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The Kapuas River snakes down from the West Kalimantan’s highlands and spreads around the deep, lush-green Jongkong forest, where the Jongkong kratom strain abundantly grows. Apart from Red, Green, and yellow varieties, the strain produces the exclusive white-vein Jongkong kratom. Without a doubt, this rare white strain has turned the tables for numerous kratom enthusiasts by providing discomfort relief, uplifted energy levels, euphoric mood, enhanced focus, and concentration.

The unique features of White Jongkong Kratom Powder

When the Jongkong kratom’s leaves are young, white veins rush through its leaf structure. At this stage, the alkaloid Mitragynine is present in a concentrated amount. The 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine is in lower volume as compared to Mitragynine. Hence, users experience mild discomfort-relieving effects with hints of analgesia and sedation. The strain does not grow anywhere other than Jongkong because the rich temperate climate and exceptionally organic soil are exclusive to this region.

Harvesting White Jongkong

Farmers manually harvest the white Jongkong leaves by climbing the enormous M.Speciosa trees. Only fully mature, healthy, and alkaloid-rich leaves are selected to produce a premium-quality powder. Before the drying session begins, farmers clean every leaf with attention to detail. Afterward, the leaves go through a unique drying process in large, close, sunlight-free rooms to keep the alkaloid profile intact. After being ground into robust 100-micron grinders, the powder takes its final form, which is exceedingly soft, indulgent, and adulterant-free.

How to buy and store White Jongkong?

To get your hands on the white Jongkong’s magical formula:

  • Choose the quantity (28g-1kilo) you would like to have.
  • Click on the “add to cart” option.
  • Proceed with the checkout
  • Add the necessary billing details.
  • Click on “place order” after providing the details. It is as simple as it could be.

We all want our kratom to be heavenly fresh every time we open the storage box. For that, it is essential to store kratom in an air-tight container. Ensure your storage area is dark, moisture-free, and away from sunlight because these factors may affect the powder’s freshness and potency.

From where Naya Kratom sources its White Jongkong Kratom powder?

Our Jongkong kratom comes straight from the swampy lands of Jongkong, where the strain has its origin. Each batch of kratom goes through third-party lab testing to ensure supreme quality and purity.

So order White Jongkong, and cheer up the everlasting energizing and relaxing boom!

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