Vietnamese Kratom is one of those strains that have an extensive fan base. Not only does it have an unending list of benefits, but it is unique in many aspects. We are aware our family loves unique strains of Kratom. And that you are looking for those strains that are not only popular but accessible and available.

Kratom from Vietnam is one of those strains that lovers ask us to write about. The massive growth we have seen in this type is impressive.

Vietnamese Kratom: A look at its origin, growth, and availability

As the name suggests, Vietnamese Kratom is grown in Vietnam. This country has been the chief source of the Speciosa supply all over the world. Farmers cultivate the Kratom plant in the An Giang province, near the Mekong River. The area surrounding the river banks is rich in alluvial soil. A type of soil that contains minerals necessary for the growth of the Kratom plant.

With an ample amount of sunlight and water resources from the nearby river, farmers can have many crops of Vietnamese leaves Mitragyna over the year. This area is best for Mitragyna’s farming practices because it receives a lot of rainfall. This rainfall sweeps abundant minerals from the mountains to the farming area.

Vietnamese type Kratom is available in all parts of the world, thanks to the export trade. You can get fantastic strain on online stores, but each country has its legislation about consumption.

You may also find out that some states have started the cultivation of Kratom strains in their farmlands. However, the effects are different from the original Vietnam Mitragyna.

Why is Vietnamese Kratom so famous?

Vietnamese Speciosa has a large fanbase throughout the world. The properties are unique in comparison to other strains of Kratom. The weather conditions and the components of the soil where this variety is grown differs that of the other region. This makes it a prevalent strain.

The effects of Vietnamese Kratom are long-lasting and have medical benefits. This is so because it is grown in a different area, unlike the tropical rainforest regions in Southeast Asia. The properties imparted due to climatic change and conditions make it very unique and popular. It has high efficacy as compared to strains originating from Thailand. On an estimate, Vietnam Speciosa contains 25% more alkaloids than Thai Kratom.

Users tend to try different strains of Speciosa. When they found out this Kratom strain, they went for it as it has a unique taste, aroma, and effects. You will not get tired or lethargic after taking it, which is common to many strains.

Amazing sub-types of Vietnamese Kratom and their effects

Vietnamese Kratom comes in four superb subtypes or strains that we love. These strains are as follows;

1.  Yellow Vietnam Kratom

This strain of Vietnam is particularly famous amongst Kratom users. The users generally find it less sedating, and it has fewer side effects. It keeps the body active by increasing your energy levels.

The yellow colors of the strain are due to the drying process involved in fermentation. It has a sweet taste, unlike other Kratom strains, which is very pleasing for the users. The pleasant taste allows one to consume it in the form of leaves and powder both.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom enhances your mood and gives you a balanced, euphoric effect that one can use to treat nervousness. It has a quick onset of action; thus, you do not need to wait for long periods for the effects to appear.

It is a potent analgesic and helps in increasing the levels of bradykinin, endorphins, enkephalins in your body. These chemicals help in subsiding discomfort. It has discomfort reliving effects without causing sedation or making you tired.

Yellow Vietnam Speciosa enhance your focus and mental clarity. It helps you in doing demanding tasks quickly. At the same time, it also causes physical relaxation, giving you a soothing feeling.

For beginners, a dose of 2 grams is more than enough. Experts may take higher doses with caution.

2. Red Vietnam Kratom

This is the most distinct Vietnamese Kratom. It is a potent strain that provides the most effective results. It has a mood-enhancing ability and helps one to feel better. It stimulates you, boosting your energy levels without fatiguing you. It allows you to work for hours without experiencing any deprivation in concentration or focus.

The stimulant effect of this strain is very pronounced. That is why people take it in the morning instead of going for coffee.

The excellent balance of alkaloids in Red Vietnamese Kratom helps you overcome stress and worries. It alleviates nervousness and can help those who are suffering from nervousness. It gives you energy while also providing that calming effect that you need to overcome the jitteriness associated with high energy levels.

It very rarely causes stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, etc. People often compare the effects of Red Vietnam Kratom with Maeng Da, due to its high potency.

The best effects of this strain appear at a low to moderate dose. A dose of 2 grams is more than enough for beginners, but experienced users can take up to 6-8 grams of Red Vietnam Speciosa.

3. Green Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnamese Mitragyna is known for giving a mild boost in energy levels. Many users prefer the Green Vietnam over the most robust Kratom strains. They like a slight increase in energy levels and gentle stimulation, without any side effects. You feel more aroused, but you don’t have any palpitations, nervousness, or worries. The stimulation is smooth and without any jitteriness.

It doesn’t make you drowsy, unlike the more robust strains of Vietnam Speciosa. It makes you more alert and increases your focus. This variant is for you if you are looking for mild analgesia, with a little boost in your energy levels and a lot of relaxation. It improves your ability to make social interactions.

Users usually compare the effects of Green Vietnam Kratom with the results between that of Borneo Kratom and Maeng Da. The effects of this strain are such that you remain clear-headed while doing your everyday task.

For this strain, we again recommend the beginners to start with a small dosage. A dosage of 2-3 grams is optimal to give you the desired effects. increase your dosage if you feel like it. Do not go for many dosing in a single day that can be harmful.

4.White Vietnam Kratom

This strain of Vietnam is a little different from the other strains of Kratom. It is said that even in the toughest situations, this strain can provide intense stimulation without side effects. It gives energy immediately and gives you a sense of well-being. It is a vital mood enhancer and has the effect of overcoming inhibitions during social interaction.

The White veined Vietnam Kratom is one of the most consumed strains all over the world. The increased content of alkaloids in this strain makes it very popular. It has an intense analgesic action. It helps one with conditions like discomfort and nervousness.

As this is a strong strain of Speciosa, we advise that you go for small doses initially. Experienced users may go for a more massive dose.

The different ways to take Vietnam Kratom and dosing guideline


You can take Vietnam Mitragyna in many ways. We have read users on our blog who tell us they chew Vietnam Kratom leaves. It is incredible, isn’t it? The taste of the Vietnam Mitragyna leaves is not bitter, and people love taking them in the raw form. The leaves are fragrant, and that gives an added benefit of liking them.


You can take them in the form of powder. This is the most popular method of consumption. You measure the amount of powder you want to take by weighing it using a measuring scale. And then you toss into your mouth followed by a gulp or two of water or juice. This is called the toss and wash method, and the users commonly enjoy it.


Some users may find the toss and wash method gruesome as it involves measuring your dose, and the powder might stick to your gums and teeth too. For such users, we provide the option of Vietnam Kratom capsules. There’s a common myth associated with this method that it doesn’t deliver effects quickly, which is untrue.

The capsules are composed of gelatin or are veggie-based and need digestion. This may take some time, but this doesn’t mean that the Vietnam Kratom capsules are ineffective.

Each 00-size capsule has a dose of 0.5 grams Speciosa powder in it. You may find them expensive, but they are easy to carry.

You can make capsules at your home, too, by buying separate capsules and filling them with Mitragyna powder.

Extracts and Tinctures

You can take Vietnam Kratom tinctures and extracts. These are the concentrated versions of Mitragyna and have a high content of alkaloids. It is preferable that you take them rarely and that too in small doses.

Mixing with edibles

Some creative users like to have their Vietnam Mitragyna by mixing it with edible oils or milkshakes or grapefruit juice, which potentiates the effects of the Kratom strain. Others are a step ahead, and they even make Kratom cookies and brownies. We love such creativity!

We recommend that you avoid Kratom vaping, smoking, or sorting. It is harmful, and one should avoid it.

The general dosing guideline is like other Kratom strains.

  • Mild effects: Take 2-4 grams to achieve mild effects. For beginners, even a dose of 2 grams is enough. You can find your sweet spot by gradually increasing the dosage.
  • Moderate effects. A dose of 4-6 grams is enough to provide moderate effects.
  • Strong effects. A dose higher than 6 grams is known for delivering reliable results, and at doses higher than 8 grams, sedation may occur.

Wait for 15-30 minutes for the effects to kick in. Please do not take another dose during this period. The results last on an average of 4-6 hours.

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What unique properties of Vietnamese Kratom support its health benefits?

Vietnam Mitragyna has many unique properties that make it beneficial for our health.

  • The high content of alkaloids: This makes the strain more potent and increases its efficacy. This enhances the ability to achieve analgesia quickly.
  • The high potency of this Kratom strain also makes it an excellent discomfort reliever. So, if you worry a lot, you can take this strain after consulting your doctor.
  • Fragrant aroma: The smell and taste of the Vietnam Speciosa are pleasant. It elevates mood and has a calming effect on the nerves and muscles of the body and soothing action on the mind.
  • Minimal side effects: It doesn’t cause sedation. This effect is significant for those who need stimulation without any sedative effects. Also, the side effects related to the gastrointestinal tract are minimal. You will not experience nausea and vomiting with this strain.

Should you drink Vietnam Kratom tea?

Yes, now you can take Vietnam Kratom in the form of tea. This is one of our favorite methods of taking Vietnam Speciosa. You make a cup of black or green tea and heat powder for 20-30 seconds in the boiling tea.

The Vietnam Speciosa tea is relaxing as well as stimulating. It can replace your morning coffee. If you don’t know what dose of powder to go for, please take 2-3 grams of Vietnam Kratom leaves and boil them along with tea, and then using a strainer remove the leaves.

Should you be concerned about overdosing on Vietnam Speciosa?

The Vietnam strain is very safe and has a low side effect profile. Unlike other robust strains of leaf Kratom, this strain doesn’t cause sedation. So, if you take large doses of Vietnam Leaf Kratom, you will not feel drowsy and sedated.

But, overdosing on Vietnam Speciosa is a concern like it is a concern with any other substance. Our body has a limit to detoxify substances, and when the threshold is crossed, it is no more able to detoxify the harmful effects of any substance. Thus, we recommend that you take this strain carefully and avoid overdosing.

Tips for beginners

  • Beginners must always start with small dosing.
  • Avoid experimenting with Vietnam Kratom by mixing it with other substances.
  • Do not take one Vietnam strain regularly
  • If you have any medical issues, please avoid taking Vietnam Kratom

Consume Vietnam Kratom responsibly, if you experience any side effects, consult your doctor.

Final Takeaway

Vietnamese Kratom has multiple health benefits and minimal side effects. You can use this strain of Speciosa tree to get rid of nervousness, and discomfort. The unique properties of Vietnam Kratom make it one of the most popular strains.

If you have any medical concerns or health issues, please do not take this Kratom strain. Always consult your doctor first.

Avoid taking it in large doses and do not go for multiple dosing. Use it with caution.

If you experience any adverse effects, please report immediately to your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects of Vietnam tree leaf Kratom?

The side effects related to Vietnam Kratom are minimal. You won’t even experience stomach upset, nausea with this strain like you do with other strains of Kratom.

Where can I buy Vietnam Kratom from?

You can buy Vietnam Kratom from online stores. It is not available at any retail or grocery stores. We recommend that you not buy it from any local stores as they usually mix other toxic substances with Kratom. While buying online, always check if the vendor is reliable. Search for the laboratory report of the product you want to buy and make sure it is authentic.

Can I mix Vietnamese Kratom with CBD?

We do not recommend mixing of Vietnam Kratom with any substance as it may have potential side effects. The research on this topic is minimal, and thus we do not want to misguide our readers. To be on the safe side, avoid mixing Kratom with any substance as it can lead to harmful drug reactions that can even be fatal.

Do not take Kratom with strong energy drinks or other substances.

Where must I store my Vietnam Kratom?

You can store your package at room temperature around 23-27 centigrade. If the temperature is hotter, we recommend that you properly seal the bag and keep it in the refrigerator. Make sure the packet is correctly sealed so that moisture and heat don’t affect it.