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Some individuals have a preference for a more potent Kratum strain while others love slower ones. Have you ever wondered that a few strains can give you an all-rounded experience? If you are looking for a complete kratom indulgence, you have to shake hands with our Green Kalimantan Kratom powder. It won’t just cater to all your Kratom needs but provide you long-lasting effects too and the entire tribute goes to its alkaloid profile, which is uniquely-outstanding.

Unlike other Kratum varieties, the Green Kali Speciosa strain has an even blend of the prominent Ketum alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine. For this reason, the Kali strain is known to provide afull-spectrum of milder and enduring results.

Kalimantan is a well-known island found in Borneo where this exclusive Kratum strain comes from. Its exceptional weather provides the Kratum leaves with all the necessities it needs for appropriate development.

The Green Kalimantan Kratom leaves have a revitalizing fragrance, and expert agriculturalists spend days picking the Green-Vein Kalimantan Ketum leaves from Mitragyna Speciosa tree. After a cautious picking session, the leaves are sun-dried for a week or more, and afterward, ground by high-grade machinery to form a granule-free and fine Green Kali Kratum powder for our worthy customers.

Why Should You Choose Green Kali Kratom Powder From Naya Kratom?

  • We cannot deny that the Green Kali Kratum is a stand-alone Ketum strain and originates ONLY from Kalimantan Island. Our Green-Vein Kali Kratum powder is all-natural and 100% uncontaminated because we source it directly from a trustworthy and reliable Kratum plant in Kalimantan Island.
  • At Naya Kratom, you will find the price tags for Mitragyna Speciosa fairly reasonable and that’s how our customers enjoy the guilt-free charm of Kratom.
  • We assure you a high-quality Green-vein Kali Mitragyna Speciosa, which is lab-tested for its everlasting freshness and strength.
  • Our Kratom powder is tightly packed in an air-tight bag and leaves you with zero hassles that are critical for Kratom storing.
  • Whether you want a substantial stock or just want to have a shot of M.Speciosa, we are here to cater to your preferences with our offers for a variety of sizes.
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28g, 50g, 100g

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