All You Need to Know About Red Kratom

The leaves from the Mitragina Speciosa trees are garnering popularity and fame in the potent herb consumer market day by day due to their unique and distinct properties. From the evergreen lush grasslands of southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, the plants undergo a series of manufacturing processes and methods before being ready for general public use or consumption. 

The herb has stimulant and relaxation properties, and its level depends upon the quantity of dosage consumed. Moreover, the Speciosa leaves are of multiple strains, which vary from each other due to color and effectiveness parameters. One of the critical strains – the Red Kratom – is renowned for its extent of potency and qualities.

What is the Formulation Process of Red Kratom?

The manufacturing procedures involve more or less the same steps as every strain or type of Speciosa plant. These include the same farming, harvesting, drying, and post-production steps but certain factors such as the location of plant growth, exposure to UV or sunlight, and climate play determining roles in the development of the distinguishing properties of the different types or strains.

Considering the making of the Red Vein, the leaves from the Mitragyna Speciosa trees are picked for further processing once the trees have reached a specific level of maturity and age. 

Then, during the drying phase, the leaves are exposed to sunlight for a larger amount of time as compared to other strains, such that the development of the distinct and iconic red color could be imparted to the leaves, and substantial potency could also be delivered in the leaves. Then, they are powdered and successively turned into tablets for ease of ingestion.

Why Consume Red Kratom?

Potency and Properties

The Red variant derives its fame and likeliness from its potency and no general stimulation. Due to the largest proportion of the 7 HydroxyMitragynine chemicals in the red vein, it has the distinct and greatest strength among all the strains. 

No Stimulation

Including this, the red type has no stimulating properties, which make it the best strain for the use of newbie consumers, who want to enjoy the benefits of the herb without any fear of over effect. It imparts mellow and mild effects, which distinguish it from other types and makes it best for beginner consumption.

No Side Effects

There are no adverse health implications caused by this potent herb. But, this is not true in the case of overdosage. Avoid excessive intake as it could result in side effects. For enhancing effects, use combinations but do not cross the dose limit of 2.4g.

Completely Safe and Secure for Intake

Red Kratom, like other strains, is completely safe for consumption. The disadvantages cited by the FDA and DEA are highlighted every now and then. Kratom causes death is the most significant claim made by these agencies. The truth is that the plant is not deadly, and the deaths that are linked with Kratom were due to its combination with other drugs. A mixture of Mitragyna and drugs is fatal, so healthcare professional consultation is pivotal before you go for any experiment.

Red Vein Types

The red variant has further sub-strains, which are explained below:

Red Maeng Da 

This red plant type is of Thai origin, where natives have used this strain to treat illnesses and make drinks historically. This strain is now also being grown in other areas of southeast Asia. Red Maeng Da has both relaxation and energy-boosting properties as it is a combination of red and white Speciosa.

Red Indo

The red Indo variant is basically farmed, harvested, and produced in Indonesia. Its alkaloid concentration is the highest in all strains, making it distinct from others. Moreover, it consists of more Mitragynine than any other type of Mitragyna. Also, it provides milder effects as compared to Red Bali.

Red Sumatra 

This strain also comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where it has been in native Sumatran use for a long time. It is a potent red strain of the herb that has soothing and uplifting properties. 

The red Sumatra consists primarily of Mitragynine, but another alkaloid called Raubasine is also present. Apart from these, it also consists of Mitraphylline, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, and Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine). The quantity of the dose of Red Sumatra is also dependent on the tolerance level of the consumer. A new consumer should consume 0.5 or less of this red strain to maximize its benefits.

Red Bali 

Like white and green variants, the red Bali vein also comes from the Indonesian island of Bali. The red Bali plant has similar properties as other Red-vein types, such as boosting concentration and focus. 

The property of red Bali, which sets it apart from other red varieties, is the instant effects and benefits it imparts and yields on its consumption. Due to the growth of Mitragyna Speciosa trees in the volcanically rich soil of Indonesian Bali Island, this kratom has a crimson tinge color and a distinctly excellent aroma.


Conclusively, Red Kratom is the most powerful strain due to its distinct potency and properties, no stimulating and side effects, and its safety to consume. If you want to further enhance your experience, choose from the red-vein subcategory which fulfills the benefit threshold that you want.