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Power Green Kratom (Special Blend)



At Naya Kratom, we feel the pride in introducing our Power Green Kratom Special Blend to our worthy customers. The Power Green Kratom is a monotony-breaker and productivity-enhancer. By supercharging your mind and uplifting your motivation, it helps you to smarty handle focus-challenging tasks. The product is pro at turning the tables right after activating your system.


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If you are a regular kratom user, you must know that Green kratom strains are a blend of Red and White strains. Now imagine a more concentrated blend of the strongest kratom strains under one product! That’s what our Power Green Kratom Special Blend is offering.

This rarest blend contains an even mixture of the most notorious kratom powders – Green Kali Speciosa and Green Maeng Da Speciosa. Under minor dosages, you can cherish the ultimate relief benefits of Green Kali Ketum and the boosting effects of Green Maeng Da Kratom. Whoa, what a deal!

Why should you get your hands on our Power Green Special Blend?

Lack of motivation, disrupted focus, and sidetracked mind can mess up your whole day by limiting the productivity you can deliver. Our expert manufacturers have sorted out the solution to your problem!

Organic: The Power Green Special Blend is 100% organic and contains all-natural Mitragyna Speciosa. It is free from all sorts of additives, contaminants, flavonoids, and pesticides.

Lab-tested: The product is extensively lab-tested from scratch. That’s how we provide supreme quality products to our worthy customers.

Packaging: The Power Green comes in sealed packaging to retain its freshness and potency. The strength will last till the last scoop. Make sure you seal it back after every use.

Potency: The potency of Power Green Special Blend speaks for itself. Right after consuming a small amount, the effects begin to pop up.

Pricing: We believe in proving value for money. The Power Green Kratom Special Blend has an affordable price range that starts from $9.95 for 28grams.

Additional Information

28G, 50G, 100G, 250G, 500G

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