Caring For Your Privacy Like Our Own!

The below mentioned Privacy Policy sets a precedent for the way the team at Naya Kratom uses and safeguards all the personal information that you provide when using this site or blog. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that your privacy is completely protected.

Throughout the policy highlighted below, the terms “we”, “us,” and “our” refer to Naya Kratom, whereas “you” implies the user of the site, whether an individual or an organizational buyer, visitor, trader or contributor.

Section A: The Types of Information We Collect

Type 1: Your Non-Recognizable Data

As soon as you log into the Naya Kratom site, our servers will collect data as provided by your web browser. This type of data is deemed as a “non-recognizable information” since it doesn’t recognize you on a personal level. This includes the following:

  1. The Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer
  2. The type and version of your browser
  3. The webpages you visit
  4. Your visit’s time and date  
  5. The duration you spent on each webpage and other details.

Type 2: Your Device Data  

We may also gather data regarding the device you are using to access our site. This can constitute the following;

  1. The type of your device
  2. Geographical-location data
  3. Unique device identifiers
  4. Operating system (OS)
  5. Device settings

The provision of above data is significantly based upon the device’s and software’s individual settings. Therefore, we highly recommend keeping track of your software provider or device manufacturer’s policies to learn more about the type of info they share with us.

Type 3: Your Personal Information 

We may ask for your following private info:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email I.D.
  3. Social media profile links
  4. Phone number
  5. Home address
  6. Mode of payment

Section B: What Do We Do With The Information Gathered?

The Naya Kratom team strives to render an unparalleled customer experience every step of the way. For the end to achieve, your info is collected for the sole purpose of better understanding your needs, preferences, likes and dislikes to serve you in an exceptional and holistic manner.

In addition, following are some other reasons:

  1. For Internal record keeping.
  2. For improving our services and products
  3. For sending marketing emails about new product launches, product promotions, exclusive deals, discounts, contests or other information which may be of your interest and relevance.
  4. For contacting you by phone, fax or e mail
  5. For periodic surveys and conducting in-depth market researches
  6. For customizing our website as per your interests.

Section C: Security Of Information

i) We always pledge to keep your information secure and safe to the extent of our possibility. Therefore, we have devised and regulated the use of efficient physical, managerial and electronic procedures for safeguarding the data we gather online.

ii) We ensure that our databases and systems are absolutely protected through commercially and socially acceptable means from illegal access, copying, disclosure, use, modification, loss or theft.

iii) Please bear in mind that no electronic transmission or storage method is 100% safe. Therefore, we cannot vouch or promise a cent percent guarantee of your data’s security.

iv) Have any reservations? You can always request us to delete your private info! Even in case your personal information becomes irrelevant to us; we will remove it from our system without any delay.

Section D: The Use of Cookies

We use “cookies” for collecting your personal information and tracking your activity across our website. Basically, “cookie” is a small piece of data that our site stores on your device and accesses every time you visit. This, in turn, helps us to learn more about how you use our website and enables us to display content based on your preferences.

i) It is worth mentioning that cookie doesn’t provide us access to your device or any information, apart from the data you, yourself, opt to provide us.

ii) Accepting or declining cookies is solely your choice. iii) Most web browsers opt for accepting cookies automatically. However, you always have the option to change your browser settings to refuse cookies. But note, doing so, you might not be able to take full advantage of all the website applications and features this way.

Section E: Third-Party Links

i) Our site may incorporate links to other websites of interest. Neither do we have any affiliation or association with them, nor do we have any control over their information or content.

ii) We use the services of a third-party for the following purposes:

  • Tracking of analytics
  • User authentication
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Processing payments

iii) Once you have left using our site through these links, we are not responsible for the security and privacy of any information you share.

iv) This privacy statement doesn’t govern the use of third-party sites. So, it is best to get yourself aware by reading the privacy statements applicable to theirs.

Section F: Access To Information By Third-Parties or External Agencies

i) Naya Kratom endeavors to collaborate with only those external agencies whose privacy statements align with ours.  At times, we may allow external agencies and consultants to have limited access to our data to analyze and improve our services.

ii) These third-party services may have the right to access our database exclusively for the purpose of accomplishing certain goals or carrying out specific tasks on our behalf.

iii) However, we don’t share any private information with them unless you explicitly permit us.

iv) We strictly don’t allow these sites to reveal, engage, or use our data for any other purpose, and the access is only permitted for as long as required for project completion.

Section G: Controlling Your Private Information

I) Our users have the authority to manage and restrict the collection or use of their private info in the following ways:

  • Whenever you are requested to fill in a form on the site, click on the box, indicating that you don’t wish to let anyone use the information, directly or indirectly, for promotional purposes.
  • In case you’ve previously consented to the use of your private info for direct advertising purposes, but now have changed your mind, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team via email.

ii) We won’t sell, share or lease your private information to third parties without your consent or unless doing so is lawful.

iii) Under the 1998 Data Protection Act, customers have the right to request details of the private information the company possesses against a small compensation fee. Naya Kratom, too adheres and supports this Bill. So, you can write to our mailing address in case you would like to see a copy of your private information we have in our database.

iv) If you feel that any information we have about you is incomplete or incorrect, please notify us by emailing or writing to us at the soonest possible. We will modify and update the data promptly.

Section H: Changes To This Privacy Policy:

The Naya Kratom team, in its sole discretion, can change this privacy policy once in a while. However, we will keep you updated about the amendments, additions or editing we have made in this policy by revising the “Last Updated”. Make sure to check this webpage frequently and remain aware of the changes.

Have Concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Representatives. They are just a mail away and happy to address your queries.

You, hereby, agree to have thoroughly read and understood the terms and clauses of our Privacy Policy. You also agree that in the case of any unfortunate event or mishandling Naya Kratom and the team cannot be held liable or accountable.