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Yellow Kratom (Special Gold Blend)



  • Extra strength yellow kratom blend from fresh batches
  • Guaranteed high alkaloids content (1.4% mitragynine)
  • AKA verified + we follow strict quality standards
  • Each batch test for purity, contaminants and heavy metals
  • Just the natural leaf powder, no additives or fillers

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We all have our reasons for loving Kratom. Without a doubt, Mitragyna Speciosa has gained enough recognition in such a small span and is a support system of many individuals. Till now, you have heard about three common Kratom strains. What if I tell you that there exists a rarest strain that will leave you all surprised? So let’s break the silence right here! At Naya, we are introducing a matchless yet exclusive Ketum Superior strain – The Yellow Kratom. We bet, you have not come across before!

What does Yellow Leaf Kratom mean?

Yellow Kratom comes under the title of “most supreme Kratom strains” if we search around the Kratom market. Every user is interested in knowing how this particular strain came into existence and what processes are involved behind the curtain.

The three common ideas for Yellow Kratom strains:

Although there are no anecdotal pieces of evidence or reports for Yellow Kratom strains, they do exist. Some widely accepted ideas are given below:

  • Naturally occurring yellow-vein Kratom

In a few parts of Southeast Asia, some Mitragyna Speciosa trees have naturally occurring Kratom leaves having yellow veins popping up. These leaves are hand-picked by the expert farmers at a particular stage when they have the most prominent yellow veins and alkaloid concentrations.

  • Yellow Kratom and the unique drying process

Yellow Kratom strains are often tailor-made by following a unique drying process. Some people say that Red-Vein Kratom leaves are exceptionally sun-dried in an open area by the expert manufacturers to create yellow veins in Korth leaves. At the same time, some others say that Yellow Kratom strains are the product of both Green and White Kratom strains when they are sun-dried together and later form a blend that has a yellow color.

The leaves also get some shade time during the drying process and go under various fermentation procedures. The final product contains a unique blend of most potent Kratom alkaloids, and hence, named the “rarest” yellow-vein Kratom strains.

  • A blend of White, Green, and Red strains

Another theory says that Yellow Kratom strains are a unique blend of White, Green, and Red-vein Kratom leaves. The blend goes under fermentation procedures, and the final product is a vibrant yellow powder known as Yellow Kratom.

The contrast between Yellow and Gold strains

Although yellow and gold Kratom exhibit milder effects but have a completely different chemical and physical makeup. Yellow Kratom strains are most often associated with Red-vein Kratom strains and produce almost similar effects just like Red strains but a bit more prominent. On the other hand, the Gold variety is similar to the white vein Kratom strains. Hence, you cannot say that they both are the same varieties of Kratom because they are both poles apart

The most famous Yellow Kratom strains are:

What makes our yellow strain, not an ordinary one?

Our Yellow Kratom is quite different from our traditional Kratom strains. While the other strains occur naturally, the yellow Kratom goes under a lengthy drying process under the sun. A yellow-hued kratom leaf depicts a slightly changed alkaloid concentration, which ideally upturns the span of effects. The aromatic yellow strain offers a perfect mixture of green and white strains of Korth. What a blend!

Top-4 reasons why you should go for Naya Kratom’s Yellow Speciosa

2 in 1 strain: Our Yellow Kratom is a 2 in 1 strain. You get to enjoy the benefits of both green and white strains, which is pretty much easy on the pocket!

All-Natural blend: We all want to go for products that are entirely natural and won’t be toxic to our system. By giving the lead to your needs, our blend contains 100% natural Mitragyna Speciosa. You won’t find any traces of contaminants and other harmful additives, that’s a bet!

Third-Party Lab Testing: To be 100% sure about our product’s supreme quality for our customers, we conduct a third-party lab testing. The products become available to our customers when we receive clear and transparent test results for each batch of Kratom.

Our 3Ps: At Naya Kratom, we never compromise on our 3Ps – Pricing, Potent effects, and packaging!
We offer affordable prices (you can freely compare them with any other kratom site) so that every once can enjoy the top-notch benefits of kratom. Our packaging consists of an air-tight sealed bag, which keeps the kratom all-fresh!  Lastly, our potent kratom powders retain their freshness and potency for longer duration; they will absolutely surprise your expectations.

Relish the enthralling effects of our exceptional yellow Kratom and keep up with the indulgence!

Things to Consider before Buying Yellow Kratom Online

Buying Kratom online follows the following rules which would help you get a product worth your money:

  • Always have a bull’s eye over user reviews before you decide your Kratom vendor.
  • Check out the reputation of Kratom vendor at online forums.
  • Make sure you purchase supreme quality Yellow Kratom.
  • Check out if the vendor is GMP certified.
  • Make sure about the ingredients of the product; it should be organic and free from contaminants.
  • Compare the prices with other vendors.

Lastly, you must review the third party lab tested report at their website.

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