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The kratom market in the United States has become more and more crowded over the past decade. New brands and vendors are popping out in the market every other day. With such an over-saturated market, it is challenging to select a vendor that you can trust.

Urban Ice Organics is a vendor that has been talked about on kratom forums more than any other brand. It has galvanized a lot of attention from kratom users all over the US.

The brand operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It has a navigable and workable website, and their products can be found in smoke shops all over the US.

The brand aims at providing the best quality of Mitragyna to its customers and offers a quality guarantee as well. Their mission is to provide not only quality but a reasonable price tag as well.

The brand has some of the friendliest and easily approachable team that is open to positive criticism. A more in-depth review regarding all the features of Urban Ice Organics is given below. 

What Are They Selling?

The top decisive factor about the worth of a kratom vendor is the product range of the brand. Kratom can be sold in a variety of different forms. It can be sold in powdered form, like extracts, in the form of capsules and even as topicals and edibles.

Every customer has a preference when it comes to the form of kratom they want. For this reason, a good, reliable, and trustworthy brand always has a diverse product range. Urban Ice Organics has several different kratom strains available in the following forms:

Urban Ice Kratom Powders

The powdered form of kratom is generally the most common and usually preferred form. Most of the time, kratom powders are dissolved in different beverages to lessen the bitter flavor of Mitragyna.

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Urban Ice Organics have a separate category for their kratom powders. They sell two powdered kratom products, which are purely made of Mitragyna. These include the Maeng Da and the Bali strains, the latter of which is made from the red strains of Bali kratom. Other than these, Urban Ice Organics is also selling many kratom powders that have been infused with CBD extracts.

Urban Ice Kratom Capsules

Many customers prefer the capsulated form of kratom over the powders. These forms help to avoid the bitter flavor of the kratom powder.

Urban Ice Organics have 14 products on sale in their capsule section. These include capsules of the strains Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Green Malay.

The brand is also selling CBD infused kratom capsules in air-tight jars. The jars keep the freshness of the capsules intact. The benefits associated with kratom and CBD are thought to be working in synergy to give the best possible results.

Urban Ice Liquids

The brand has four products in its liquid range. These liquids include extracts of kratom strains as well as a CBD tincture. The extracts are of the same strain as are available in powdered forms i.e., Red Bali and Maeng Da strains.

CBD is a substance that is extracted from hemp and thought to be associated with several benefits. CBD is not psychoactive, and therefore you are at no danger of getting high from Urban Ice Organics CBD tincture.

The range of products available at Urban Ice Organics inevitably leaves no room for any second thoughts. They have something for customers with every palette.

Urban Ice Organics CBD Range

CBD is the non-psychoactive agent present in hemp. It is thought to have several benefits, including stress relief, muscle relaxer, nervousness relief, etc. For this reason, CBD has gathered a lot of attention all over the US.

Urban Ice Organics have a separate category for CBD products present on their website. They sell CBD in the form of gummies, honey sticks, tinctures, powders, tablets, etc.

The honey sticks are popular amongst the customers and are sold in several different flavours, including raspberry and original honey. All of their CBD products are compliant with the laws and regulations set out by the FDA and, therefore, can be trusted upon.

The Price Range Of The Brand’s Products?

The pricing of products is perhaps another vital factor while deciding the worth of a kratom vendor. The price range of Urban Ice Organics is not only nominal but very reasonable when the quality of their kratom is taken into account.

Furthermore, the vendor has a monthly subscription offer in place. For 119.99$, a customer gets goodies worth more than 200$ in that box. You can cancel your monthly subscription of the box at any point in time.

The chares also have shipping included. Therefore, you can simply order your monthly box and lie back for the entire month with no stress about regular purchases or running out of your favourite strain.  

Are They Reliable?

The reliability of a kratom brand depends upon its transparency. There are many substandard brands in the market today that exist on the soul purpose. That purpose is to fool as many people as they can. For this reason, such brands are seldom upfront with their customers.

Urban Ice Organics strive to be as trustworthy as they can be. The brand has its address mentioned on the website, along with their email and phone number.

The brand also abides by all the guidelines laid out by the FDA. They make no false medical claims and have further mentioned that the FDA has not evaluated the statements on their website. 

Is The Quality Guaranteed?

The vendor has complete confidence over all their products. They urge customers to contact them in the case of unsatisfactory products. Furthermore, if a customer has any sort of problems with the products and would like a replacement or their money back altogether, all that customer has to do is get in touch with the vendor. The vendor has complete confidence in their products and makes no compromise when it comes to quality.

Are The Urban Ice Organics Products Lab Tested?

Urban Ice Organics do not have their lab tests displayed on their websites. They do, however, mention that their products are 100% natural and that their sources are reliable. The brand has partnered with some of the best cultivators of the Southeast Asian region to ensure that they provide nothing but the best to their customers.

The products are also PCI compliant and, therefore, can be bought without the doubt or fear of your personal information going anywhere.

What Are People Saying?

Throughout its operation, the vendor has gathered several loyal customers to its website. There has hardly been a harsh word about this vendor over various kratom forums. There have been several customers who have praised the brand for its transparency, quality as well as the price tags of the products.

The vendor has managed to attain a strong position in the current kratom industry, and this has helped it to gather more customers. The brand is undoubtedly loved by kratom users all over the States.

Is The Website Workable?

When it comes to online vendors, it is essential that the website is not too complicated and that it is easy to navigate. If the site is too simple, it will look archaic and will drive customers away. On the other hand, if the website is flashy and filled with advertisements, this serves to turn off customers as well.

In order to be a great online vendor, it is essential to achieve a balance between simple and flashy while keeping the website workable as well. Urban Ice Organics have found that balance and portrayed it in their online store.

Social Media Presence

In the current times, every emerging business needs to have a strong presence on various social media platforms. The World Wide Web is probably the most reliable business tool available today. Urban Ice Organics are the fastest growing brand of kratom in America, and the strong presence of the vendor over various social media platforms is a factor in that growth.

The vendor has pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These pages are regularly updated, and they have a strong following of people. They have their store site mentioned on their pages, which gathers more customers to the online shop.


  • Amazing product range.
  • Great price tag.
  • Free delivery over 75$.
  • Availability of bulk kratom.
  • Moneyback guarantee.


The only negative regarding the brand is the absence of the lab reports on their website. This factor raises questions of quality and therefore needs to rectification. Displayed lab reports help customers trust a particular brand with no qualms.


Urban Ice Organics is America’s fastest-growing kratom brand for a reason. Their team has worked relentlessly to achieve that position, and it is well deserved. The brand offers some of the best quality kratom and CBD products all at the same place.

They have convenient payment methods and delivery options. Furthermore, they have a money-back guarantee in place if the products are unsatisfactory. All these factors cement the reliability of the vendor and therefore has our green signal. From the buying process to the delivery, the brand makes sure that its customers face no problems.


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