What is Authentic Kratom

After Kratom became the talk of the town, the main concern is to identify a genuine product. Amidst fame, many businesses dealing with ketum flourished, giving rise to sub-standard vendors selling low-quality kratum to naïve customers. The authenticity of kratum is the key to achieve all the beneficial effects of this medicinal southeast Asian herb. So the question persists, ‘what is authentic kratom?’

We got your back for all those who get confused by the overwhelming variety and number of sellers. This brief read is the answer to almost all of your questions. After knowing these basics, you can shop for genuine ketum like a pro!

What does it mean by authentic Kratom?

The literal meaning of ‘authentic’ is not a copy, not fake, and maintains the quality standards. Kratum industry has now been infiltrated with all sorts of manufacturers and vendors. The unethical approach of many manufacturers and vendors has alerted the ketum users to be aware of the fake and counterfeit products available in the market under the label of Kratom.

Original kratom products are extracted and manufactured using high-grade leaves from trees growing in the Southeast Asian countries without contamination by adding other drugs to alter its effects.

A fake kratom product doesn’t only affect the taste and the quality of ketum but also can be a health hazard.

How to know if the Kratom is authentic

Not every place selling Kratom may be dealing with original products, so let us reflect upon some of the red flags that can help you identify the original product.


First and the foremost way of judging a vendor is the reputation. In today’s world of social media and rapid communication, no one can sell shabby products and get away with it. So the best favor you can do to yourself is to read the reviews of the vendor you are deciding to buy from.

This will help you get a direction, and reviews from expert ketum consumers will warn you if you are about to make a wrong choice. If you are buying online, make sure you visit the ‘about us’ section on their website and look for their refund policies. If there is none in place, it is a red flag again!

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Ever heard that saying: The first impression is the last?

This is exactly true when you hold a kratum product in your hands. Good packaging speaks a lot about the product. It’s not only the ingredients that should be mentioned on the packaging, the shelf life, the storage information, the expiry, and the production dates, are the pieces of information that are mandatory to be printed on the packaging if it is an original Mitragyna.


A rate much cheaper than the entire market may be a big red flag. Although we don’t deny the fact that some sellers may be promoting their business with a low-profit approach, Kratum cannot be bought paying peanuts. If you are approached by someone on social media claiming to give you a far cheaper rate than the other renowned websites, it is better to take a pass and save money in some other way rather than trying to save buying a faulty kratom product.

A cheaper product is either because the quality is poor or the Kratom has weak potency. A weak kratom product would be required in double or triple the amount than the potent one, so you need to consume more of weaker Kratom; therefore, you run out of supply sooner. In the end, you might be paying more.

The only difference between buying a cheaper product multiple times and buying a high-quality product once is that in the former, you are paying more, but in bits, so psychologically, it still feels as if you saved some bucks, though you haven’t!

Not to mention the health hazard, a cheaper product may be associated with. For example, 500 grams of Red Bali kratom powder should be around $69.34, giving or taking $10-$20.


Tasting and judging may not be for the first time users. If you have been a kratom user and now want to experiment by buying from a different vendor, this might be one way of knowing whether the Kratom you bought is rightful. Authentic, original, and unadulterated Kratom won’t taste sweet or flavored. Kratom is a bitter herb. A sweet, savory taste is not the kratom flavor.

If you have been a regular user, it won’t take you a minute to spot the altered taste, hence an altered kratom product. For sample purposes, you can use a little of the newly bought Kratom to taste either directly or by brewing a small cup of kratom tea, judge, and then decide whether you want to continue!

Moreover, if your Kratom makes yous high with the slightest dose, stop there and then and rethink your choice of vendor. There have been reports of Kratom being adulterated with strong opioids to increase the potency.


Judging by the color is also for an experienced pair of eyes. The contaminated Kratom may fool the beginners or first-timers, but experts may judge with the color of the Kratom. This may not be true in all cases, but it may be one way to identify a fake product.

American Kratom Association and Good Manufacturing Practice standards

After the outbreak of salmonella and the rise in the presence of contaminated Kratom in the market, the American Kratom Association made sure the Kratom that is being sold in the United States has a check and balance.

Kratom is one of the food supplements, so it is not being regulated as closely by the FDA as the other drugs are. Therefore, there are higher chances of Kratom fraud. AKA has set good manufacturing practices to ensure all registered users have the lab-tested product. This means that next time you head out to buy Kratom, or you order online, make sure to check if the vendor I selling lab-tested products and has GMP certified kratom, if not, you have all the rights to drift away.

Counterfeit Kratom products

The main idea behind choosing authentic Kratom is to avoid the adverse effects a fake product being sold under the name of kratum may impart. There have bee reported deaths in parts of the world where people unknowingly consumed adulterated Kratom, mixed with strong opioids.

Studies have been conducted reflecting the incidences of Kratom products commercially being sold with high levels of codeine and morphine and its derivatives. Therefore, we cannot stress enough to buy from authentic sellers without thinking of saving money by buying a counterfeit product.

If you wish to save some bucks, and who doesn’t, so you must look for the deals and discount offers. Do not trade your health for a few dollars.

An in-depth Review of the Authentic Kratom vendor

Get in-depth knowledge of the Authentic Kratom vendor. What they offer and what are customer’s reviews about their ketum products. Helpful information for all kratom users, which they should be aware of.

Are you a regular Kratom user? Then you must be in search of a reliable source where you could buy genuine kratom anytime.

If you are looking to buy it from any online vendor, then finding the most trusted vendor can be an overwhelming task as there are a huge number of vendors, but who knows if they are providing the best speciosa or not?

So, once you start to’ Google’ the best kratom vendor online, what you will see on almost all online websites are buzzing about Authentic mitragyna mostly. Why is the Authentic Kratom winning the race from its competitor vendors?

Most probably it’s their free shipping offer that is a screaming temptation to attract clients along with a free sample, so their new users could try out different strains of ketum available.        

In this article, you’ll read about Authentic kratom products, the customer’s reviews and the pricing. 

Authentic Kratom brief introduction

Authentic kratom originated from California, providing one of the finest quality Kratom at a low price. People love to buy from Authentic kratom for its high-quality products, reasonable price, and free shipment. Moreover, if you are a new customer, they will offer you free speciosa samples to try out different strains of kratom.

Authentic Ketum website overview

Once you land on the Authentic Kratom website homepage, the first thing that instantly grabs your attention is the “Mitragyna theory” they have adopted a revolutionary approach to present their products, instead of proclaiming their products characteristics they promptly present kratom theory, where they discuss everything related to kratom, and you don’t need to search anywhere else to get detailed information about the kratom.

Authentic kratom has created an information hub where you’ll get comprehensive guides, news, and discussion about speciosa products.

The user-friendly, sleek homepage is easy to scroll, and the readers get all about kratom information, news, guide, shop, and vendors. Furthermore, you’ll get info about other vendors and how to perfectly brew ketum tea.

Along with the detailed product info, you’ll see a sidebar list of exclusive discounts and deals.

They provide the kratom theory in detail so their users could easily understand how korth products can work for them. The comprehensive information about kratom helps the users to get familiar with other benefits also which they never knew before.

Along with this information, Authentic speciosa will provide information about other online providers of kratom and what price and product do they offer.

What product-line do they have?

The good thing is they offer the mitragyna products both in powder and in capsule forms, so if you do not like the taste of kratom powder, you can switch to the capsule form. There is a wide variety of products with a little variation of ingredients.

Another interesting thing worth mentioning is that you can search using the filter option to check which product is most popular among the users secondly; you can also search by lowest to highest or from highest to lowest price too.  You can buy these kratom capsules in a 1, 2, or 4-ounce category while you can try out a free sample of 10 grams before purchasing any product.

Their product line includes Green Maeng Da, Red Borneo, white Borneo, white Maeng Da, Green Malay, and many more.

They have the high-quality finest collection of kratom strains so that you could enjoy any one of them according to your choice.

Do they offer premium quality ketum at the lowest price as compared to others?

So here comes the final and the most crucial part of the review. Is Authentic Kratom offering affordable prices as compared to the other vendors? Precisely, if we talk about price+ shipping cost, it would be great to calculate the overall value that we are going to bear.

Therefore, the first thing we count is that most of the vendors are charging high shipping cost for packaging and delivering the product, even if they are offering cheap price their shipping cost along with the actual price end up at a very high price and the worst part would be if you get a low-quality product with high shipping price at the end.

That’s why I would love to go with Authentic speciosa; they offer free shipping, and their pricing starts at 9.99 dollars for one ounce and ranges up to $32.99. Which is pretty awesome as compared to other vendors?

Furthermore, you can purchase in bulk also for $49. Another worth mentioning factor is that their prices are maintained and remain consistent throughout the year even if there is a shortage of kratom in the market, they will not increase their rates.

What does customer feedback say about Authentic Mitragyna products?

Customer reviews are the most authentic way to judge any brand’s authenticity. Before making a final decision to buy a product, always search for their customer’s reviews, and if there is strong evidence of social media presence and other social media platforms, then it means that this brand is offering high-end services.

The honest reviews on Reddit by customers about Authentic Kratom products can portrait a real picture of this brand’s high-quality products. Many customers left their comments by praising the product’s quality.

Moreover, Authentic is selling through the eBay platform. Therefore users can choose from a variety of payment gateways, which is another plus point. Users trust Authentic for its lower price, deep discounts, and top-quality as compared to the other suppliers.

Do we recommend Authentic Kratom?

There are colossal plus points that distinguish Authentic Ketum from other vendors. Most appealing factor is a huge variety of products with affordable price that all comes with free shipping.

Moreover, the free sampling idea is also above all, which stands out Authentic from other vendors where the customers can save their money before buying the product and discover whether it is suitable to them or not.

Therefore, it is a big Yes from my side to purchase korth products from Authentic Kratom, So, why not try it today by asking a free sample to check the taste of the speciosa products?

FAQs About Authentic Kratom

Does expensive Kratom mean it is authentic?

The cost of the product does not solely determine originality or authenticity. Undeniably, a genuine product cannot be sold at the cheapest rates, but being expensive doesn’t promise rightful ketum. Prices are one of the factors to keep in mind when searching for authentic Kratom but do combine it with other indicators to buy authentic kratum successfully.

Which vendors sell authentic Kratom?

Although the Kratom world has been contaminated with a handful of demoralized manufacturers and vendors, there are more authentic than fake vendors. You just need to look at the right place. For instance: AuthenticKratom.com is named rightfully after the fact that all their products are genuine. Their consumers have been more than happy with their products and services, which is evident from all the wonderful reviews.

Moreover, if you are not satisfied, they won’t abandon you; they have a policy in place, which proves how confident they are with their products!

Are there any standards set for certifying kratom products?

Thanks to American Kratom Association that has encouraged authentic vendors to get their ketum lab-tested and has set GMP standards to keep a watch on the ketum being distributed in the United States. For more information regarding the GMP standards, visit https://www.americankratom.org/vendor/akagmpprogram.html

How to avoid fake Kratom?

If you keep the above-discussed red flags in your mind while selecting kratom vendors, you will most likely end up with a genuine ketum in your hands. GMP and lab-certified products with appropriate packaging mentioning all the relevant details and good reviews of the vendors will help you avoid fake Mitragyna.

What are the disadvantages of using Kratom that is not authentic?

What is the advantage of using a fake product? You might feel that you are saving some bucks, but that is not true in the long term. Either you will be spending more on recovering from the health complications or by buying more of the fake ketum overtime as a mixed, contaminated kratom doesn’t have the same effects as the original Ketum.
The list of disadvantages can be pretty much summarised into three sentences:

– Health hazard
– Not getting any of the Kratom’s medicinal benefits
– Ultimately spending more

In a nutshell

To conclude, it is highly imperative to make the right choice. It is a matter of your health. A few bucks here and there might not be worth the adverse effects. Kratum, from whichever place you buy, should be lab-tested, meeting the GMP standards, well packaged, and renowned. In other words, it must be authentic.

An original product can give you all the benefits that the Kratom plant has to offer. It is one of the magical herbs with nervousness alleviating, nervousness-relieving,calming, and soothing effects. Ketum can be your choice if you want an early morning boost or your sedative. All the benefits can only be reaped if you have the right ketum product in hand.


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