Super Speciosa Kratom Brand Review

Is CBD Oil your life savior when nervousness won’t let you survive the day? According to the study, nearly 28% of the US population is currently using CBD products daily or as per need.

Undeniably, over time, CBD and other herbs have proved to be quite beneficial. It has helped people in ways in which the existing medicinal drugs are incapable.

However, with the rise of this industry and consumer demands, several new startups have stepped into the market. As per CBDmap, there are over 9000 stores that sell Hemp-derived products.

While an increase in Kratom/CBD product vendors in the market means more accessibility, it also indicates a decrease in reliability. Day by day, more legalized sellers are entering the market, making it saturated. 

However, users must not confuse legalizing with genuine products. So, what shall a CBD/Kratom user do? Is there no reliable and high-quality brand in this fast-moving industry?

Fortunately, there do exist some CBD and herb-related companies who prioritize customer satisfaction and product quality before anything. Super Speciosa is one of these companies, serving as a beacon of hope for all those misguided herb consumers.

Super Speciosa is a Kratom-selling company in the USA, which is undeniably all about marijuana goodness. Whether it’s kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom tea bags, or even Hemp CBD, this company has got it all covered for you!

Continue reading to unravel more about Super Speciosa and why you must give it a try!

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What is Super Speciosa all about?

Marijuana goodness! Yes, that’s about it!

Even the name of this manufacturer depicts its dedication. Speciosa, in literal terms, refers to Mitragyna Kratom. Or simply, Kratom.

It grows in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. And if you’re exploring the field from scratch, then let us inform you beforehand, kratom does not yet have FDA’s approval for medicinal use. However, it is usable as a herbal supplement, thanks to its healing properties, mildly sedative nature, and heavenly taste.

Coming back to Super Speciosa, the prefix Super represents the company’s aim and vision: making supreme quality marijuana products accessible for all.

And it’s not only the variety of marijuana products they offer that took us by surprise but also their super-economical rates! (Well, we mean that in a worth-it sort of way!)

Here, have a look at their product catalog yourself.

Product TypeNamePrice
PowderSuper Speciosa Kratom Powder$9.99 – $79.9
PowderGreen Maeng Da Kratom Powder White Maeng Da Kratom Powder Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder  $9.99 – $599
PowderPremium Bali Kratom Powder$9.99 – $599
PowderRed Bali Kratom Powder$9.99 – $599
PowderWhite Thai Kratom Powder$9.99 – $599
TeabagsSuper Brew Kratom Tea Bags$24.99
CapsulesSuper Speciosa Kratom Capsules$24.99
CapsulesGreen Maeng Da Kratom Capsules White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules$16 – $64
CapsulesPremium Bali Kratom Capsules$16 – $81
CapsulesRed Bali Kratom Capsules$16 – $81
CapsulesWhite Thai Kratom Capsules$16 – $81
TabletsGreen Maeng Da Kratom Tablets White Maeng Da Kratom Tablets Red Maeng Da Kratom Tablets$7.99 – $39.99
OilHemp CBD Oil (High Potency Tincture)$35
SalveCBD Salve$46
CreamCBD Cream$34

Although the company is somewhat new in the industry, we see it prioritizing quality as well as affordability. Unmistakably, it is the reason why it’s standing out despite the heavy competition.

And that leads us to yet another question.  How exactly is Super Speciosa maintaining the quality? Let’s find out!

Why do we recommend it? 

It is natural to question why we are recommending Super Speciosa? Well, it is simply because we found their products of high value and quality. With a saturated market, we find it as our responsibility to bring forward all the hidden gems and contribute to the CBD community! 

Still doubtful? Allow us to explain.

The best of Kratom crops get cultivated in Southeast Asia due to their humid climate. To offer high-quality products to locals, the United States of America imports Kratom from countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

A study shows that approximately 10-20% of raw Kratom strains and materials get imported from Indonesia. However, it does not get approved due to the low quality, contamination, and inclusion of heavy metals.  Regardless, some of these substandard Kratom materials do enter the stream.

Fortunately, the team at Super Speciosa identifies it as a critical problem. To resolve the matter, the company has strict policies and regulations to ensure high-quality production processes. Plus, they track the entire route of Kratom, making sure it came from the right place.

They begin the production procedure by pasteurizing the complete batch of imported goods. Furthermore, they manufacture all the products in small quantities so that each one gets tested by laboratories in detail.

Consequently, all the products available at Super Speciosa are high-quality and reliable. Unlike others, they have ensured transparency to an incredible extent. You can purchase their products without giving the manufacturing details a second glance! (Note, as a responsible CBD consumer, it is still wiser to examine the details of what you are consuming.)

Moreover, as you must have observed in the table above, there is an amazingly innovative variety available at Super Speciosa. You can find all types of CBD/Kratom products that you won’t elsewhere. As for the cost, trust us when we say, their products are worth every penny you spend! 

Is the site Ethical?

Super Speciosa is one of the only-36 certified Kratom vendors. Needless to say, when it has fully satisfied the quality criteria of the American Kratom Association for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), it is surely one of the most reliable sources of Kratom and CBD products. The quality of these goods also gets verified by a rigorous lab-test, not by the company but third party. Thus, bringing only authentic, legal, and safe products out on the market shelves.

Moreover, Super Speciosa firmly believes in transparency. For demonstrating the fact that their quality is not only limited to words and marketing, the company also equipped each product with a unique QR code. By scanning this with a mobile device, the buyer can immediately access the quality-check lab certificates for the product they hold in their hands.

What’s Customer Service like?

‘Customer service is very important to us. We don’t leave any of our customers hanging.’

When the team at Super Speciosa claims these statements, they mean it! The company delivers prompt and well-versed responses to its customers. It doesn’t matter the intensity or extent of your query. If you’ve got a problem, they have a problem too. And they will do anything to resolve it.

Although the team is 24/7 available through email, you can also contact their dedicated customer service representatives by a call. They are available throughout the working days (9 am-5 pm eastern standard time). 

Plus, you can even visit their offices located in two different countries. One is present in Florida, the United States, and the other one is in Portugal, Europe. So, regardless of the location, these people are completely accessible.

As a first-time purchaser, one is usually skeptical about the product meeting his/her expectations and whether a refund is possible. In the case of Super Speciosa, they ensure the product exceeds expectations. However, if it does not, you can always request a return or refund.

On their website, you can find a dedicated section to refunds and returns, where they provide a form. After filling it, the team will contact you to discuss further. The company accepts returns within 30 days of order placement, and the products must get authorized.

While the customer will have to pay the return shipping, the company will fully refund the cost once the return gets accepted. Note, the common reasons for return/refund accepted by Super Speciosa includes poor quality and physical damage. But, there is no limitation.

Are there any Coupons and Discount codes?

Yes! To facilitate and encourage your purchase, Super Speciosa offers a variety of tempting coupons and discount codes, especially for first-time buyers.

For example, their ongoing code SUPER allows first-time buyers to get free shipping for their very first order. You only have to text the term SUPER to the number provided on the top of their website. Also, you will find them offering festive discounts frequently and generously. Even more, you can access exclusive and promotional discounts only by entering your email address and subscribing to their website. For accessing coupons of 30% – 50% discount, you can surf the web and refer to official affiliates and resellers.

Other than that, Super Speciosa also rewards its clientele with 5 points on each dollar they spent, which makes their products even more economical. You can redeem them as discount vouchers on your purchase. Even first-time buyers can avail of it!

Exploring doesn’t hurt!

Learning what you just learned about Super Speciosa and its unrivaled quality and range of products, there shouldn’t be any clouds of doubts lingering around. But if they are, then read their customer reviews here all by yourself! We know you want to spend your hard-earned bucks wisely, and so we’re telling you: exploring doesn’t hurt! Although the experience with Super Speciosa products will surely leave you wanting more, you can always try other brands if it doesn’t match your taste.

 Start ordering with the cheapest product in your to-get list. If it doesn’t work for you, you still get the benefit of experience and consequent shopping lessons. But if it does work for you, you get access to a reliable and worthy Kratom vendor! Not a bad deal. Is it? So, go on!

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