Zion Herbals 80% MIT Extract Tabs (3ct)


Discover a new degree of potency and ease with carefully prepared Kratom that will guarantee your utmost happiness.

  • All-natural ingredients for a pure Kratom experience
  • Non-GMO Kratom ensures natural genetics for optimal effects
  • Superior bioavailability in our Kratom products for effective absorption
  • Lab-tested Kratom to guarantee safety and potency
  • Sustainably cultivated using the best farming practices
  • Gluten-friendly Kratom suitable for various dietary needs
  • Kosher Kratom, adhering to strict dietary standards

Ingredient: Pure Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf Extract from sustainably harvested Kratom leaves.

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Naya Kratom offers Zion Herbals 80% MIT Extract Tabs (3ct). These chews are ideal for those who lead busy lives since they give the well-known benefits of Kratom in an easy-to-take form that delivers instant improvement whenever and wherever it’s required.

With 80% pure Kratom extract in each chew, you get a potent dosage that swiftly gives you the full spectrum of benefits from Kratom. Zion Herbals, a reputable brand in the Kratom industry, guarantees the potency and effectiveness of each chew.

Our Kratom chews are ready to consume straight out of the package, so forget about the inconvenience of pills or powders. They eliminate the need for preparation and let you experience the distinct flavor and uplifting effects of Kratom right away. The Lucky 80 Kratom chews from Zion Herbals provide quick and potent relief, enhance attention, and promote overall well-being.




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