Snorting Kratom Why you should avoid it

The media reports and FDA statements have been a significant source of concern about Kratom ingestion. The way media portrays Kratom; has had severe adverse effects. Snorting Kratom is something that is a concern for the advocates too.

Although there has been less documentation regarding Kratom snorting, we do know that it happens. We can’t emphasize enough how toxic and lethal this is. In this article, we will talk about Kratom snorting and why you should avoid it.

Why do people smoke different substances?

Usually, people smoke different substances like nicotine, cocaine, etc. to have quick effects. When you smoke a substance, the content goes into your lung airways. A very delicate epithelium lines the airways in the lungs, and they are surrounded by numerous blood vessels. The substances quickly mix with the blood present around the airways, especially the alveoli. It goes to the circulatory system and gets access to brain circulation through the blood-brain barrier. In the brain, active substances interact with receptors to produce the desired effects. This happens in a matter of seconds to minutes. While ingesting the same substance may take 30-45 minutes to show the impact. This is why people go for smoking or snorting to have quick effects.

Snorting or Smoking Kratom: Is it safe?

We have very few reports of people snorting Mitragyna Speciosa powder. Usually, people avoid snorting the Speciosa powder because it contains a large chunk of plant fiber and cellulose, which are ineffective. Snorting the powder takes longer than usual to produce effects because you need a larger quantity of powder.

Also, it is said that the alkaloids present in Kratom rarely cross the mucous membranes, and thus the overall bioavailability of the alkaloids is reduced.

How safe is snorting or smoking Kratom? A question that concerns us a lot. As explained above, if you smoke or snort the Speciosa powder, you will have quicker effects, which means you can overdose, which means that you can take lethal doses of the substance at hand without being able to change the outcomes.

With the ingestion of Kratom, you wait for the absorption of the alkaloids to take place. If you feel any side effects, you can vomit out the undigested remains. However, with insufflation or snorting of Kratom, you cannot reverse your actions, which is why it is highly dangerous, and we do not recommend this method of Ketum intake.

What are the adverse effects of Snorting Speciosa powder?

Snorting or nasal insufflation of Kratom has a lot of side effects and has a low safety profile. Some of these effects are short term, while others appear in the long run.

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It affects the nose and nasal mucosa adversely by making it more prone to nasal bleeds. The mucosa of the nose swells up and can bleed easily due to any nasal trauma, even insufflation. The build-up of mucous in the nose can result in obstruction of the nasal passageways, leading to difficulty in breathing. The plant fibers and cellulose present in the Kratom powder can irritate the nose and throat, leading to possible acute infections.

In the long term, insufflation can damage your nasal and pharyngeal passages. It can irritate the upper respiratory tract as well. As a result, you will produce more histamine and more mucous. Which can also cause allergic rhinitis. As a long-term consequence of snorting Kratom, you may develop chronic lung infections, nasal inflammation, perforation of the nasal septum, and change in the coagulopathy profile of blood. You will be more prone to produce blood clots, and if they travel to the lungs, they can cause pulmonary embolism, which is an acute condition that requires life-saving management.

Risk Factors of Kratom snorting

Since we already know that for the insufflation of Speciosa powder, you will need large doses. The plant matter present in the powder cannot produce any effects. Thus, to have access to active alkaloids, you will need a more massive dose for insufflation.

When you do that, you are at risk of damaging the blood capillaries present in your nose and the lining of the upper respiratory tract. The plant matter causes blockage of the passages and results in congestion of blood vessels. These congested blood vessels are more prone to bleed easily.

Another serious risk of snorting Ketum is Kratom overdose. When taken through the oral route, Kratom is safe and has no such risk factors. However, with nasal insufflation, we are aware that one requires larger doses of Kratom. This could lead to Kratom overdose. The symptoms of which are as follows;

  • Extreme lethargy and fatigue
  • Tremors
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Respiratory depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle pain
  • Sedation
  • Intestinal discomfort
  • Upset stomach

Check out the right kratom dosage chart.

Recommended methods for taking Mitragyna Speciosa

The American Kratom Association recommends several techniques to take Kratom, and almost all of them are through the oral route. You can take Kratom by ingesting the powder form. You measure the dose of powder that you want to take and toss into your mouth, followed by water or a drink of your choice.

You can also take Kratom capsules. This method is one of the most liked ways by Kratom users. It involves placing the Kratom powder in gelatin or veggie-based capsules. In this particular method, you do not experience any unpleasant or bitter taste of the capsules.

You can also have your favorite Speciosa strain tea. This involves placing Kratom powder or leaves in a cup of boiling water and then straining it.

Snorting Kratom? A big NO

As stated above, several health problems are related to snorting and smoking of Kratom. Considering the side effects and concerns, we recommend and urge you to not go for snorting. It may provide quick results that are not proven currently, but it is highly hazardous and shall not be done.

Instead, we recommend that you please follow the guidelines by the American Kratom Association. You can orally ingest Kratom by taking Kratom capsules, powder, or tea.


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