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What is PurKratom?

As the name indicates, PurKratom is another name in the Kratom herb world. An Us-based Vendor, GMP approved, and member of the American Kratom Association. It seems like now we’re talking about someone worthy of a hell of a review.

What is Mitragyna Speciosa?

Don’t get confused by this Mitragyna Speciosa; it’s not one of Harry Potter’s spells, but it sure does work like a magic spell. Mitragyna is the botanical name of Kratom herb. It belongs to the Coffee family.

It is grown in the areas of Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Thailand, and the other regions of the same origin. Krathom is the powder of the leaves of Mitragyna leaves. There are various kratom strains available that depend on the color of the vein in the leaves.

Red strain, White strain, Golden strain, and green strain, along with a growing variety of strains every day.

Natives of these areas have used Kratom for decades to cure many discomfort like nervousness, mental stress, muscle strain, energizing the mind and body.

What can PurKratom do for us?

PurKratom has a variety of strains to offer us. Each strain comes with its unique characteristics and benefits. Their range includes both Powder and capsule form. Around 23 products are in Powder form and more than 40 in capsule form. That’s a whole range of variety.

In PurKratom’s disclaimer page, they have made this clear that the FDA hasn’t approved Kratom as a medical treatment for any illness, and they don’t claim any medical benefits.

They just offer the herbal remedy for which kratom has been used for ages, and the main goal is to maintain the quality and give their customers the best experience in quality and products.

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Product range

The strains PurKratom offers are Red strain, Green strain, Golden strain, white Sumatran, and Bali Kratom. They’ve also differentiated strains based on origin area. To conclude, the variety and range are exceptional.

Best selling products

The best-selling Kratom products for PurKratom are:

1) Red Thai Kratom Powder and capsules

The strain is said to be the most relaxing strain. It provides emotional and mental peace and well being. The prices for 1oz, 4oz, ½ lb and 1 kg Red strain respectively are $15.99, $49.99, $89.99, and $189.99 for powder form.

Capsules are $17.99 for 50 capsules and $32.99 for 100 capsules.

2) White Indo Kratom Powder and Capsules

Indo Kratom is relatively hard to find and is one of the best strains available due to its region of growth. This strain is the most effective and rare to find. This is what makes it the best seller, among others.

Price ranges for 1oz, 4oz, ½ lb, and 1kg respectively are$15.99, $49.99, $89.99 and $189.99.

Higher quantities are currently out of stock.

Capsules are $17.99 and $32.99 for 50 and 100 capsules.

3) Variety Capsule pack and Powder pack

This pack consists of a variety of strains of your choice. This way you can save up to 15%.

Price ranges from $14.39 to $785.70 for capsule form.

For Powder, form $11.99 to $277.82. Both of these ranges are much less than the original price when buying a single strain.

Price range

In the Krathom market, the prices vary a lot, and it’s essential to know the price range to get the best product at the best price. Prices range from $8 to roughly around $70. The rest depends on the quantity you take. Taking this into account, Purkratom offers quite reasonable prices.

Along with their product price, they compare the rate with the general market rate, and it’s almost always higher than the one Purkratom is offering.

GMP approved (Aka Vendor)

AKA GMP standards program helps people getting authorized vendors. As expected, PurKratom meets the standards and is GMP approved.


Sadly, the FDA hasn’t approved Kratom herb to be used as a medication and is under study and trials. But we can appreciate PurKratom honesty as they tell their users that Kratom is not FDA approved.

Lab Testing

Lab testing of PurKratom is out of this world. They give lab testing reports, that are provided to the customers themselves. You can search for lab tests by a given number. Lot checks for Microbial tests and No checks for heavy metal results.

Rest assured, you are getting the quality you signed up for.

Deals and Customer service

They give weekly discounts and deals when you subscribe to Purkratom by your email address. Subscribe to get mind-blowing deals.

You get up to 15% off in this week’s deal. There is a 10% off on your first order if you don’t have already ordered by now.

Purkratom is socially very active. They give fast replies. They’ve provided American and European contact numbers as well if you want to call them.

When you open Contact us, you can see a full form for sending them a mail for your queries. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

There is an official email, too; you can contact them on that also—so many ways to get your queries resolved.

Shipping policy

Shipping is fast as well. PurKratom provides you with the same fast day delivery of your favorite kratom strain. Make it a tea or coffee or add it to your daily meals.

Shipping is free too. Go get them Kratom capsules now.

Return policy

PurKratom offers a return policy as well. Don’t like your shipment or accidentally got a wrong strain. Want to return it? Sure, you can, but make sure you return it before 30 days of delivery. They offer a 30-day return policy.

You’ll get money back as well once the shipment arrives back at PurKratom.

Privacy policy

Purkratom has a very detailed privacy policy displayed on the website. The credit card details and personal information goes through a secure server.

Explained how-to and why they use of personal information. Most of these details are used for quality insurance of Customer Service.

Timely package delivery, secure payment methods, and to keep in touch with new details and research, weekly subscriptions, and deal alerts.

If you want further details here’s the link to that:https://purkratom.com/privacy

Customer Reviews

There are more than 10 thousand Customer reviews on PurKratom official website. However, Purkratom themselves don’t make any medical claims, but many customers have testified that Purkratom Kratom powders and capsules have helped them with many medical and non-medical conditions.

Many customers claim that they are happier than before. Some are happy because of their nervousness reduction, others with their calm mind and positivity. Purkratom doesn’t need to make any claims their products and the customer reviews speak for themselves.

Vendor Reviews

When you look for Reviews for PurKratom as Vendor, you can’t find one negative review, the official site, as well as non-official sites, are loaded with positive reviews. Reddit reviews are quite promising as well.

The copyright logo on their site shows 2019 that means they are here for more than a year now, and so many positive reviews in such a short time show that they have a quite promising future. One person on Reddit even ranked PurKratom as the best Kratom herb supplier.

The link is below:


After checking out their site, customer reviews, and vendor reviews for hours and not finding one drawback, it is safe to say that PurKratom is one of the most trustworthy and promising Kratom brands.

You don’t have to worry about quality or privacy or the product. The range is extensive as well. Just one click, and you’ll have an authentic Kratom vendor ready to give your desires Kratom Herb the same day at your doorstep.


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