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Do you know Mitragyna Speciosa has some rare strains that are legit GOLD? Have you heard about Horn kratom? It looks like the name is pretty new to you. A life-changing Speciosa, Red Horn Kratom, with its beautiful existence, distinctive alkaloid profile, and matchless effects, is here to mark the day for you. Whether you are looking forward to controlling discomfort naturally or you want to enter into a calming zone of relaxation and sedation, this aromatic herb has a lot to add to your health regime.

Let’s unfold this handy guide to grasp all the essential details!

The origin of Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn leaf is one of the rare species of Mitragyna Speciosa, famously known as Kratom. The herb grows exclusively in Borneo, Malaysia, and Indonesia and is exported worldwide to meet consumer’s needs. The temperate climate with intense humidity and rainfalls favor the smooth development and rich alkaloid profile. Moreover, the vibrant green leaves are comparatively a little larger and have horn-like spiky tips. Hence the prefix “horn” modifies this type.

But, what’s up with the color RED?

When the kratom plant is a year old, the vein color changes from green to red. The red veins are a sign of mature leaves that are ready to be harvested.

What alkaloids are dominant in Red Horn Kratom?

We all know that Mitragyna Speciosa is a heavenly celebrated herb, and the entire credit goes to the unique alkaloids it contains. The alkaloids are chemical compounds present in the leaves of different botanicals. The vein colors roughly tell about the dominant alkaloids in the respective strain. The Red-vein Horn kratom is rich in 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid and has lower levels of Mitragynine alkaloid. Both alkaloids work on our brain receptors to produce numerous health-promoting effects.

The Green vein leaves have balanced ratios of both alkaloids, while the white vein leaves have more Mitragynine and less 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine. It is essential to know that as the alkaloid profile varies, so do the potential effects.

How farmers produce Red-Vein Horn Kratom?

Here comes the most exciting part of this piece! Let’s dig deeper and talk about how expert farmers produce this strain.
First things first, farmers that have spent their entire life producing and harvesting M.Speciosa get the hold of producing this strain. They know all the teeny-tiny factors to consider and an appropriate time to harvest the leaves.

The seed pods have seeds embedded inside. The seeds, being less viable, need to be germinated immediately. Keeping the soil’s pH level between 5.5 – 6.6, the farmers use high-quality fertilizers to promote this little champ’s development. Kratom plant needs more water to propagate smoothly, So to quench its thirst, farmers frequently water the plant. The humidity and intense sunlight work together to enhance the growth further.
Once the seed turns into a plant, farmers consistently need to water the plant. When the prominent red veins rush through the leaves, the harvesting session begins, and that’s approximately a waiting period of one year. Farmers carefully pick each leave and cautiously clean them with water.
These leaves are then dried in rooms with no sunlight (because sunlight may intervene with the alkaloid profile) with huge industrial fans. These dried leaves are then used to produce various kratom products – powder, extracts, capsules, and liquid tinctures.

Top-5 Health Benefits that you can rejoice using Red Horn strain

Let’s talk about it! How can Red horn be a winning strain for you?

Nervousness management

The strain is known to numb the nervousness, whether it’s like a sharp stabbing or a dull ache. That’s too rewarding! Take 2-4 grams of Red Horn leaf powder for discomfort relief, and you will notice the symptoms fading away within 20-30 minutes.

Stress relief

Do you find it challenging to fight everyday stress? We all have an equal share of stress-triggering scenarios, and if you fail to accept and manage them, the nervousness takes hold. Red Horn Speciosa is your best friend in this case. The strain tends to induce a calming effect on our body, and one finds it easy to work out the plans, meetings, tasks, or whatever they have got on their plate to finish.


Insomnia is deadly, but Red Horn kratom is a harmless solution to your sleepless nights. The Reddit user explains under this thread that Red horn is his favorite sleep-time kratom. It induces sedation and works best. So if you have sleep-related issues, give it a try!


According to a Reddit user review, the strain is relaxing and clean. It takes you to the next level of tranquilized state of mind. It is the ultimate way to put an end to a tiring day at work for many users.

How much Red Horn should you use?

Firstly, you should always consult your doctor before using kratom. Next, always start with micro-dosing to find your sweet spot. For Red-vein Horn, the safest dose is 1.5-3grams. Moreover, always take your dose on a partially filled stomach.

What are the most recommended products for Red horn Kratom?

You must thank the kind manufacturers who are working tirelessly to meet the demands of kratom enthusiasts. From granule-free powders to potent extracts and natural dry leaf to aromatic liquid tinctures, they have several options available for you. If your taste buds love the organic taste of herbs, make a tea out of dry leaves. If you want to skip the bitter taste, go for capsules. If you want a durable dose, extracts and tinctures will do the work for you.

Bottom Line

Red Horn Kratom is a unique kratom strain that originates from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Borneo Island. The climate of these areas promotes smooth development and more yields throughout the region. With the highest content of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid, the variety helps with numerous health-related benefits.

Note: Make sure you purchase your product from a GMP-certified vendor who sells ONLY lab-tested kratom. Additionally, Mitragyna Speciosa is a controlled substance in a few countries, so check the legality status before you plan a purchase.


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