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Are you an experimental Kratom user who loves to get on board with new strains?

Good for You!

Naya Kratom brings you a rare white strain overwhelmingly adored by all the Kratom enthusiasts. None other than the White Sulawesi, which is now made available to be conveniently shopped online.

Promising a galvanizing experience on its own, it is a dynamic strain that you must purchase and try ASAP.


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About The Origins

The name Sulawesi is derivative of the words “Sula” (meaning island) and “Besi” (meaning “iron) – possibly hinting to the mass production and supply of iron from the region.

Sulawesi is a beautiful and exotic island in eastern Indonesia that is home to various breeds of the evergreen Kratom tree (hence, the name of the strain). It is most commonly known as the land of tranquility, beauty, and peace.

What adds to its popularity is the wide availability and ages-old cultivation of Mitragyna Speciosa, which was deemed the region’s hallmark. Similarly, White Sulawesi is also extracted from the most mature Kratom trees and is now exported all over the world.

What makes the Naya Kratom’s White Sulawesi so irresistible?
Its proponents argue that White Sulawesi certainly does not come close to any other strain that one might have tried before.

So, what exactly makes this White Speciosa strain incomparable?

Saying Good Morning to Renewed Zeal and Vigor!

From its refreshing smell, the potent impact, rich flavor, and high concentration of alkaloids and flavonoids, the list goes on. No wonder why the strain formed an integral part of the historic Indonesian and Thai cultures.

The Incomparable Benefits of Ordering Online From Naya Kratom

There are a host of online companies selling White Sulawesi. However, the perks of choosing to buy from Naya Kratom are endless and unsurpassed.

For this very reason, we have compiled a few pointers summing up all the benefits our company provides to our valuable customers:

1) Organic Cultivation

We are a company that weighs ethical values above all, which is why we harvest and cultivate this strain organically from the trees grown by our very own farmers.

2) Ethical Farming Practices

Our plantation workers make sure they only pick and utilize the freshest leaves to reduce any chances of contamination and increase purity. The collected batch is then carefully inspected and all the stale or rotten leaves are discarded to make sure that the final powder is made from 100% pure and non-contaminated Sulawesi leaves.

3) Purity Guaranteed

Our farmers are dispatched strict instructions to not use any pesticides or chemicals during the harvesting period. The reason why our team prioritizes the organic and unadulterated nature of the products is that these chemicals tend to boost growth at the cost of human lives.

4) Third-party Lab tested

Our products are then periodically lab-tested and certified to ensure they are free of any chemicals and contaminants.

5) Unbelievably Low Prices

Our products are 100% organic, yet we do not think it is fair to overcharge on that account. Naya Kratom firmly holds on to the belief that this natural herb must be made accessible and offered to the masses at the most affordable rates so that you can enjoy without worrying.

6) Secure Packaging

The Ketum powder is tightly sealed to retain the original flavor, freshness, and aroma. The attractive pouches are portable and come in varying quantities to satisfy your preferences.

7) Free Delivery

Choosing to shop from us will also enlist you for our delivery perks. We offer a free shipment service to many states in the US. What’s more? There is no limit to an order qualifying you to take advantage of our service.

8) Returns and Exchange

Not satisfied with your parcel? Stop regretting! Naya Kratom also offer returns and exchange within __ days of purchase (Terms and Conditions apply).

Final Verdict

Naya Kratom wins hands-down in providing the highest quality of White Sulawesi. Opting for us will never leave you with any disappointment; rather, your choice will be rewarded.

The benefits we are providing to our customers are for a limited time only.

So, click on “Order Now” and become a part of our trusted family.

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