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The Red Sunda Kratom Powder. It is glorious and gentle. It is mild yet invigorating. It is potent and long-lasting. (Just like its name!)

Despite being a recent addition to our kratom range, it has been making a lot of buzz. And why not? It is nothing less than a masterpiece created with an impeccable combination of purity and humbleness.

The Origins and History

The Sundanese Kratom hails from the rich cultivating plains of Sunda in Malay Archipelago where it is grown from Danau Tihu to Romang regions. Out of all the Kratom strains that exist today, Red Sunda stands out. Not only is it treasured by the natives for its wonderful properties but also one of the most sought-after leaf powder in the global marketplace.

If you have any doubts, you would be surprised to know that the raw leaves of Sunda Kratom were devoured for centuries for their health benefits. Nature was indeed taken for granted all this time!


Are your current supplements hitting you with a wave of nausea? You crave for a more natural alternative to improve your health and wellness?

Our exquisite Sunda Red Mitragayna is a wild-crafted premium powder which is a treat to the eyes and nose. Yes! There is no way we are sending you a kratom powder without sensational aromatic properties. And the best part is, it is organic and way cheaper than all those prescription or over-the-counter medications you have been blindly been purchasing!

Don’t fret after seeing its color. It is called RED Sunda because of the red veins running in the leaves. These veins soothe the wrecked nerves after an exhausting day at work. It will also be of great help just in case, you are wired up with pessimism, and need a good night rest. An additional bonus is that its calming impact do not wear off easily and can be expected to last five to six hours before it fades away.

Shop Online From Naya Kratom

Do you know Sunda Red is considered among the three top-selling Kratom by most Kratom vendors out there?

If you are looking to have something fun and appealing then Red Sunda would be your best ally.  Hesitant to order online as a first-timer? Here is another glad tiding for you. It is an extremely mild strain that is gentle on the tummy and easy to ingest. We don’t make harsh powders anyways but this one is surely for beginners.

Naya Kratom promises to deliver you the best of the best:

  • Ethically sourced 100% pure ingredients.
  • Processed and manufactured under the supervision of experts in cGMP Units.
  • Packaged with great care and utmost love.

So, don’t let this chance slip away from your hands.

Hurry up and place your order now!

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