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The blend of two Red and Green strains, Yellow Indonesian Kratom, is the newest variety to the Ketum world and comes in the market as a finely grounded powder on the request of Mitragyna fanatics. It is a preferable strain for amateurs who are not yet inclined to try other strains. 

The Origin Of Yellow Indo Kratom

Yellow Indo Ketum is native to the regions of Indonesia and Bali, where it is found on the old trees. The golden hue on the inside of leaves is characteristic that differentiates it from the rest of the strains. 

After harvesting leaves, they are dried indoors to protect them from rain, dust, and insects. After drying, leaves are crushed into powder by fast-acting grinders and then packaged. 

Uniqueness And Rarity

Yellow strains are rare because they are unique and require an additional struggle to plant and harvest. Yellow Indo strains grow on aged trees; that’s why farmers can’t plant it elsewhere because it will take years to get Ketum from new plants. 

Difficulty in getting this unique yet desired strain is the feature that makes it stand out among others. It is seen to enhance mood, boost energy, give analgesic effects, and fight sleeplessness. 

How Do You Consume Yellow Indonesian Kratom?

There are several ways of using Kratom, but it depends on the user’s preference. Here are some readily accessible forms of Yellow Indo Ketum you might like to consider when shopping around.

  • Powder
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Gummies
  • Fresh leaves
  • Dry leaves

The most popular method is to engulf powder with water or add it with smoothies to suppress its bitterness. Some like to brew tea, while some like to smoke or vape. 

 Some traditional people love to chew leaves, while others love taking them in liquid form (extracts). Capsules are an effective way of taking an accurate dose and preventing the bitter taste of ketum. 

How Much Yellow Indonesian Kratom Should I Take?

The threshold dose of Yellow Indo Kakum is 2 grams, but the accurate dose depends on age, weight, height, and health. For mild to moderate effects, its dose is 3 – 5 grams. For more pronounced effects, take 6 – 8 grams. Caution! Don’t exceed above 10 grams as it can produce troublesome effects. 

 Storage And Buying Guide

To maintain the freshness of this strain, store it in its original container with a seal intact, away from moisture. 

If you are looking for premium quality Yellow Indo Ketum, you should research all merchants selling Kratom, read reviews, and then judge from which vendor you want to put your trust in. 

The Benefits Of Buying Yellow Indo Kratom From Naya Kratom?

It supplies pure products at relatively cheaper prices with a fast shipping service. Here are the plus points of Naya Kratom, which you should always see before purchasing. 

  • AKA GMP compliant
  • No salmonella contamination
  • No adulterants
  • Annual lab testing of products
  • Complete labeling of contents
  • 100% money-back guarantee


Despite the paradox about yellow vein origin, the public is promptly becoming enthusiastic about this strain. Whether you are a professional, patient, or student, a yellow strain never disappoints you. 

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