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What is better than Kratom with the flavor that your taste buds can’t forget?

First, let us remind you what Hush Kratom is before we talk about the added flavor. Many of the regular kratom users already know, but for the naïve users, we would tell again that alkaloids are the sole reason behind Kratom’s potency and efficiency. Hush Kratom is smart enough to understand this; therefore, Hush Kratom does not deliver you any of the excess compounds of kratom leaves, besides the most potent Mitragyna alkaloids.

How is it possible that Hush Kratom would eliminate excess and pack alkaloids only?

Hush kratom carefully eliminates the unwanted materials from the kratom leaf, including polyols, wax, etc., resulting in extracts containing only potent alkaloids. These alkaloids are then amalgamated with food-grade solvents to form the most potent, purest, and premium quality Mitragyna extracts.

What are Hush Kratom Caramels?

Think of these as the strongest Kratom loaded with caramel flavor to make it palatable for loyal and new kratom users.

Who doesn’t want to please the taste buds?

Hush Kratom understood that it is not only necessary to have potent kratom extract but equally crucial to have a tasty formulation of Kratom so the users do not feel the bitterness. We don’t want the brain to perceive Kratom as a medicine, do we? Hence the flavor. These Caramel Flavored Kratom Chews contain 10-11mg of Mitragynine per caramel approximately. It is recommended by the manufacturer to have 2 caramels per serving which would give you a total of 40mg Mitragyna.

At Supernatural Botanicals, you get the best and the most authentic product with the most competitive prices, fast and efficient delivery, and foolproof shipping, refund, and payment processes.

Every bite is worth it!


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