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The thick and lavish Jongkong forest is a charismatic and captivating part of the west Kalimantan region of famous Borneo Island. The fresh and mineral-filled water of 1143km long Kapuas river flows around Danau Sentarum National Park, Dropping elevations and lazily snakes down to the lowlands near the coast. The exotic Yellow Jongkong comes straight from the Jongkong forest near Lake Sentarum National Park where Jongkong Kratom grows both in the wild and private farms.

What is Yellow Jonkgong Kratom powder?

The Yellow Jongkong kratom has high-volume, elongated, and thick leaves. What’s unique about these leaves are the radiant yellow veins that show their spark by popping up on the vibrant green leaf structure. In Jongkong forest, the knowledgeable and professional farmers hand-pick the yellow leaves that are in the fine fettle, to ensure that none of the damaged leaves disrupt the final product. After washing each leave with water, the entire batch goes through a drying session in a separate building. We do not expose Jongkong variety with direct sunlight as it can alter its exquisite alkaloid profile. The crushed leaves go under a quick grinding process in robust and fast-acting grinders. We pack the superbly-soft powder with GMP compliant packaging standards, so the freshness and potency never vacate the package.

The unique alkaloid profile of Naya’s Yellow Jongkong kratom

Our Yellow Jongkong kratom contains both Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids, and hence it’s a rewarding and completely balanced strain for all the kratom enthusiasts out there. The Mitragynine alkaloid takes away all the tiredness, low energy, and stressful state of mind, and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine triggers sedative effects to keep you calm and composed. With Yellow Jongkong, you effortlessly cherish all the kratom’s health benefits under one strain!

How to store Yellow Jongkong kratom

We ship all our kratom products in premium-quality air-tight vacuum bags, so a little bit effort is just left at your end considering storing. Find a dark, moisture-free, and close area in your house to store kratom, and make sure you carefully take out your dosage and quickly seal the bag to preserve the freshness.

Grab garden-fresh, premium-quality, and reasonably priced Yellow Elephant kratom from Naya right away, and we assure you that you won’t stop drooling over it!

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