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OPMS Liquid Kratom is a popular product that is always in-demand because of its unique blend and purity.
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  • The purest form of Kratom
  • All the raw material is organic
  • There is no impurity involved
  • It is one tincture that is authentic in its blend
  • It is concentrated and rich in natural alkaloid content.
  • It does not contain any preservatives and synthetic chemicals
  • The most affordably-priced

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Plant-based extracts’ popularity has been on the rise since people have started to take more interest in organics than synthetic. Despite being controversial, the increase in the use of Kratom is also seen. The powdered leaf is one of the most widely consumed forms of Kratom. In addition to that, other products like kratom capsules, infused oils, and extracts are also gaining popularity.

The overall working and effect are essentially the same as the powdered form. Sometimes the extracts are more potent because of the difference in the active ingredient and alkaloids content. Moreover, kratom enthusiasts want to try a variety of products, not just standard powdered form. Let’s have a look at one of the famous Ketum extracts from OPMS.

What is OPMS?

OPMS stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. It is U.S. based company from the land of Los Angeles that specializes in making pure Kratom products. These products are broadly classified in gold, silver, and liquid varieties. Under these categories are powdered products and capsules made from several different strains of Korth. The company has a few Kava products on board as well.

OPMS is one of the pioneers in making Ketum products. Their facility is FDA approved and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant. In addition to that, they have a set standard for alkaloid content. This feature is unique only to OPMS. Every batch of the product is tested against the bar to meet the alkaloid requirement. Mixing and blending of the batches are done to keep the content up to mark. This ensures product consistency and the same quality in all the batches.

What is OPMS liquid extract?

OPMS liquid extract or OPMS liquid Kratom is the product of the same company. It carries all the goodness of Kratom in liquid form. It is one of the oldest liquid forms of Ketum on the market. The company has ensured its quality since it was first introduced in the market. OPMS Liquid Kratom is a popular product that is always in-demand because of its unique blend and purity.

Most people who already use Kratom in powdered form want to try out liquid extract for its alkaloids content. Unlike other extracts available in the market, OPMS liquid kratom is one tincture that is authentic in its blend. Extremely sophisticated procedures and high-grade equipment are unmatchable to any other cheap liquid extracts.

Things to know about OPMS Liquid Kratom

Packing Price (per bottle) Price (per carton) 45 pieces
Patent 8.8 ml bottle $22.99 $614.99
Patent 8.8 ml bottle $22.99 614.99
Shrink-wrapped in plastic $22.99 614.99
Green cap with white leaf outlines $22.99 614.99

Are the contents of this liquid pure and organic?

Another distinct feature all of the products of OPMS have in common is that they don’t use synthetic ingredients. Many companies use lab-made alkaloids, especially 7-Hydroxymitragynine, to boost the content of the tincture or extract.

OPMS makes sure that all the raw material is organic, and the extract is made from 100% natural content. Thus, there is no adulteration involved. The liquid does not contain any preservatives and synthetic chemicals or ingredients. It is concentrated and rich in the natural alkaloid content and does not categorize under harmful ‘enhanced products.’

What makes OPMS liquid kratom unique?

The whole procedure is unique to the company; harvest until the production. No other producer has invested in product quality on a scientific level. The established set standard for the alkaloid content is what makes this tincture very different from others. But its real peculiarity lies somewhere else.

The soaking method is the most common and widely used production method for liquid extracts. It is done by soaking kratom leaves or powdered form in an ethanol mixture in darkness for a few days. The essence of the leaves is released in the liquid, and it becomes an extract.

The OPMS extraction procedure is as unique as the standards of the company. Their process does not use alcohol at all. Instead, distilled water is used to make the tincture. Unlike most procedures that use boiling water, the scientists at OPMS has devised a technique that uses cold water. Coldwater’s use preserves all the active ingredients and alkaloids in the most potent form. 95% of alkaloid content is maintained in its original form as a result of cold water processing.

What strain of Kratom is used in the making?

All the kratom strains used in the making of the liquid product originate in the native land. This ensures good quality leaves for production. What adds to the quality is the process of making and equipment.

Although the company does not disclose what specific strain is used in making the liquid tincture, it is believed that Maeng Da Strain is most commonly used. Some online vendors market the product as Maeng Da’s extract. It is one of the most robust variants of the Korth family. It is known to act fast and gives the energy boost immediately. The potency of the liquid Kratom is comparable to this variant; it is assumed to be originating from Maeng.

Moreover, the company discloses that they have set the standard for alkaloid content, and blending takes place to meet the standard. Thus, it is also a possibility that several strains are mixed to produce the extract. There is no worrying about the product’s origin as the overall quality is maintained and guaranteed by OPMS.

The alkaloid content of OPMS extract

Most extracts made in water and ethanol do not carry all of the leaves’ goodness. The yield is low, and the results are mild products with a low amount of active ingredients. The state-of-the-art procedure at OPMS ensures that its output is up to the mark. This is why their liquid Kratom is unlike any other extract available in the market.
The company claims its alkaloid content to be 95% intact, which is the highest content retained in an extract. In addition to that, an ample amount of Mitragynine as an active ingredient is also present.

Available sizes and packaging of OPMS liquid kratom

There are a lot of OPMS competitors that try to replicate the process. They also try to copy the packaging. Thus, OPMS provides details on recognizing the authentic bottle and all of the packagings they have used in the past. Several markers can help the buyers distinguish the packaging from the fake one.

OPMS does not sell bulk or loose product, so any material without proper packing is not from OPMS. In the case of liquid Kratom, the company sells it in bottles of one size only. The standard OPMS bottle is of 8.8ml. It is not authentic in smaller or larger packing. The signature bottle has the hourglass shape with a green leaf design on the cap. Each bottle is individually shrink-wrapped. Apart from bottles, you can also buy the product in the form of boxes. Each of the cartons contains 45 of 8.8ml bottles.

How can tincture be used?

Mitragyna is the dietary supplement that’s still unapproved. Hence the producer does not have any guidelines about the use or the dosage of the extract. It is the responsibility of the user to take precautionary measures and consult the physician before the use. Only the product’s quality is on the company, and they make sure that there are no contaminants present.

The product is made for the consumption of adults only and should not be given to minors. Additionally, it should not be used during pregnancy or before a planned pregnancy. There is very little known about the content, and its effects on fetal developments are still unknown.

Consumption quantity depends on the tolerance level of the consumers. Some kratom enthusiasts have a high level of tolerance and can consume more than two drops. It is recommended for newbies to start with a meager amount and observe what is easily tolerated. Ideally, it is good to start with the powdered Kratom and then go towards the liquid extracts. However, there is no recommended dosage for liquid extract or the solids.

What is liquid kratom extract used for?

Like Kratom in grounded form, liquid Kratom also has a similar effect on the body. It is also being used by people with incurable diseases to subside the symptoms. In some cases, it is used to increase the activity level by enhancing the brain’s working. Liquid Kratom also helps with insomnia. The extract is helpful in relaxation and works as an excellent pain reliever. It also combats nervousness and anxiety.


In short, kratom liquid abstract can be an excellent substitute for kratom powder. It has numerous applications, as discussed above. Kratom liquid extract, as manufactured by OPMS, can provide you with many benefits. However, one should be cautious when consuming this product as it is not suitable for children and pregnant women. In addition to that, OPMS products are not available directly on the website. They have distributors and retailers which sell the product. Beware of the fake products in the market and know the original ones’ identification markers before buying or placing an online order.

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