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What if we were to tell you that buying White Borneo Speciosa will lend you this much-needed relaxation and sedation to attain contentment in life? (Enticing enough?)

  • High in alkaloid
  • Pesticide-free
  • Tested in state-of-the-art laboratories
  • Long shelf life
  • Tightly sealed in secure pouches

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Today we are going to talk about White Borneo Kratom, an amazing kratom strain that has a lot to offer. Someone who is exploring the right strain to consume, among many other kratom strains each with slightly different effects, has landed on the perfect article before making decision.

White Borneo Kratom stands out among all the well-known kratom strains. Fully organic and natural White Borneo Kratom powder is highly praised among the consumers for elevating mood, increase focus, reduce stress, endurance, and a fantastic euphoria. White Borneo Kratom is also more accessible than different other kratom strains. This is the choice that would never let it’s consumers regret about their decision.

White Borneo Kratom origination

 White Borneo Kratom as the name indicates itself, White Borneo belongs to the Island of Borneo and is one the most potent strains of Mitragyna Speciosa. Borneo is famous all over the world for having large rainforests and the biggest forest in Southeast Asia. White veins running down the leaves which makes it a bit difficult to find and that is why it is known as White Borneo Kratom. After harvesting young kratom leaves, they are left for drying indoors and making sure that light cannot contact the leaves at all, be it sun or lamps.

 Buying and storing White Borneo Kratom

Research is imperative before someone make a purchase of kratom. Authentic sellers are rare to find and product must be free from pesticides, tightly sealed in safe bags, and tested through third party labs to make sure that kratom is free of adulterants, heavy metals, and chemicals.  Naya Kratom provides you the White Borneo Kratom Powder, which is completely organic, natural, high in alkaloid, guaranteed, and wants their clients to have a fascinating euphoria.

As you know that life of kratom is highly dependent on the environment they are kept in. We recommend you to always store your kratom in air-tight containers and pouches, cool and dry places to increase the shelf life and secure the powder from contamination.

What’s Special About White Borneo Kratom?

White Borneo Kratom is a sensational mood enhancer and energy booster. The well-rounded clean boost doesn’t let the user feel nauseous or hard to control. High level of alkaloid present in this strain lives up to its promise and provides the best experience. If you are someone who is exploring for something that can keep you fully charged, out of fatigue and concentrated, White Borneo Kratom is your best choice.

White Borneo Kratom Safe Dose

Dose of White Borneo Kratom is also just like every other variant of kratom, the affects and euphoria depends on the quantity of kratom you are up to. If you are a beginner or a complete first timer of kratom consumer, you must stick to lower quantity for your first experience while trying out White Borneo, as this strain can be a bit more potent as compared to other strains of kratom.

For a beginner, the good first dose recommendation is between 1 to 2 grams of White Borneo Kratom. If you have tried some other strains and have a little experience with kratom, you can try about 3 grams to check how it affects and sedate you. With the passage of time, as your tolerance increase, you can gradually increase the dosage as well. Naya Kratom always encourages their client to consume kratom strains responsibly.


White Borneo Kratom is a potent yet very well-balanced and sophisticated strain that can easily become a part of your routine or daily diet. White Borneo naturally uplifts your mood, makes you feel energized and helps to stay motivated and socially confident.  Along with all the other effects, mild sedation provided by White Borneo Kratom makes it one the best kratom strain and choice for its consumers.  Naya Kratom sells White Borneo Kratom in its purest form only and does not contain any chemicals or additives. Without a single doubt about authenticity, make your purchase with Nay Kratom with money back guarantee, if you don’t like the product which is highly unlikely going to be the case.

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