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White Kratom Fire (Special Blend)



  • Extra strength white kratom blend from fresh batches
  • Guaranteed high alkaloids content (1.4% mitragynine)
  • AKA verified + we follow strict quality standards
  • Each batch test for purity, contaminants and heavy metals
  • Just the natural leaf powder, no additives or fillers

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God’s Earth is full of surprises, wonders and miracles. One such wonder is the spectacular Power White Kratom Special Blend, a combination of not one but two white strains! Never heard of it before? Go ask a Kratom Connoisseur. They can’t seem to ever get enough of it!

This isn’t the first time Naya Kratom has shaken the market with their mind-blowing and innovative Kratom creations! The two most exotic Kratom breeds, White Sumatra and White Kali, are blended with utmost love and care to manufacture this magical powder.

All in all, the Power White Kratom leaf powder is bound to blow you away with its perfect combination of soothing and energizing effects.

With the power of two, its potency levels and the bursting flavor literally soar to the roof!

The Origins

Intrigued to know the background story behind its discovery, inception and use? Let us quench the thirst of your curious minds!

As always, Naya Kratom is here to provide you with all the essential information you need to know”

White Sumatra and White Kali are two of the most sought-after Mitragyna Speciosa breeds. With its root deeply embedded in the ancient Southeast Asian cultures, it is now used and cherished all over the world for its many therapeutic properties and health benefits.

Why Choose to Buy the Special White Kratom Power Blend From Naya Kratom?

Are you skeptical about opting for Naya as your premium shopping partner over all the other online vendors flooding the market?

Well, there are just a handful of Kratom suppliers who can produce and offer this intense powder for the customers to purchase in all its genuine uniqueness. And, Naya is proud to be one of them.

Thanks to our cGMP-compliant Manufacturing, that the company has acquired the most name recognition in supplying this White Kratom blend, and for all the right reasons! Following are some of them to prove that your decision to buy from us will be the best you can take:

  1. We are a Certified Online Kratom store, guaranteeing that the products are always 100% raw and organic.
  2. We never compromise on what we offer our customers. Our powder is of the highest quality, with purity verified from third-party laboratories.
  3. The White Kratom that you buy is always fresh and packaged instantly in tightly secured, discreet pouching in world-class facilities.

We unconditionally stand by our commitment to providing you with only the best. Therefore, our manufacturing team is specially instructed to discard all products that have been shelved for some time, are not 100% pure, not ethically sourced or fail to meet the lab testing criteria. After all, these are important factors that may affect the potency, quality and consistency of the powder.

Act Fast!

Did we mention that our product is unbelievably priced at $8.95/ounce for the next few days – 15% less than the market rates! You better hurry and order white kratom online now if you want to avail this discount. The offer is truly worth in gold for a product as effective as The Power Kratom White Special Blend.

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